Friday, June 30, 2017

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) july edition

Hello my awesome people... :) I was this close *holds my fingers very very close to each other* to not write this post :) cause there is just not a lot of books I am really excited about... I think I will have the same problem next month, but I will worry about that later... ;) I was almost convinced to just skip it this time, but then... I don't know... I figured that maybe you guys will be disappointed or something :) so I figured it's time to put on my big girls panties and stop being lazy... ;) so here are three books I'm excited to read... and I am putting it this way, because I have, or will have, all three of them on my kindle :) I was very lucky with the ARCs recently ;)

The first book I want to mention is "Hello forever" by Sarina Bowen, sequel-ish in her Hello goodbye / Pay it forward series :) this book was actually published before, with a different cover, different title and under a pseudonym... but from what I gather, the story is the same ;) I think you can easily read it as a standalone, but I will confirm it, or deny it, in my full review on the release day :) it's an MM romance, so if you are not interested in reading a story about two men, this one is not for you... to the rest of you guys, Sarina is a phenomenal author, who flawlessly mixes emotional and funny moments, and I can't wait to read this one :)

"Jilted" by Sawyer Bennett, another sequel-ish type of a story :) this one is from Love hurts series :) although from what I know so far, it's gonna be a series of standalones, so I'm not sure if there will be any connection to the first book whatsoever, but we shall see ;) it's shaping up to be a sort of second chance romance, which usually is not my favourite type... but I always enjoy Sawyer's writing style, and am willing to give one of her books a try :) fingers crossed it will be a good one ;)

Last but not least I want to mention "Privileged" by Carrie Aarons :) what you see above is not the official cover of course, but that's only because the reveal is in july, and this post will be live by then... so instead I have a teaser from her Facebook page :) again, Carrie is one of those authors, where I am always curious to read her new stories... and I am very lucky to more often than not... and lately it's always ;) get the ARC :) which gives me a great pleasure of reading her books and review them for you :) by now, I don't even really read the synopsis... ;) all I know, is that it sounds like a sort of new adult romance, with some drama and angst... and again, it's not what I usually reach for, but I am very curious nonetheless :)



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