Monday, June 19, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #67

*sighs happily*
Vacation time
Going back to work

Well hello there my awesome people... long time no posts ;) but I am not gonna be sorry for taking a break... as you all probably know, because I've warned you about it several times before it happened, I went away for two weeks on vacation and decided to take a break from everything... including blogging... and it was just what I needed :) now I am back, full of energy and ideas and I'm gonna share with you all the stuff that happened during that break... because let me tell you... it was a lot ;) I guess that what happens when I have too much time to think about things :) some stuff happened, some decisions have been made and I will share the majority of that with you all today... although I will left a few little pieces of informations to share in the upcoming weeks / months... ;) and since this whole post is about my vacation time, I will try to break it into smaller paragraphs, each concentrated on a different event and such... ok, now after this super long intro, let's get into the actual post :)

*sighs happily* I loved my vacation... me and my family went away near the beach for two weeks and it was glorious... I got to sleep in, walk with my feet dipped in the sea, got a little tan... ok, it may have included one sunburn along the way... maybe two, but nothing serious ;) we had a lovely weather, mostly sunny and warm, with short breaks of more cloudy days that actually helped us with not getting too sunburned, so it all worked out in the end ;) I am now full of energy and ready for new challenges... well, maybe I am getting a bit anxious, because I can already tell how much work will wait for me when I get back... but that's ok, I can take it :) see? that's how relaxed I am :)

I am definitely out of my reading slump :) it actually ended in the week just before my trip, and I am so happy about it... I love reading and not being able to pick up a book because I felt... meh and ugh was exhausting mentally... but I'm back to my reading self :) in fact, I read 6,5 books during my vacation :) that half being a book I finished on my first weekend away :) I am way ahead with my Goodreads reading challenge ;) and since I was really good with reading AND writing / editing reviews in the meantime, I'm gonna have a lot of posts heading your way in the upcoming weeks :) so brace yourselves... the reviews are coming ;) and I have some truly awesome recommendations among them, so be sure to check out my blog regularly :)

And speaking of books... I may or may not bought some when I was away... and by that I mean I totally did :) #NoShame #NoRegrets ;) how many you ask? well... um.... remember when I did my biggest book haul yet with seventeen books a few weeks ago? yeah... good times... ;) because this time I bought *coughs* thirty one *coughs some more* books... :) I know, I know, but in my defense, all those books are for my june book budget plus my july book budget, and let's not forget that july is my birthday month, so I had to get myself something, right? :) now they are all on the way, so expect a huge book haul in the upcoming weeks :) but once I got home and counted how many books are on my actual, physical to-be-read pile... and the number we are looking at is 40+ ;) I decided to take a break from buying any new books until I will get through at least some of them... I am not banning myself entirely, but everytime I'll want to buy a book, I will ask myself *do I really need it right now? will I read it immediately?* because more often than not the answer to that question will be *no* :) I have so many amazing books already on my shelves, and even more on the way... so I will take a little break... especially since I will have a whole new reason to spend my money on something else... :) it was one of the things that also unfolded during my vacation, but I will have to wait before sharing it all with you guys... be patient... it will be worth it, cause in a few weeks you'll get pictures ;) that's all I'm gonna say :)

And we are still not done with the subject of books in this post... come on guys, did you really expect something else? :) I AM a book blogger after all ;) and this part will be connected to ARCs... as in Advanced Reader Copies, that bloggers and reviewers receive before the actual publication of the book... because something truly amazing happened to me... you may or may not know this about me, but I am a huge fan of Nalini Singh... I absolutely adore her writing style and all the stories she creates... so when I found requests for an ARCs of her two upcoming books on NetGalley (one of them is out now, but I will explain everything in a second) I requested both of them... I was sure I would be denied, because with that publisher it's what always happened in the past... so when I got an e-mail about "Silver silence" I was sure it's a denial... so I opened it just to check it out and there it was... *... accepted, you can now access the book through NetGalley...* and I couldn't believe what I was reading... it took me a good ten seconds to actually react... when I promptly squeeled and got super excited #TrueStory #NoJoke ;) I inhaled it in record time and loved everything about it... it was actually the only book that made me take a break from taking a break, and I already posted my review :) if you haven't seen it yet, I will leave the link to it right -> HERE <- :) if we're being totally honest, I was pretty sure that someone just made a mistake, and clicked on the wrong button or something to grant me the access but I didn't care :) I was just super happy to read this wonderful story a bit earlier and share all my thoughts with you guys on the release day :) but then... it happened again :) because a few days later I got an e-mail that granted me the access to the ARC of "Archangel's viper" which goes live in september!!! :) I still can't believe I have it already on my kindle... I will read it as soon as I catch up on ARCs that have deadlines in the near future, because I am sooooo curious about that particular story... :)

Last but definitely not least, I want to talk to you guys about all the movies I saw during my vacation time :) and we are not gonna go chronologically, because I have to start with the worst one... although I saw only three of them, so one of them was definitely worse, and the other two... I can't decide which one I loved more... I don't want to and you can't make me ;) so we're gonna talk about those two in order... ok, so starting with the *meh* one, I saw "The mummy" and... well... like I said, it was meh... nothing truly spectacular... my favourite parts were Sofia Boutella as the mummy and Jake Johnson as the hilarious sidekick-ish type of character... the rest... well... honestly, I think that the movie would turn out better if the main character would be played by a younger actor... Tom Cruise just didn't click for me in this role... although I still adore him in Mission impossible series :) and don't even get me started on the only other female role in this movie... I have nothing against Annabelle Wallis, but I am tired of women who are in the story just to look pretty, explain stuff and then be rescued by the hero... the whole movie was in general more hilarious than scary, soooo... I will leave the trailer for it below if you guys want to check it out :)

Now let's talk about something much, much better... :) so the first out of the two awesome movies I saw was "Wonder woman" :) it was actually at the bery beginnig of my vacation time, cause I went to see it on a friday afternoon, after my very last day at work :) and I am absolutely in awe about it... *sighs dreamily* it was done soooo well... :) Gal Gadot is the perfect choice for the main role... she was brave, strong, but also kind and wonderful... *squeels with joy* a truly kick-ass role model :) and don't even get me started about the Amazons... *sighs dreamily* I have a total woman crush on General Antiope, played by Robin Wright... and Chris Pine was definitely a great addition to the cast :) I laughed and I cried, but most of all I enjoyed every minute of this abslutely fantastic story... this movie did not have flaws... after I saw it I felt so empowered... like I could take over the world... I highly, highly recommend you all to see :) and since I just can't choose, I will leave all three trailers below for you guys :) the first one, from Comic Con, the origin one and the final one :) each of them have unique scenes and I love them all :)

Now we are up the the newest movie I saw... "Wonder woman" was the perfect beginning of my vacation, and I managed to end it with another amazing one... "King Arthur legend of the sword" :) *sighs dreamily* I cannot believe that more people haven't watched it yet... the story, the characters, the amazing fight scenes, the music, the whole visual side of the movie... again, in my opinion it was absolute perfection :) that's why I'm so mad it did not make much money in the box office so far... because I would love to see sequels... yes, as in plural and everything, because there is so much potential in this world... I think Charlie Hunnam was the perfect choice for the main character... charismatic and very clever, I loved him... my second favourite was the mage... a mysterious woman whose name we never learned... she was powerful and smart and I'd love to know more about her... but the same can be said about pretty much all other secondary characters... *sighs dreamily* I am defnitely going to see it again on the big screen... yes, it was that good... :) I will leave the two trailers below for you guys to check out, if somehow you haven't seen it before, because I simply can't choose just one of them :) but be sure to go and see it on the big screen while you still have the chance ;)

Last but not least I need to very quickly mention that we finally got a short teaser trailer for another movie I am very highly anticipating... "Black panther" :) and it looks soooo good... :) since we don't know much else, I can't really say anything, but I will leave you guys the little gem of awesomeness to enjoy with me :)

Ok people, that is a wrap :) I hope you enjoyed catching up with everything that's been going on with me :) I promise this was the longest break I took in a very long time :) now I will be back with regular #RandomRamblings posts every monday, my *books I can't wait to get my hands on* monthly posts at the end of each month :) and of course lots and lots of reviews :) talk to you guys soon :) and be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, cause I check them every day and I love interacting with you people :)



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