Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Review: "Fallen stone" by Jana S. Brown

Author: Jana S. Brown
Book 1 in series Sentinels of essence
Main character: Misery


Misery died so she could save the world.

That’s what they told her.

Turns out they lied.

She was once a holy warrior with a noble cause. Now she’s using her earth magic to scrape by, meal to meal, motel to motel, city to city, one step ahead of those who call her traitor. Her jobs aren’t glamorous, but in the end, beggars can't be choosers and work pays the bills.

Denver was supposed to be just one more stop over. But between an overly enthusiastic roommate, a gorgeous healer, and a challenging – not to mention lucrative – job for the Chimera Lord of Denver, Misery isn’t finding it easy to leave.

When she discovers the lesser fae are going missing, Misery finds a new cause, a paycheck and many reasons to stay. She just hopes pursuing them won’t get her killed…again.

I got my hands on the ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) I was very curious about this story... mainly because I love the writing style of Jana, a perfect mix of hilarious and entertaining, and I was very interested in how this urban fantasy type of a book from her will turn out... long story short.. it turned out phenomenal :) I inhaled it in record time and now I'm dying for more :) so I will do my best to tell you a bit more about everything without spoiling you some stuff and at the same time, convincing you to try it out :)

So about our main character... :) Misery was fantastic :) and there are still sooo many things I don't know about her :) we meet her at the very beginning of the book... duh, she's the main character after all ;) but what I did not expect, is that we are gonna be thrown straight into action :) there is no slow build up here... :) but it does hook you immediately and keeps you glued to the pages... :) and since it is an urban fantasy novel, it has many fantasy-ish aspects that I will not explain in many details... mainly cause I don't know all of them yet ;) but I will do my best to share what little knowledge I have ;) so Misery used to be a Sentinel... which is a warrior type of a person... what kind exactly I can't tell, because it was only teased in this first installment... :) but something happened a few years back, and now she lives on the run, from one job to the next, doing her best to survive... dun dun duuuuunnnn... sorry, but I felt like that moment needed a musical interruption ;) anyway... we meet her right in the middle of her newest assingment which does not goes exactly as she expected it to go... ;) from that moment she is involved in a much bigger plot than what she originally signed up for, but being the person she is, she refuses to back out... :) I know I'm being super vague, but trust me... those are the only details I can share with you right now without spoiling you some huge surprises along the way :) now that we have this out of the way, let me actually tell you a bit more about our heroine :) because I totally adored her ;) she has the ability to manipulate and use earth essence, and trust me... it's even more cool than it sounds ;) I love that she's a survivor but also a very good person at heart... doing what's right, even though it may very dearly cost her... again, I know that I'm being super vague, but we get to know her more throughout the whole book, and I want you guys to be able to experience her the way I did... which means the less you know before going into the book the better :)

Since there are way more things I can't tell you about, I will keep my review a bit shorter than usual, concentrating on my thoughts and feelings about this story :) if you couldn't tell by now, I absolutely loved it... which is not a huge surprise, since I adore the writing style of the lovely Jana... and I can say that she is as hilarious in her books as she is in our e-mail exchanges... ;) but that is a longer story for another time :) this book is a fantastic beginning of a new series... it offers us so many teasers and glimpses into the world she created and all sorts of characters... it definitely shows how much time and research she put into creating all of that... :) it takes place in an alternate version of modern world, where there are also inhumans... with all sorts of magical abilities and such... trust me, it's the shortest way of describing a much more complex idea :) but we, as humans, are unaware of all that :) not only the idea for this workd is very interesting, but the characters we met so far... man oh man... :) it's really hard to pick a favourite... ;) mainly because all of them are so vivid and diverse and entertaining... :) and again, I cannot tell you too much about them, so I will just throw a few names your way and you just keep your eyes out for them when you'll read the book: Evan, Red, Kendra, Haas and ok, I lied, my personal favourite, Jules... why her? for many reasons, but mainly because of the things I learned from the author that do not appear yet in this installment... :) but trust me... it's soooo good :) the main thought going on in my head after finishing this story is: I need more :) more of everything... the world, the characters, all sorts of informations that were only teased here... just more in general :) so I am very pleased to say that there will be at least five books in general :) with maybe some additional companion novellas and stories :) *squeels with excitement* I already can't wait to read them all :) I honestly hope that I convinved you guys to give this book a try, because it was truly spectacular :) so if you are looking for an entertaining read that will keep you wondering what's gonna happen next... I definitely read it much faster than I expected... ;) with a fantastic writing style that is just the right mix of hilarious and vulnerable, then look no further and give this lovely author a try ;) you won't regret it :)



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