Friday, June 30, 2017

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) july edition

Hello my awesome people... :) I was this close *holds my fingers very very close to each other* to not write this post :) cause there is just not a lot of books I am really excited about... I think I will have the same problem next month, but I will worry about that later... ;) I was almost convinced to just skip it this time, but then... I don't know... I figured that maybe you guys will be disappointed or something :) so I figured it's time to put on my big girls panties and stop being lazy... ;) so here are three books I'm excited to read... and I am putting it this way, because I have, or will have, all three of them on my kindle :) I was very lucky with the ARCs recently ;)

The first book I want to mention is "Hello forever" by Sarina Bowen, sequel-ish in her Hello goodbye / Pay it forward series :) this book was actually published before, with a different cover, different title and under a pseudonym... but from what I gather, the story is the same ;) I think you can easily read it as a standalone, but I will confirm it, or deny it, in my full review on the release day :) it's an MM romance, so if you are not interested in reading a story about two men, this one is not for you... to the rest of you guys, Sarina is a phenomenal author, who flawlessly mixes emotional and funny moments, and I can't wait to read this one :)

"Jilted" by Sawyer Bennett, another sequel-ish type of a story :) this one is from Love hurts series :) although from what I know so far, it's gonna be a series of standalones, so I'm not sure if there will be any connection to the first book whatsoever, but we shall see ;) it's shaping up to be a sort of second chance romance, which usually is not my favourite type... but I always enjoy Sawyer's writing style, and am willing to give one of her books a try :) fingers crossed it will be a good one ;)

Last but not least I want to mention "Privileged" by Carrie Aarons :) what you see above is not the official cover of course, but that's only because the reveal is in july, and this post will be live by then... so instead I have a teaser from her Facebook page :) again, Carrie is one of those authors, where I am always curious to read her new stories... and I am very lucky to more often than not... and lately it's always ;) get the ARC :) which gives me a great pleasure of reading her books and review them for you :) by now, I don't even really read the synopsis... ;) all I know, is that it sounds like a sort of new adult romance, with some drama and angst... and again, it's not what I usually reach for, but I am very curious nonetheless :)



Thursday, June 29, 2017

Review: "Keep" by Rachel Van Dyken

Title: "Keep"
Book 2 in series Seaside pictures
Main characters: Zane "Saint" Andrews and Fallon Miller

I feel like I have to start this review with an explanation... ;) so here's the story of how I found this book... :) it was totally randomly recommended to me by one of my #BookBesties :) thank you again Karen for this, you really throw my way only the bestest of books :) she knew how much I loved Mal from the Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott and his unpredictible and hilarious personality, so when she said that Zane, the main hero in this story, could be his brother, I was sold... :) that was all I needed to hear to get hooked on the idea of reading this book... and even though my reading plan was totally different, I of course had to go immediately on Amazon and buy the e-book :) I started it that very same day... and finished it the day after ;) yes, it was that good... :) another important piece of information... don't be discouraged by the fact that it's a sequel in a sort of a spin-off series of another series, because this was my very first book written by this author, so I can guarantee, that it works perfectly fine as a standalone as well :) so go and get it right now... it's gonna be worth it :) ok, so now that we have this basic informations out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about our main couple...

*sighs dreamily* Zane and Fallon *sighs dreamily once again* ;) oh how I adored both of them :) of course Zane was my fave, but Fallon wasn't far behind.. :) that is also the reason why I'm gona start with her... :) she is this young and totally adorable girl, that I can relate to way too much... :) she meets Zane for the first time when she falls right before him, loosing her glasses at the same time... I mean... I'm clumsy, stumbling around and falling down more often that I would like to admit... where's my Zane?!?!? :) something to think about, universe... ok, moving on :) I think what I loved most about Fallon, is that she wasn't this mousy and scared character, which would have been easy when confronted by Zane and his inappropriate awesomeness... :) but no, she was so smart and witty with a side of sassy and I adored her for that... :) because when it comes to Zane... *sighs dreamily some more* I loved him from the start... he was hilarious and hot and adorable in the most unexpected and inapropriate way... ;) but he also had several issues to deal with... I'm not gonna get into details about them, because we learn them along the way throughout the whole book, but let's just say that besides making me laugh out loud, there were a few scenes in this book that made me cry... they were so sad and emotional and I just wanted to hug him... because of all he experienced, seeing his happy ending with Fallon was that much better :)

Theirs is a relationship I adore most in books... as in they start with a friendship :) yes, a weird one, filled with mutual attraction, but friendship nonetheless :) after she falls at his feet... like I mentioned before ;) and they have a cute conversation after which she gives him a false number ;) they meet again, with a little help of Fallon's best friend, Mags ;) he needs help because of the writer's block he's dealing with, alongside many more issues that I won't get into right now... and once she catches his attention, he kind of swoops into her life, grabs her and doesn't want to let go... ;) I'm not gonna say anything else about how their relationship changes, but I will say this: the interactions and conversations between them are hilarious :) it was impossible for me to pick out just a few of them to quote for you guys, and show as proof... ok, if we're being totally honest I could not take a break from reading to write them down or highlight them in any way... that's how good this book was :) besides our fantastic main couple we have a bunch of secondary characters that already got their stories, and one or two that will get a future book... let's just say that epilogue very clearly shows us who will be the next pair ;) but like I said before, even if you haven't read the previous books, you can totally enjoy this story :) those other people appear in a scene here or there, but you don't need to know every little detail of their books to enjoy those scenes :)

It was a very easily given 5 stars for me... I mean, I fell in love with the main characters from the first chapter, and it only got better from there... :) I have no complaints ;) like none whatsoever... ;) this story was written in 2 POVs, which means we got chapters from Zane's point of view, as well as Fallon's and it was done soooo exceptionally well... :) I loved to be able to get inside of Zane's mind, and see so much more than this funny side he shows to the world... not to mention that the writing in general was super entertaining... it was my first book by Rachel Van Dyken, but certainly won't be the last... :) I am very highly recommending you guys this book... as in pick it up ASAP :) it's absolutely phenomenal... :) hilariously funny, with surprisingly sweet, vulnerable and emotional parts, that will make you cry and melt your heart... *sighs happily* I adored it soooo much :) it's the perfect read for summer... well, it's a perfect read for every weather and season, but since it's summer right now I'm hoping that me saying it's the perfect summer read will make you pick it up that much sooner ;) no pressure or anything, but go get this gem right now :)



Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Review: "Sydney" by Kat Brewer

Author: Kat Brewer
Title: "Sydney"
Book 7 in series The chronicles of Erla
Main character: Sydney

I got a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) this is book #7 and a sort of conclusion to the bigger story arch that was going during the last few books... don't get me wrong, each installment in this series revolves around a different main character, but I highly recommend you to read them in order... mainly, because people from previous stories keep showing up ;) and also because it allows you to understand all sorts of connections and interactions between them that much better :) since it's a book in an on-going series... and let me explain that a little bit more... yes, it is a conclusion to a bigger story arch, but there will be a few more shorter novels taking place in the exact same world, involving certain secondary characters who really deserve a happy ending... that is all I'm gonna say right now, because in case you are new to the series, I don't want to spoil you anything... :) it's just one of the reasons why my review will be on the shorter side of stuff ;) it's really hard to write anything about it... not because it was bad... on the contrary, I really liked it :) more than I expected if were being totally honest... ;) but the majority of the things I want to say are too spoilerific, so I will have to do my best to write what I can, to convince you to give it a try... :) so how about I start with describing the overall plot of the book and the world it takes place in... :)

This is a fantasy-ish series... I used to call it my favourite fantasy guilty pleasure read, but I recently read, that if a book gives you pleasure, you shouldn't feel guilty about it ;) and even though I absolutely agree with this statement, I still feel like this description fits this series perfectly :) like I mentioned before, each installment concentrates on a different woman who was transported through a transdimensional rift into this another world, Jiva... I know what some of you may think right now, so don't roll your eyes at me... I was apprehensive at first too... ;) but after actually reading those stories... I loved them :) Jiva is filled with various... let's call them countries ;) we have for example Erla and Tayliss, which are queendoms, where women are more dominant and stronger sex, but we also have kingdoms like Destia, with men who are warriors and rulers :) both of them have their flaws and advantages, so please reserve your judgement, until you actually read one of the stories :) I know I'm being really vague, but there's nothing more I can share about this world, without spoiling you some pretty big and / or surprising turns of events that happened along the way ;) so let me jump into telling you a bit more about our main character in this installment and my overall thoughts and feelings about her story :)

Sydney was a combat nurse in our world... she is still working through her PTSD after that experience... I was warned, that she and her story is definitely different from the previous ones in this series, and it's absolutely true... she is definitely much more emotionally detached than other main characters and her journey is unique... gah!!! it's really hard, because I can't tell you so many things about her... :) ok, focus woman on finding something you actualy can share :) I was not her biggest fan at the beginning, but the more I read about her, the more she grew on me... I started to care more and more about her... I was very surprised, cause I did not expect to like her as much as I did :) since it's the conclusion to a much bigger story arch, some things are very nicely wrapped up... although if I didn't know that certain characters will get their own stories, I would be disappointed... :) the writing style in engaging and entertaining as always, and this story, like all others in this series, shows a journey of a woman... she is the main character, and her adventures, the way she embraces new world, changes inside her, are at the forefront of this book as well :) and I absolutely love that about this series ;) these women are strong and smart, capable of fighting for what they believe in any way they can, not always with swords... ;) I hope I convinced you to give this book, and this series in general, if you haven't already, a try ;) they are the best kind of surprises... ;) happy reading :)



Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Review: "The mech who loved me" by Bec McMaster

Author: Bec McMaster
Main characters: Liam Kincaid and Ava McLaren

I got an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) you guys... I am so impressed right now... *sighs happily* this book was absolutely amazing... :) after finishing it, I immediately added it on my all-time-favourite shelf on Goodreads, because yes... it was THAT good :) but to be honest, I am not surprised anymore by Bec McMaster and her phenomenal writing style... ;) so before I will get into a bit more details about this installment, let me try to do my best to explain you the world this series takes place, and the order of the books you have to / probably should read before diving into this story :)

This book is the sequel in her spin-off series :) first, there was the original five-books series: London steampunk... :) each of the installments concentrated on a different couple, but all of them followed a much bigger story arch that came to an epic conclusion in that last book... *sighs dreamily* but back to the point :) after finishing the first one, the lovely and talented Bec came out with the idea for a spin-off series... it takes place about three years after the ending of original one and involves certain characters who were more in the background before and a few completely new ones... :) I have to warn you, that since it's a spin-off, naturally there are some major spoilers about stuff from those original books... BUT if you don't feel like reading all of the stories, you can start with the first one from the spin-off, "Mission: improper" :) it will give you a pretty good introduction into this actually new world, because a lot of things changed compared to the previous ones ;) so the choice is yours ;) but definitely start with book #1 in one of those series :) now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about the world in general... spoiler free of course, which is not gonna be easy... ;) it's a paranormal / steampunk mix, where we have four groups of inhabitants... I can't say people, cause humans are only one of the groups :) the other three are: blue bloods, verwulfen and mechs... blue bloods are... well... they drink blood and are stronger than humans, but do not make the mistake of calling them vampires... because those are another thing alltogether... :) verwulfen are also stronger and faster than humans, with their legendary berserk reactions, when they are pretty unstoppable... and mechs are humans with mechanical parts, they needed to get for various reasons... I cannot possibly explain all groups more, because the situation with all of them changes between one series and another... so these few sentences will just have to be enough :) so now let us get to the main couple of this particular story :)

Both Ava and Kincaid are part of the Company of Rogues, which is a secret group that tackles all sorts of dangerous and mysterious threats to the society... more about other members later :) Ava is a blue blood... but a very unique one... it's connected to her past and everything she went through... if you are caught up on all the books, you know exactly what I'm talking about :) but if not, don't worry, everything is explained in this one, so if you have no previous knowledge, or you just forgot certain things, you're gonna be fine :) Kincaid on the other hand, is a mech... with a mechanical hand... they couldn't be more like night and day :) Ava is a delicate, innocent woman, who wants to see goodness in everyone... she remained that way even after everything that happened to her... Kincaid is cynical and hardened by what life gave him... he's also tall and just, big in general... :) when they were described together, they reminded me a bit Beauty and the beast, and you know how big of a sucker I am for those kinds of stories... :) but don't be fooled by the appearances... or the facades they both show to the world... because there is so much more in each of them... :) I think it was one of the reasons why I loved this book so much :) yes, Kincaid was totally swoonworthy... and wickedly sinful at times ;) *sighs dreamily* hiding a very vulnerable side from everyone... every time he called Ava kitten, or my personal favourite endearment ever... luv, I just... *melts into a puddle* ;) but it was Ava who stole my heart... she is the type of heroine I love to read about the most... she seems fragile and delicate, but she hides a much stronger side inside her... and throughout the book she slowly starts to spread her wings, gaining more confidence and just blossoming into this amazing person... :) I really identify with those types of women, because I feel like I am still at the beginning stage of my journey :) and those stories always inspire me and make me feel empowered to do more :) I was cheering them on so much... it all started as a sort of experiment, and then developed into much, much more... *sighs happily* it was pure pleasure to read :) I don't really want to say anything else about them, because that is the best way to read Bec's stories... the less you know, the more you will be surprised and amazed by everything she wrote :)

Now for the secondary characters... :) this is actually an installment where they all play smaller parts than in the previous book... but I still want to mention them all :) if you are familiar with the original series, I'm sure you will recognize some of them :) so we have Byrnes and Ingrid, our main couple from the first book :) the story actually starts at their wedding ;) then there's Charlie, who we've met a while back... but I can't say anything else about him... trust me, it's a very long story... :) and of course Gemma, a very deadly assassin :) she is a blue blood, and heroine of the next installment... :) the wait for it is gonna kill me, I swear... because at the end of this book, we have a glimpse into who will be the hero of that story... and you guys... it's gonna be goooooooood.... :) I had my suspicions who will it be before, but in that very last chapter she gave us a little tidbit of information and I gasped so hard, I almost hyperventilated... #TrueStory #NoJoke :) all I'm gonna say, that woman is bloody brilliant... pun totally intended ;) I need this book ASAP :) and of course let's not forget about the Duke of Malloryn and his right hand Isabella... he is the big boss and founder of Company of Rogues... and probably the most mysterious one out of all of them... I am hoping he will get a full lenght book at some point as well, because the more I learn about him... :) once you read the books, you'll understand :)

Bec McMaster is one of my favourite authors... for many reasons :) but I think the biggest one is her writing style... she writes so many diverse stories, and yet all of them have one thing in common... the pure awesomeness :) this one was no exception... perfect mix of hot and steamy romance, emotional and vulnerable moments, intrigue, action, murder, mysterious disease and so much surprising twists and turns that I can honestly say... don't even try to guess where the story is going... :) just go with it and enjoy the ride :) stories she tell are always different and complex, you can never just point a finger and say, like in this case, that all blue bloods are evil and all humans are good... and the one about Ava and Kincaid melted my heart... it broke a few times along the way, but in the end it was so worth it... to see them happy, to witness how both of them changed and grew, working their way to one another in this beautiful journey... :) *sighs happily* add to that all the mysteries, because this one is so much more than just romance... oh, it made me a one happy reader :) I highly recommend you guys to read this book, this series and this author in general if you haven't already :) her books are amazing gems and the world needs to know that :) so trust me, give them a try... you can thank me later when we can gush all abou their awesomeness together ;) I won't even say "I told you so"... I promise ;)



Review: "Esteemed vampire cat" by Tyrolin Puxty

Author: Tyrolin Puxty
Book 1 in series Colt Harper
Main character: Colt Harper

I got an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review :) the first thing I have to say about this story is that it was absolutely ridiculous, in the best possible way... ;) fast paced, hilarious and full of awesomeness... :) it was my very first read by this author, but I will certainly check out her other work, after falling in love with her freakingly entertaining writing style... :) this wasn't a super long read, so I will keep my review on the shorter side as well, so I won't spoil you anything... because trust me, the less you know, the better... :) but don't worry, I will tell you some stuff ;)

I figured we will start with me telling you a bit more about the main character, and a few other important... well... I can't really call them people, so let's go with the word "characters" again ;) and then I will share my thoughts and feelings about this amazing gem :) so our main guy is Colt... and Colt is a vampire cat :) yep, you read it correctly... after all, it's in the title as well :) he is the last one of his kind, and long story short, he kills people who are mean to cats, or worse... :) he's obnoxious, sarcastic, rude, complains all the time and hates people... I freaking loved him from the start :) but he's not the only one I adored in this story... :) I want to mention three more... :) first, there's Jax, a werewolf who gets easily scared and is such a sweetheart, fighting his monster nature and trying to be good... and let's not forget about Leshi... she is a tickle monster... yep, she is addicted to tickling people to death... AND she has troubles with finding words, so she describes them in the most hilarious and unexpected way... for example, when she says "christmas llama" she means "reindeer" :) and there's much more where this little gem came from ;) and of course the human in their midst, Saffy... she is the owner of the theatre, where our group is send to do community service :) because when monsters break rules, they are usually sentenced to do some sort of community service, before being eternally damned :) and that's pretty much all I can say about this book :) so how about we jump into my thoughts and feelings, so I can convince you all to read this story :)

I had such a blast reading this gem :) I fell in love with the writing style from the very first chapter I read, and then it got only better :) this is a fast paced, action filled story, with so many surprising turns of events along the way... and of course the sarcastic humor... oh, it is one of my greatest weknesses when it comes to books :) and this one was filled with it... witty banter and hilarious remarks were on every page and trust me... I was laughing so hard throughout it all, that I definitely caught some attention, when I was reading it on my way to work ;) #TrueStory :) I inhaled it in record time, and before I knew what was going on, the book ended... so now I am very eagerly awaiting the sequel... and there will be one, because we got a little glimpse about it at the very end :) the whole book is written from Cole's perspective, and I couldn't be more happy about it, because like I mentioned, I absolutely adored that grump ;) I highly recommend you guys to read this absolutely entertaining gem :) it will make you laugh out loud and gasp in shock and surprise... it will definitely brighten your day so give it a try... that way. we can talk together about all the paranormal shenanigans ;)



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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #68

Songs of the moment
The books are coming

Well hello my lovely people :) the first week of going back to work after my vacation has passed and... it was an adjustment... for sure ;) but I think next ones will go much easier ;) after all, I am slowly getting used to waking up at 5.15 in the morning again, and yet I am still filled with energy and positivity, ready to tackle challenges... I am also slowly starting to freak out about something that will happen in a few weeks, but I will share that little gem with you all AFTER it actually happens, so have patience ;) now onto our headlines, and I will actually go with the order of them this time... ;)

I saw a fantastic movie recently... and ever since, I have been listening to the soundtrack from it... in fact I am doing it right now, writing this post for you guys :) if you remember my more than enthusiastic review from last week, you may already guessed that the movie I'm referring to is...

*sighs happily* it was absolutely amazing and I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend you guys to see it on the big screen :) I honestly don't understand all the bad reviews it's getting, because I loved it :) the humor, action, stunning fight scenes, the music, the characters... seriously, there was no bad parts in it :) in fact, I am going to see it again this friday :) if somehow you missed it, I'm gonna leave a trailer below, but be sure to check it out, it's worth it :) and that music... *sighs happily some more* it suited the movie perfectly, and every time I listen to it, I still get chills... :) #TrueStory

Another thing I want to mention to you guys today is... the biggest book haul I have ever done is coming your way... soon... :) you may remember... and if not I will remind you ;) but recently I bought the biggest amount of books ever... for me at least... :) we are looking at the number... thirty one :) yep, thirty one paperbacks are on the way and I have no shame whatsoever over that fact :) and some of them are already here... I will wait for the rest to make a proper book haul, but I wanted to give you a little teaser... but I will be horrible and not show you any covers... although I will say that the eleven out of the thirteen that are on my shelf currenty are by the same author :)

Last but not least, let me explain that mysterious hashtag... #SelfieFox :) I've wanted to talk about it for a few weeks, but it was connected to a gift my lovely sister J was preparing for her bestie, so I had to wait till she actually gave her everything :) so J made a little fluffy fox out of a do-it-yourself kit and she came up with the idea of taking pictures with it :) because the friend she gave it to and her boyfriend are a huge fans of photography in general :) J decided to take the fox with us on vacation, and take "selfies" so it appears that the fox is taking the pics himself :) hence the name of the hashtag :) I was a very eager helper with the whole idea, and I think it turned out awesome :) now that I can finally share it with you guys, I have a few pics we took :) mind you, we visited a miniature park along the way, that's why the fox can be seen all around the world ;) she took those pictures and printed them, giving them along with the fox, and her friend loved it :) they have now plans of taking him with them when they will travel and continue on the trend of #SelfieFox :)

Ok, this is a wrap people ;) I hope you enjoyed my #RandomRamblings, a bit shorter than usual, but I've been super busy this week ;) plus, I need to gather my energy for that huge book haul in the near future... and some other stuff ;) I know I'm being vague, but I promise, it will be all worth it once you finally know what I'm talking about :) as always, I love connecting with you guys so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, cause I check those every day :) and be sure to check my blog this week, cause I have a few really great book recs coming your way ;)



Friday, June 23, 2017

Review: "Besting Brady" by J. L. Leslie and Nicole Dykes

Book 2 in series Hearts of Hollis
Main characters: Brady Thompson and Lillian "Lilly" Benson


I have lived in Hollis my entire life. All of my memories are here. The good and the bad. I wouldn’t change anything about this town. My life is carefree and I live it without regrets. Sure, I’ve made mistakes…some of them I see every day…but I wouldn’t change those either. I’m just not meant to settle down. No woman will ever get the best of me. They’re just lucky to get part of me.

I don’t get the attraction about Hollis. Not at all…but it did bring Madden Steele here and his brothers followed suit. I at least have to give it a try…even if it’s temporary. The Steele brothers wouldn’t be here if it didn’t hold some attraction…and I can admit there’s definitely one good thing this town has going for it. For all I know, this town could change my life.

** Besting Brady is book two in the Hearts of Hollis series co-written by Nicole Dykes and J.L. Leslie. It is written as a stand-alone novel. It is not necessary to read book one in this series. It contains adult content, language, and sexual situations. It is intended for mature readers only.**

I got an ARC of this book from one of the authors in exchange for an honest review ;) this is a sequel in Hearts of Hollis series, but works as a standalone as well, so you don't necessarily have to read the first installment... although I actually highly recommend you to do it... :) mainly because that way you'll have more background informations about the majority of the characters from this book, because they appeared in the previous one as well... it will also help you understand all the connections between them that much better... but like I said, you get all the important explanations in this book, so the choice is yours :) after having some mixed feelings about the first book, but ultimately liking it, I was curious to get back to this series to see what these lovely duo of authors prepared for us this time... :) so let me tell you about my thoughts... ;)

I was actually surprised by how much I liked the main couple... we met Brady before and I have to honestly say that I had some very mixed feelings about him then... he's a man with a certain past, but it was that much better to see him change and grow in this story... Lilly on the other hand was brand new in this series... she recently found out some pretty big and shocking thing for her... it's explained very early in the book, but I still refuse to spoil it for you guys :) she comes to Hollis to think things through and get some perspective away from her "normal" life :) I liked her as well :) theirs was a... somewhat unusual relationship... since Lilly knew from the beginning that her days in Hollis are numbered, she wasn't looking for a man or anything serious... even though there is some hot attraction between her and Brady from the beginning... ;) and I was surprised by how it didn't bothered me... :) let me explain, because this is not a story for everyone... if you are a person who believes that once our main couple met and started hanging out in the same time and space ;) all the stuff that one of them might be doing with other people is sort of cheating.... you might want to stay away from this one :) I don't want to get into too many details, just a little warning, because I don't want you to be disappointed... mind you, I had no troubles with this story... I actually think that the whole thing between them felt very real... they both had stuff to deal in their own lives, and the bond that kept growing between them was very unexpected... yes, they didn't handle certain situations in the best possible way, but we all make mistakes... :)

All in all I really enjoyed this book :) a solid 4 stars :) I definitely liked it more then the first one... ;) the story is told from two POVs, which means we have chapters from Lilly's perspective and Brady's as well... and once again, these two authors work together very well, because you can't tell it was written by two separate people... :) it was a super fast read for me, not only because it's not very long... ;) but because I was very curious how the story will go :) I liked that we got appearances from people we met in the previous story, although once again, you don't have to read it to enjoy and understand this one :) but I personally loved those group scenes... when we see them together and how they are all connected... not to mention that by the end of this story we know who will be the main couple in the next one... it's a pretty solid guess... ;) and I am definitely intrigued to see how they will handle this particular story :) I have a feeling this might be a series that keeps getting better with each book and I hope this upward trend will continue on... :)



Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Review + Giveaway: "Hearts on air" by L. H. Cosway

Author: L. H. Cosway
Book 6 in series Hearts
Main characters: Trevor "Trev" Cross and Reya Cabrera


3 weeks. 5 cities. 15 impossible stunts. One reality show.

Trevor Cross came into Reya Cabrera’s world with a bang and faded out with a whimper. They vowed to make it work, but life had other plans. After chasing his TV dreams for years, Trev finally became the UK’s next big reality star, but he alienated his family and friends in the process. Now he finally has everything he ever wanted. Women. Money. Fame. But none of it means anything when he doesn’t have the one thing that matters most: love.

Money leaves a gaping hole. Fame surrounds him with loneliness. And no woman makes him feel like Reya used to before the whirlwind of success pulled them apart.

He has a plan to get her back. However, with a hectic filming schedule looming, the only way to do that is to convince her to come on the road with him. Reya has been stuck in a rut for a while, and the opportunity to travel across Europe and play her music for new audiences seems like heaven. The only catch? She has to do it with the one boy who ever got close enough to break her heart. But he’s not a boy anymore, and as she gets to know him again she can’t deny her respect for the man he’s become.

Every time she’s around him her heart feels full of air, like a balloon about to pop. Little does she know, Trev’s feelings are just as tumultuous as hers. One thing’s for sure, these three weeks on the road together will either make them whole again or break them irrevocably.

**Hearts on Air is a contemporary romance and book #6 in the Hearts series, however it can also be read as a complete standalone.**

I got an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review :) *sighs* I don't know where to start with this book... I struggled for a few days after finishing it, thinking how to rate it, considering all my thoughts and feelings to try and decide what is it exactly that I think about this story... so trust me when I say, that I had troubles with this book... what pains me the most, is that it's so hard for me to explain why exactly I feel like that... and please, don't get me wrong... I gave this book 4 stars and it's a really good book, with some truly great writing style and I'm sure that soooo many of you will enjoy it more than me... but since this is my review I will tell you as honestly as I can about what I thought of it :) so here it goes...

I believe that my main problem with this book lies with our main couple... Trevor and Reya... ok, before I get into their story, I should probably mention that even though it's book #6, and the last one, in this series, it works perfectly well as a standalone... yes, the characters from previous stories appear here, but you get all the necessary informations to follow this story in this book... well, technically there's a novella about Trev and Reya as well ("One epic night") but to be honest, you don't have to read it before diving into this one... yes, it will give you some additional background about the kind of connections there are between them, but again... it's not necessary, you can follow this book without it :) ok, so back to our main couple... since the last few books in this series followed the stories of the Cross brothers... Trevor is the last one... both he and Reya actually appeared before... and to be honest, I was actually looking forward to reading a whole book about them... but... well... somewhere along the way I made up certain expectations in my head about it, and well... this book was different that what I expected... so they've been friends for some time now... but there was always *something* more there... and I thought that their book will be about how they got together... and what it's actually about is how they sort of got together, and then it imploded and now it's two years later and here's the story... yeah... I think that to understand my apprehension and a little disappointment in this turn of events, you have to know that I am not the biggest fan of second-chance romances... I have nothing against people who enjoy them, good for you :) but me personally... I thinks it's connected to my own experiences, that we won't get into right now... ;) but they definitely influence my reading experience every time I read one of those stories... which is rarely :) anyway... ;) I think that's why I had troubles connecting to both Trevor and Reya... don't get me wrong... I understand why they broke up and I understand why they got back together in this book... it's a much more complicated story and by any means I don't mean that people should not give second chances, but... well... it's just not my cup of tea... usually :) especially since it happened pretty fast in this book... I would like to see it happen over a longer amount of time... I think it would help me connect with both of them more and get behind the idea of them becoming a couple :)

Now that I rambled on a bit... sorry about that, but it's just how my thoughts kept running around in my head when it comes to this book ;) but now I will try to sum it all up for you ;) I loved the writing style... L. H. Cosway definitely have a talent for creating very complex characters... I don't love them all equally, but that's actually the best part about them... we all can find someone who will hit a little bit closer to our hearts... Trev and Reya just wasn't the ones for me :) but based on other reviews I saw, it will be a beloved book for many of you guys ;) we have appearances by some of our faves from previous stories, so that was a truly lovely bonus for a conclusion of this series, but fear not... this book is filled with quite a few new ones... who will actually get their own spin-off series starting next year :) yes, I'm talking about Trevor's parkour teammates :) that little nugget of information I found at the end of the book definitely brightened my day... I'm so excited to get to know them more... fingers crossed I will fall in love with them even more ;) the majority of the book, and by that I mean like almost all of it, with the exception of a few chapters ;) is told from Reya's perspective... I think it was one of the reasons why I had troubles connecting to Trevor... it was hard for me to trust him and really see his side... but both of them did some things I was not the biggest fan of... there was some immature behaviour and running away from the truth... that's never a good idea... and I don't know... there was always something bugging me about the story... but I can't really explain it more... it was just a gut feeling... that's why I am still recommending this book for you guys... if it sounds like a story you will enjoy, definitely give it a try... check out some other reviews and give it a go :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway About the author:

L.H. Cosway lives in Dublin, Ireland. Her inspiration to write comes from music. Her favourite things in life include writing stories, vintage clothing, dark cabaret music, food, musical comedy, and of course, books. She thinks that imperfect people are the most interesting kind. They tell the best stories. L.H. is represented by Louise Fury at The Bent Agency.

Find her online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest



Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Review: "Stay" by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

Title: "Stay"
Book 2 in series WAGs
Main characters: Matthew "Matt" Eriksson and Hailey Taylor Emery

I got an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review :) and I had so much fun reading this story :) I mean, I knew it would be great, because this lovely duo of authors always create magic together ;) but it was even better than I anticipated :) it's the sequel in a spin-off series, but it works as a standalone as well... :) I feel like I need to explain that sentence a bit more to those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about :) so, in the beginning we had Him duology, two books telling a story about Wes and Jamie :) next we had "Good boy", the first book in WAGs series, a spin-off from that duology, where each book is gonna concentrate on another Wes's teammate :) and now here we are, with the sequel in this series :) and trust me, it's definitely not the end... but more about it in a moment :) I highly recommend you to read all those books in order, not because you have to, but because they are absolutely amazing :) and it will definitely help with understanding certain interactions and relationships better :) but you can start here as well, and you will get all the necessary informations to enjoy this story :) now that this little explanation is out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about our main couple ;)

I have to start with Matt... *sighs dreamily* I swear you guys, I still have no idea what is it with me and hockey players... I still haven't watched a game, live or on television, nor do I understand the rules, and yet hockey players are my favourite athletes to read about... same with rugby players :) my love is not logical, but I have #NoRegrets :) so since Matt is a hockey player, he already was dreamy... ;) but he is soooo much more than just that :) I loved how sweet and charming he was, how much he loved his twin daughters... and I really appreciated to see his more vulnerable side, how he struggled after the divorce.... and of course let's not forget about the swoonworthy aspect of his personality... *sighs dreamily* I need a Matt Eriksson all for myself after reading this book :) but he was not the only fantastic character in this story... oh no... :) Hailey was absolutely phenomenal :) she is the co-owner of Fetch, a business where they take care of things instead of you... like finding and delivering flowers at a very precise time in the morning... ;) so on the one hand, she is this very smart and capable businesswoman... but she also struggles after her divorce... she is also a huge hockey fan, so when she starts to figure out that one of her clients is none other than her hockey crush... well... it starts to get inetersting... ;) one thing I loved most about her, is how witty and hilarious and flirty she was with their messages, but on the other hand, how awkward and rambling-ish and just clumsy she became when meeting him face to face :) I could relate to that soooo much... :) at least at the beginning... later she got more used to Matt in all his glory... ;) their relationship is just so stinking adorable and cute that I can't even... *sighs happily* I had the biggest smile on my face while I was reading this book :) yes, there were a few moments when I wanted to smack certain people, but still... ;)

Not only our main couple was absolutely amazing, the secondary characters were phenomenal as well :) we got to see our previous couples a little bit, as well as a few other teammates... I see a lot of potential for future stories... just saying ;) not to mention that I have a feeling who will be the hero and heroine of the next book... there is one particular scene in the book, don't worry, I won't say anything else, so no spoilers from me ;) that makes me think that if it won't be book #3 then it will definitely happen soon after :) I have to say that I enjoyed so many people, but I have to name just a few :) Blake, the hero of first book in this spin-off series it still my ray of sunshine, and his inappropriate jokes and unexpected things he says always brighten my day :) I love him :) when it comes to new characters, Jenny, Hailey's friend, was immediately a favourite :) with her encouragements and making up words that perfectly summs up certain situations, she was such a blast :) I'm kind of hoping that maybe she will be a main character at some point in the future... I would certainly love to read more about her :)

This absolutely awesome book was written in 2 POVs, which means we got chapters from Matt's point of view, as well as Hailey's :) it's definitely my favourite writing style, especially when it is done as great as in this book ;) not to mention that I adore these ladies individually :) but when they work together... watch out world, magic happens :) I already can't wait to see what's gonna happen next :) and even though I have my own thoughts about characters I would want to read about next, let's not kid ourselves... I will read whatever they create and love it :) I would inhale this story in one sitting, if I didn't have to do stupid things like go to work or sleep... ;) ugh... adulting sucks ;) so I strongly recommend you guys to find a free afternoon to really appreciate the awesomeness of this hilarious book :) I laughed out loud so many times, that I stopped counting :) the messages they were exchanging were fantastic... :) but it's filled not only with funny and sexy moments... there are so many sweet ones as well... emotional scenes that will unexpectedly grip our heart and make you tear up... *sighs happily* I loved everything about this book, so be sure to grab it ASAP :)



Review: "Gears of fate" by Wilbert Stanton

Book 1 in series Forgotten gods
Main character: Zak Walker


Centuries have passed since the Fey conquered Earth, forcing mankind and gods alike to flee to the sky city Olympus. Forgotten gods walk amongst man, lost and powerless. Little do they suspect a second Fey war looms, and an unlikely duo will set in motion the gears of fate.

Zak Walker is a fringe rat living in the slums who would do anything to protect his sister, Alice. His neglectful father threatens to consign him to a life away from home on an airship, but he yearns for his life to mean something more than drudgery.

Princess Seneca Rose is the last surviving member of the Seelie royals. They tried to establish peace with mankind, but fell to the forces of Queen Mob and the Unseelie Court. Fleeing for her life, Seneca arrives on Olympus in hopes of uniting the forgotten gods against the oncoming Fey.

Zak couldn’t care less about the fate of Olympus, until faeries kidnap Alice. He doesn’t believe Seneca’s stories of faeries or gods, but soon has no choice but to accept their lives are intertwined. All his life, he’s dreamed of something more. If he cannot face the dangers that await down on Earth, the gods, mankind, and his sister Alice are all doomed.

I got an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review :) I have to say that the synopsis was super interesting... it really was the first thing that got my attention... :) and it actually got my expectations kind of high... and I have to say that I am not disappointed at all :) it was a super exciting story, although it did felt at some points all over the place, that's why I gave it 4,5 stars instead of full 5 :) but I see sooooo much potential for future stories :) don't worry, everything important is sorted out in this book, and it does not end with a cliffhanger or anything, so feel free to dive in :) ok, how about I tell you a bit more about the world and the plot of this book :)

We are thrown straight into a complicated world but slowly chapter after chapter everything is explained, which I definitely appreciated... there is no huge info dumping in the first two chapters, that you have to keep going back while reading a book to find an explanation... although if we're being honest, not everything is explained fully... :) but I did not mind at all... :) it really was part of the charm of this story :) ok, back to the world :) like it's mentioned in the synopsis, the Fae from Unseelie Court conquered the earth years ago, and banished men and gods alike from it... so now they all live, at least what's left of them, in Olympus... as in a freaking flying city of Olympus!!! I'm sorry, but how cool is that?!? :) years has passed and men has forgotten all about gods, who are walking in disguises among them... :) Zak is not an exception from that rule... he's a young man, boy really, who tries to do his best to protect and take care of his sister... all that changes when a mysterious girl falls from the sky to land at his feet :) that girl is none other than Seneca, a lost princess of the Seelie Court, trying her best to fix a lot of bad things... I don't want to get into too many details, because trust me... it's much better to just go with the flow with this book :) when his beloved sister is kidnapped Zak has no choice but to join forces with Seneca and help her, so she can help him in return :) since this is pretty much everything I can tell you about the actual plot of the book without spoilers... and trust me on that, this story is filled with surprising twists and turns, how about I will focus on my overall thoughts and feelings about this little gem :)

It was my first book by Wilbert Stanton, and I immediately fell in love with his writing style... it was hilarious, engaging from the very first chapter and super entertaining :) I inhaled this story in record time, and I did not expect that, mainly because the main character is a sixteen year old boy, so I wasn't sure how much I could connect with him... :) if you have the same apprehensions, you can forget all about them... :) especially since pretty much the whole book was written from his perspective, so that definitely helped with understanding him better :) it was an absolute pleasure reading about Zak's adventures... and all other characters :) because my favourite one was Seneca :) she was hilarious, fearless and unpredictible... I loved her :) there was a bunch of others as well, but we met them a bit further into the book, so I don't want to tell you all about them... instead I will let you discover those lovely surprises :) I have to say that I see sooooo much potential in this world and these characters... so many stories that can be told... *sighs dreamily* I already can't wait to read them all :) this was a super quick read, fast paced and filled with adventures, unexpected twists and surprises... I could not put it down :) so if you are looking for a book that will pull you in from the very first chapter... trust me, I was hooked after the prologue alone ;) then definitely give this lovely gem a try :)



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Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #67

*sighs happily*
Vacation time
Going back to work

Well hello there my awesome people... long time no posts ;) but I am not gonna be sorry for taking a break... as you all probably know, because I've warned you about it several times before it happened, I went away for two weeks on vacation and decided to take a break from everything... including blogging... and it was just what I needed :) now I am back, full of energy and ideas and I'm gonna share with you all the stuff that happened during that break... because let me tell you... it was a lot ;) I guess that what happens when I have too much time to think about things :) some stuff happened, some decisions have been made and I will share the majority of that with you all today... although I will left a few little pieces of informations to share in the upcoming weeks / months... ;) and since this whole post is about my vacation time, I will try to break it into smaller paragraphs, each concentrated on a different event and such... ok, now after this super long intro, let's get into the actual post :)

*sighs happily* I loved my vacation... me and my family went away near the beach for two weeks and it was glorious... I got to sleep in, walk with my feet dipped in the sea, got a little tan... ok, it may have included one sunburn along the way... maybe two, but nothing serious ;) we had a lovely weather, mostly sunny and warm, with short breaks of more cloudy days that actually helped us with not getting too sunburned, so it all worked out in the end ;) I am now full of energy and ready for new challenges... well, maybe I am getting a bit anxious, because I can already tell how much work will wait for me when I get back... but that's ok, I can take it :) see? that's how relaxed I am :)

I am definitely out of my reading slump :) it actually ended in the week just before my trip, and I am so happy about it... I love reading and not being able to pick up a book because I felt... meh and ugh was exhausting mentally... but I'm back to my reading self :) in fact, I read 6,5 books during my vacation :) that half being a book I finished on my first weekend away :) I am way ahead with my Goodreads reading challenge ;) and since I was really good with reading AND writing / editing reviews in the meantime, I'm gonna have a lot of posts heading your way in the upcoming weeks :) so brace yourselves... the reviews are coming ;) and I have some truly awesome recommendations among them, so be sure to check out my blog regularly :)

And speaking of books... I may or may not bought some when I was away... and by that I mean I totally did :) #NoShame #NoRegrets ;) how many you ask? well... um.... remember when I did my biggest book haul yet with seventeen books a few weeks ago? yeah... good times... ;) because this time I bought *coughs* thirty one *coughs some more* books... :) I know, I know, but in my defense, all those books are for my june book budget plus my july book budget, and let's not forget that july is my birthday month, so I had to get myself something, right? :) now they are all on the way, so expect a huge book haul in the upcoming weeks :) but once I got home and counted how many books are on my actual, physical to-be-read pile... and the number we are looking at is 40+ ;) I decided to take a break from buying any new books until I will get through at least some of them... I am not banning myself entirely, but everytime I'll want to buy a book, I will ask myself *do I really need it right now? will I read it immediately?* because more often than not the answer to that question will be *no* :) I have so many amazing books already on my shelves, and even more on the way... so I will take a little break... especially since I will have a whole new reason to spend my money on something else... :) it was one of the things that also unfolded during my vacation, but I will have to wait before sharing it all with you guys... be patient... it will be worth it, cause in a few weeks you'll get pictures ;) that's all I'm gonna say :)

And we are still not done with the subject of books in this post... come on guys, did you really expect something else? :) I AM a book blogger after all ;) and this part will be connected to ARCs... as in Advanced Reader Copies, that bloggers and reviewers receive before the actual publication of the book... because something truly amazing happened to me... you may or may not know this about me, but I am a huge fan of Nalini Singh... I absolutely adore her writing style and all the stories she creates... so when I found requests for an ARCs of her two upcoming books on NetGalley (one of them is out now, but I will explain everything in a second) I requested both of them... I was sure I would be denied, because with that publisher it's what always happened in the past... so when I got an e-mail about "Silver silence" I was sure it's a denial... so I opened it just to check it out and there it was... *... accepted, you can now access the book through NetGalley...* and I couldn't believe what I was reading... it took me a good ten seconds to actually react... when I promptly squeeled and got super excited #TrueStory #NoJoke ;) I inhaled it in record time and loved everything about it... it was actually the only book that made me take a break from taking a break, and I already posted my review :) if you haven't seen it yet, I will leave the link to it right -> HERE <- :) if we're being totally honest, I was pretty sure that someone just made a mistake, and clicked on the wrong button or something to grant me the access but I didn't care :) I was just super happy to read this wonderful story a bit earlier and share all my thoughts with you guys on the release day :) but then... it happened again :) because a few days later I got an e-mail that granted me the access to the ARC of "Archangel's viper" which goes live in september!!! :) I still can't believe I have it already on my kindle... I will read it as soon as I catch up on ARCs that have deadlines in the near future, because I am sooooo curious about that particular story... :)

Last but definitely not least, I want to talk to you guys about all the movies I saw during my vacation time :) and we are not gonna go chronologically, because I have to start with the worst one... although I saw only three of them, so one of them was definitely worse, and the other two... I can't decide which one I loved more... I don't want to and you can't make me ;) so we're gonna talk about those two in order... ok, so starting with the *meh* one, I saw "The mummy" and... well... like I said, it was meh... nothing truly spectacular... my favourite parts were Sofia Boutella as the mummy and Jake Johnson as the hilarious sidekick-ish type of character... the rest... well... honestly, I think that the movie would turn out better if the main character would be played by a younger actor... Tom Cruise just didn't click for me in this role... although I still adore him in Mission impossible series :) and don't even get me started on the only other female role in this movie... I have nothing against Annabelle Wallis, but I am tired of women who are in the story just to look pretty, explain stuff and then be rescued by the hero... the whole movie was in general more hilarious than scary, soooo... I will leave the trailer for it below if you guys want to check it out :)

Now let's talk about something much, much better... :) so the first out of the two awesome movies I saw was "Wonder woman" :) it was actually at the bery beginnig of my vacation time, cause I went to see it on a friday afternoon, after my very last day at work :) and I am absolutely in awe about it... *sighs dreamily* it was done soooo well... :) Gal Gadot is the perfect choice for the main role... she was brave, strong, but also kind and wonderful... *squeels with joy* a truly kick-ass role model :) and don't even get me started about the Amazons... *sighs dreamily* I have a total woman crush on General Antiope, played by Robin Wright... and Chris Pine was definitely a great addition to the cast :) I laughed and I cried, but most of all I enjoyed every minute of this abslutely fantastic story... this movie did not have flaws... after I saw it I felt so empowered... like I could take over the world... I highly, highly recommend you all to see :) and since I just can't choose, I will leave all three trailers below for you guys :) the first one, from Comic Con, the origin one and the final one :) each of them have unique scenes and I love them all :)

Now we are up the the newest movie I saw... "Wonder woman" was the perfect beginning of my vacation, and I managed to end it with another amazing one... "King Arthur legend of the sword" :) *sighs dreamily* I cannot believe that more people haven't watched it yet... the story, the characters, the amazing fight scenes, the music, the whole visual side of the movie... again, in my opinion it was absolute perfection :) that's why I'm so mad it did not make much money in the box office so far... because I would love to see sequels... yes, as in plural and everything, because there is so much potential in this world... I think Charlie Hunnam was the perfect choice for the main character... charismatic and very clever, I loved him... my second favourite was the mage... a mysterious woman whose name we never learned... she was powerful and smart and I'd love to know more about her... but the same can be said about pretty much all other secondary characters... *sighs dreamily* I am defnitely going to see it again on the big screen... yes, it was that good... :) I will leave the two trailers below for you guys to check out, if somehow you haven't seen it before, because I simply can't choose just one of them :) but be sure to go and see it on the big screen while you still have the chance ;)

Last but not least I need to very quickly mention that we finally got a short teaser trailer for another movie I am very highly anticipating... "Black panther" :) and it looks soooo good... :) since we don't know much else, I can't really say anything, but I will leave you guys the little gem of awesomeness to enjoy with me :)

Ok people, that is a wrap :) I hope you enjoyed catching up with everything that's been going on with me :) I promise this was the longest break I took in a very long time :) now I will be back with regular #RandomRamblings posts every monday, my *books I can't wait to get my hands on* monthly posts at the end of each month :) and of course lots and lots of reviews :) talk to you guys soon :) and be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, cause I check them every day and I love interacting with you people :)



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Review: "Silver silence" by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh
Book 1 in series Psy-changeling trinity
Main characters: Valentin Nikolaev and Silver Mercant

I was extremely lucky to get an ARC of this phenomenal book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) if were being totally honest, when I got the e-mail from them, I was completely surprised... as in not in a million years I actually thought they would accept my request... to this day I am half convinced that someone pushed the wrong button by mistake, but I don't care :) I'm just super excited that I was able to get my hands on one of my most highly anticipated books of the year a little bit earlier... ;) and since it's one of my all time favourite authors and one of my all time favourite series as well, I have a lot of thoughts to share with you guys... ;) so sit back with a beverage of your choice and relax, because it's gonna be a while ;)

So first I need to start with a little bit of an explanation :) this is the first book in a new and sort of a spin-off-ish series... originally we had the Psy-changeling series with 15+ books in it... but that major story arch is finished, so now we are heading into a new arch, with this Psy-changeling trinity series :) I was thinking long and hard about what to tell you about the reading order... on the one hand, I highly recommend you to read the original series first, because it's just soooooo good... *sighs dreamily* but on the other hand, I know it can feel a bit daunting... so you can actually start your journey with this book... the majority of the characters appearing in it are brand new, and the ones that were mentioned before, or got their own stories, are definitely in the background... although be warned, there will be some pretty big spoilers about how certain events ended and stuff like that... but when it comes to explaining the world itself... yes, it might feel very complicated, especially if you're gonna be new with it, but I think you can manage to understand everything just by reading this book :) so the choice about starting your journey with this fantastic world here, or back at the very beginning is yours to make :)

Now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about the world itself :) this is a paranormal-ish sort of a series, set in an alternate version ouf our world a few decades in the future :) don't worry, I won't spoil you anything in case you are brand new to this sereis, just wanted to share a few basic informations about it :) the world I'm talking about is different from our in two major ways :) #1 they are much more technologically advanced... it is the future after all ;) and #2 there are three main groups that populates it: humans, psy and changelings :) I don't want to get into too many details about each of them, because since it's one of my all time favourite series, if I would start talking about all of them, we could be here for a few days... ;) but just so you'll have the basic knowledge... :) humans are the most ordinary ones... and don't you get angry at me... I don't mean that as if they are the worst or most boring... yes, they don't have the gifts other groups have, but they can be very powerful with how kind, generous and brave they can be... psy on the other hand are the ones with mental powers... there are many designations among them, like telekinetics, telepaths and so much more... they are distant and cold, emotionless... living Silent, to escape dangerous and deadly mental consequences connected to their gifts... and we have changelings... they are my favourite in this series :) different kinds of shapeshifters who usually live in packs, although that depends on the animal part of them :) they are stronger and faster than humans and definitely the most emotional ones among all three groups... bonds within the pack and family mean everything to them... *sighs dreamily* I just love them... :) pretty much each book set in this world revolves around a different couple (there was on exception when we had an ensemble book) but there are bigger archs that are slowly unraveling over the course of several of them... like I mentioned before, the first arch ended and this is the beginning of the new big one... so even though there are no cliffhangers when it comes to the main couple, there are many questions left wihout answers :) and about our main couple... ;)

Silver is actually one of characters that appeared in the previous stories, but definitely as a secondary one... so I was very intrigued when I heard she will be the heroine of her own book... :) Valentin on the other hand is brand new... *sighs dreamily* I'm sorry, got distracted there for a second thinking about that teddy bear ;) a little joke I will explain in a second :) she is a psy and quite a powerful one... we met her, when she was working as an assistant to one of the most deadly psy in the world... but don't be fooled by that title... she was much more than that... :) now she takes on being the chief of an enterprise that focuses on rescue and help missions... that is as vague as I can put it without spoiling some stuff from previous books, so we are just gonna go with it... :) Valentin on the other hand is, like I mentioned, a brand new character, and an alpha of a bear-changeling clan... ;) that's why I called him a teddy bear ;) although he is a one huge teddy bear... ;) he's big and stubborn and usually loud, but can also be sneaky and subtle when he wants ;) he definitely jumped very high on my list of favourite characters in this world :) theirs is actually a pairing I love the most to read about: psy-changeling :) especially when the man is a changeling and a woman is psy... I don't know exactly why is that... I'm sure there is some explanation, but those stories speak to me the most... they are my favourite couples out of all of them and I tend to go back to their stories the most... and this was no exception :) I absolutely adored these two :) I can't really go into too many details of how they actually get together, although some of it is in the synopsis so why not ;) from the very beginning we are thrown straigh into the story, when Valentin appears once more very unexpectedly at Silver's doorstep, but this time, she collapses... *gasps* it was an assasination attempt and there is only one way for her to be safe while the threat is investigated... in the middle of a changeling clan of bears ;) whatever you are imaginig about the interactions between a cold psy and a rambunctious huge family of bears you will not be prepared for all the awesomeness... not to mention the plan that Valentin has to convince Silver to give them a chance... *sighs happily* it was so good that I am very tmepted to re-read it straight away... I would probalby do it if it wasn't for an insane amount of books waiting for me ;) the struggle is real... ;)

But our main couple wasn't the only bright part of this book... oh no... ;) the secondary characters definitely stole the show on more than one occasion :) and majority of them are brand new... like StoneWater clan of bears :) so many new characters and all of them amazing :) there were a couple among them that I really need to read more about ;) there is also definitely one pairing in the making that I am abolutely ecstatic about... won't tell you who I'm talking about, but I'm sure you'll figure it out :) not only bears, but there were also a few Mercant family members that definitely caught my attention... ;) oh, there was just sooo many interesting people... :) I can't possibly name them all... especially since I really don't want to spoil you anything about who is important for whatever reasons... so let me just say that I see a lot of potential for future stories with these new people... and some of the ones we met before who are still single ;) but anyway, let us get to my overall thoughts and opinions, because I already feel like we spend together all day with this review :)

Nalini is one of my all time favourite authors for many reasons... she has one of the most entertaining and capturing writing style... every time I read one of her books, especially set in this world, after a few months I tend to convince myself that they can't possibly be as good as I remember them... the time had to mess with my memories, and I'm probalby exaggerating all of it in my mind :) but then a new one comes out and BAM!!! I'm smacked right into all the feels with how absolutely wonderful the next installment is and once more I am reminded of how fantastic Nalini's stories are... and don't even get me started on how good of a storyteller and plotmaster she is... I can guarantee you that she already knows the ending of this big story arch, even though it just started, and she identified all the main players, even though we get only whispers about some of them here... after witnessing it in the original series, I am not nervous at all where all of this is going... because I know that Nalini has all the answers and I will get all of them... in time :) to this day when I re-read certain books in that first series, no matter how many times I did it before, I still find new little gems hidden within the pages... and I'm all like *she knew from the beginning how certain things will go* :) and that is the best way of writing a series... because then it all makes sense... and you can see that all the decisions and actions that took place along the way were necessary to get to that conclusion... :) this just makes me that much more excited to see where she will go with this second story arch... after all, this is a world after big changes... :) it's a perfect mix of introducing and evolving bigger story archs but at the same time focusing on the couple that is at the forefront of this particular book... oh how well she keeps the balance... *sighs dreamily* I highly recommend you guys this book... no matter if you are already a fan, or brand new to her work, if you don't know the psy-changeling world, you are seriously missing out... go start at the begining, or with this installemnt, I explained everything earlier in my review, but definitely read one of them :) it's one of the series I recommend non stop to people, because it has it all... action, humor, amazing characters, swoonworthy romance and twists that will surprise the hell out of you... go read it now :) or we can't be friends anymore... ;) just kidding... but go read it anyway ;)



Monday, June 5, 2017

Review: "Dating-ish" by Penny Reid

Author: Penny Reid
Title: "Dating-ish"
Book 6 in series Knitting in the city
Main characters: Matthew "Matt" Simmons and Marie Harris


'Dating-ish' can be read as a standalone, is a full length 100k word novel, and is book #6 in the Knitting in the City Series.

There are three things you need to know about Marie Harris: 1) She's fed up with online dating, 2) She's so fed up, she's willing to forego the annoyance and consider more creative alternatives, and 3) She knows how to knit.
After the most bizarre and irritating first date in the history of humankind, Marie is looking for an alternative to men. With the help of her friends, she quickly identifies a few possibilities:
Need a cuddle? Use a professional cuddler. Need affirmation? Get yourself a life coach. Need an orgasm? Try orgasm meditation! Why does she need the hassle of a romantic partner when she can meet all her needs with paid services?
But then her irritating date resurfaces. And he's not at all the person she thought he was. And he suggests a different--and crazier--solution to her dilemma . . .
As everyone knows (or will soon come to realize), traditional relations between humans are a thing of the past. Robots are our future. And if robots are our future, then why do we need other people at all?

I got an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review :) after finishing this story there are so many thoughts running around in my head, that I don't think I'll be able to read anything else until I write them down and get all of that out of my system... ;) and I mean that in the best possible way :) I am a huge fan of Penny and her writing style... I feel like I should mention that upfront with you :) but if you think that my love influenced my opinion in any way, that I was biased before even reading this book, then... you are correct ;) but not in a way you think :) it's because I am such a huge fan of her previous work, it raises the bar with each of her new books... I expect more, because she taught me that... she showed me that it can be done... you can write smart and funny romances, that at the same time make you think and mention much more serious topics... she is the reason why I am ruined every time I finish one of her stories... like after this one... I have a total #BookHangover :) here I am sitting here and sighing... unable to pick anything else up to read, until I fully process everything... it's the best feeling in the world, because that shows how much of an influence a book has on you... :) it's the best compliment I can possibly give an author... that after finishing her book, I can't read anything else... :) it's even more impressing, because I'm the sort of person who constantly reads... I finish one story and then jump into another, because I simply cannot imagine myself without a book in my hand... :) so it really takes something special to make me stop and think :) and Penny does it every single time :) ok, I feel like I need to get into some more details about this particular book, because trust me... I could go on and on and on about how awesome Penny and her stories are, but we don't have that much amount of time to spare ;) so let's jump straight into...

Our main couple :) since this is the sixth book in a series, we actually met both of them in previous stories :) but I feel the need to explain, that this story, as well as other ones in this series, can totally be read as a standalone... you get all the informations necessary to enjoy each installment, but I personally would recommend you to read them in order :) first of all, because they are absolutely amazing ;) and second of all, because then you will have the wonderful opportunity to spend more time with these fantastic characters and understand so much better all interactions and connections between them :) ok, now let me go back to Marie and Matt :) Marie is part of the knitting group, hence the name of the series ;) so we actually met her, as well as all other ladies, in the very first book of the series ;) or I'm pretty sure we met ALL of them then... it's been a while, and my memory is a bit foggy on the details :) but the point is, we met her before :) she's a journalist and kind of a bad-ass... ;) the thing is... it's impossible to describe her in just a sentence or two like I usually do in my reviews... I mean, who has the time to read a whole essey about just one person? ;) the same thing can be said about Matt :) we met him in the previous book, since he lives next door to the main couple of said story :) he's a professor invested in a very cool... I guess you can call it an experiment but again, it's a hufe oversimplification... :) and additionally, I don't want to spoil anything :) so it is exceptionally hard for me right know to tell you more about them... so how about I say this... and it's true with every Penny book out there :) I love her characters, because they are so different from one another... each of them an individual, with their own lives, dreams, personalities... none of them perfect... far from it actually :) they are flawed and I love it... because they are flawed in a human and relatable way... and at the same time they are strong, in many different ways... not to mention that there is always some sort of journey for them in their own story... they are never the same at the end, as they were at the beginning... you can see the development and it always teaches us something about ourselves... at least that is my experience each time I read one of her books :) it's very true what I heard many times when people describe Penny and hew writing: she writes smart books and respects her readers... even expects something from them... to think for themselves... :) she never forces her own opinion, but rather approaches certain subjects and starts a conversation, showing us different sides and encouraging us to think it through... :) it's one of the reasons I love her books so much... and why they always give me the biggest #BookHangovers :)

The same thing can be said about Marie and Matt :) their relationship is... well... :) the best way to describe it is simply looking at the title :) because trust me, after reading this story I can assure you that the term *dating-ish* is spot on :) I won't get into details, because I want you to be able to experience this story without any spoilers or biased opinions whatsoever ;) but I will say that they start with a mutual agreement to help each other with work related things... some may call it a blackmail, but let's not put labels on it... ;) and it develops into friendship first :) but that is everything I'm willing to say about it :) well, when it comes to particular details, because I will add, that their conversations were my absolute favourite part of the story :) smart and hilarious banter is definitely my kryptonite in books :) if I'm being totally honest with you, I did not expect to love this story as much as I did... I am actually very eagerly anticipating the last book in this series, so as much as I was curious about Matt and Marie... it is a new Penny book after all ;) I was treating it more like a stop on my way to that last book :) huge mistake... :) because this story... unexpectedly stole my heart... :) I didn't even know when that happened... here I was, reading it, enjoying my time... and before I knew what was going on... BAM!!! I realized I'm in love with it :) so here I am, smiling from ear to ear, sighing sporadically, trying my best to put into words all the wonderful feelings I have about this story, without actually giving anything away :) hopefully I'm doing a good job so far :)

When it comes to secondary characters, I have to say... Penny is a master in creating strong friendships, that allow each parties involved to be better versions of themselves wihout forcing them to change in any way whatsoever... they love and accept each other, supporting one another when it's needed, and at the same time encouraging growth by sharing knowledge :) every time I read a scene from one of the knitting evenings, I long for a group of friends just like those ladies... and some honorary ladies in the midst... ;) you get that joke if you read previous stories ;) but in all seriousness, it's such a beautiful change to be able to see a group of women, discussing all sorts of topics ;) and not only hilarious and sexy ones, but serious, vulnerable and controversial ones as well... again, not forcing any opinion onto us, but rather starting a discussion :) there are seven women in that knitting group, and six of them already have their own stories... I could go around and try to introduce you to all of them... and their significant others, but once I would start, I probably wouldn't be able to shut up about them :) they are a very diverse and interesting bunch :) so I won't do that and hopefully you'll forgive me :)

The majority of the book is written from Marie's perspective... only in the epilogue we are able to glimpse into Matt's head... :) and if I could change one thing about this story... and every story in this series actually, is to have it be written more in 2 POVs :) that comes from my own personal preferences as a reader, because that's my favourite writing style ;) also, I know how amazing Penny is with that, because her other series is written that way :) (Winston brothers for all of you wondering) :) especially since men in this series are just as diverse and interesting as women... and I would absolutely love to be able to see more of their thoughts... ;) but it's just me being greedy... ;) you should know by now, that when it comes to my favourite authors, I always tend to complain that their books are too short... ;) they could be 800 pages and I would still want more :) but that's one of the best compliments you can give an author... that you can't stop reading their work :) and Penny's books... man oh man, they are ruining me... one story at a time :) they are always smart, unpredictable and different... each of them unique in their own way... so don't go into them expecting a fluffy and easy romance... don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with stories like that :) but her stories... they will have an impact on you... they will stay with you for days after you finish them... you will think about them at random times... picking them up unexpectedly to read a favourite part... they will make you think and you will be forever changed... expecting more from books and stories... :) they will help you learn things about yourselves you didn't know, showing you new things and opinions... *sighs happily* I could spend days telling you how amazing she is, and how wonderful her books are... how this particular one surprised me... how it stole my heart, and before I knew what was happening it was gone... lost between the pages of this story... beating somewhere between Matt and Marie... it took my breath away and I have no shame in admitting that... hopefully by this time I convinved you to give this book, and this absolutely lovely author in general a try :) because if you don't know her yet... you have no idea what you are missing out on... go and check her out... let her change your lives for better as well :)

About the author:

Penny Reid is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Winston Brothers and Knitting in the City series. When she’s not immersed in penning smart romances, Penny works in the biotech industry as a researcher. She’s also a full time mom to three diminutive adults, wife, daughter, knitter, crocheter, sewer, general crafter, and thought ninja.

Find her online: