Friday, May 12, 2017

Review: "Marrying Winterborne" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 2 in series The Ravenels
Main characters: Rhys Winterborne and Helen Ravenel

First and foremost, I have to say... I absolutely loved this book :) it's definitely my favourite one of all three available at this moment, but if were being totally honest... I have a feeling that it still will be my fave even when I read all of them... and there will be six books in total :) it's book #2 in Lisa's new historical romance series, and I highly recommend you guys to read the first book before jumping into this one... it's not always necessary, but in this case, certain events occur between our main characters from this installment in that previous story and trust me... you do not want to miss them :) anyway... now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you more about our main couple :)

Rhys and Helen... *sighs dreamily* I just love them both soooo much :) and it's not as common as I would like it to be.. usually one of the main characters bother me a bit... or more than that ;) but this time? *sighs happily* ok, let me back that opinion up with some explanations ;) Helen is someone I could relate to soooo much :) she seems shy and calm, and well... yes, she is all that :) but she is also much stronger and braver than she appears to be :) and she loves to read :) I fell in love with her the moment I met her in that very first book so I couldn't be more happy with the fact that she ended up with Rhys... *sighs dreamily* *sighs dreamily yet again because once is just not enough* ;) where Helen was born in the family with a title and everything that comes with it, Rhys's background is the opposite... he's welsh and comes from a regular family... but with hard work and determination, now he is the owner of the biggest department store and isextremely rich :) what I love about him the most, is his personality... he seems cold and calculating and distant... but there is such a passionate side to him... I mean... every time he uses a nickname in welsh when talking to Helen... *swoons* ;) trust me... when he wants to, he definitely CAN talk... ;) I don't really want to tell you too much about how they get together, mainly because it would have to involve certain spoilers from book #1, but trust me... it's a fantastic story... swoonworthy with twists and turns along the way, and the most beautiful ending :) and I think one of the reasons that this story speaks to me so much, is that it reminds me a little bit of "Beauty and the beast" :) just throwing it out there, for all of you retellings fans like me ;)

When it comes to secondary characters, well... they are one more reason to read these books in order :) I think you will enjoy all sorts of interactions that much more if you actually know the history and connections between them :) and you can appreciate how some of them changed... :) and even though our main couple definitely stole the most of my attention... as it should be ;) there are a few people I want to mention :) we have Helen's sisters, twins: Cassandra and Pandora :) Pandora is actually the heroine of the next story, with Cassandra getting her turn along the way (book #6) :) and I adore those girls so much :) they are unpredictable, fun and wild :) they love fiercely their family and support them :) we also have the couple from the first book, Devon and Kathleen... and although I still had some troubles with her, Devon was definitely better ;) and of course I can't forget my favourite: Wes :) he's Devon's younger brother and I adore him so much :) he is another character that changed a lot in that previous story, and now he shines :) I absolutely cannot wait to read a full lenght story about this hilarious guy :) (his will be book #5) :) we actually met a few completely new characters in this installment... but I won't name them :) trust me, when you'll be reading the book, you'll know... it's not hard at all to figure out that certain characters appear here for a reason... ;) *wink wink* I can't wait for you to discover for yourselves who I'm talking about :)

Since this was my favourite story so far in this series and I enjoyed it immensly I of course gave it 5 stars :) especially when you take into consideration that I am a huge sucker for "Beauty and the beast" retellings, so every time a story is even sort of similar to it, it's always a plus in my eyes :) after reading quite a few of Lisa's books, I know what to expect when I pick one of her new ones up :) witty banter, hilarious interactions between all sorts of characters, swoonworthy moments and scorchingly hot seduction... *sighs happily* so I wholeheartedly recommend you guys this amazing book :) if somehow you haven't read her stories yet, definitely give this series, and this author, a try :) trust me, you will not regret it :)



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