Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Review: "Devil in spring" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 3 in series The Ravenels
Main characters: Gabriel Challon and Pandora Ravenel

Even before I started reading this book, my expectations were high... :) not only it was the story that came after my favourite installment in this series, but also because of the main hero :) more about that in a second :) so I was more apprehensive than usual... but fortunately, it was another great read from Lisa Kleypas :) it's book #3 in her new historical romance series, The Ravenels, and even though I usually recommend you guys to read the books in order, when it comes to this one... well, you can read it as a standalone if you want to... I guess ;) of course it would be better to read the previous stories to understand better all the interactions between characters, but with this particular book, it's not necessary :) now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me jump into more details about it :)

Pandora is definitely... peculiar :) she's different and there's no other way to put it :) but I love how honest she is about it... she doesn't pretend to be different to fit in and instead concentrates on things that are important to her, like creating her very own board game and starting a business :) reading about her was definitely a unique experience... ;) but as much as I would like to say more about her, it's Gabriel who stole my attention... *sighs dreamily* and I have a very good reason for that... ;) if you think that the title of this book is so similar to another story Lisa published a while back for a reason... then you're right :) "Devil in winter" which was a part of her Wallflowers series, and coincidentally my fave book of hers so far ;) is very much connected to this one :) because Gabriel is the son of  that main couple :) *squeels with joy* <- that was my reaction when I learned that little fact a while back :) I absolutely adored Evie and Sebastian :) and Gabriel... oh, how he reminds me of his father... charming, smoothtalking, swoonworthy... *sighs dreamily* :) I'm sorry if I seem unfocused or something, but he has that effect on me :)

Theirs is definitely a unique love story :) they sort of get into a compromising position... but not exactly :) it seems like that, but the actual truth is much more complicated :) what's even more curious that after that encounter the obvious solution, as in getting married, is the furthest one... on Pandora's mind ;) she's definitely opposed the idea :) as is Gabriel, at least initially... ;) because once they spent some time together, he realizes how different and wonderful she is... and he decides to win her over ;) and that's when the main fun begun ;) I absolutely loved their interactions :) I adored that Pandora was so unpredictable :) there were certain unexpectedly sweet scenes that totally melted my heart... *sighs dreamily* :) but don't worry, I'm not gonna say anything more, so you can experience all that without spoilers :)

When it comes to secondary characters I have to say that even though we did get appearances from the people we met in this series before, the majority of them were new... or new-ish ;) because we did get to see Evie and Sebastian again *squeels with excitement* those few little scenes only made me want to re-read their book once again :) but not only that, we also got to see their family :) and I have a feeling, and by feeling I mean that I read it in one of Lisa's interviews ;) that certain Gabriel's sister will be the heroine of a certain future book ;) I'm not gonna say who, but I'm pretty sure that once you read it, you can guess it ;) as always these secondary characters added even more layers to a wonderfully rich story :)

If I would have to rate just Gabriel and Pandora together, I think I would give their story 4,5 stars :) but all the fantastic secondary characters that appeared in this book made me bump in to full 5 stars :) there are many reasons why I love Lisa Kleypas and her writing style, the way she creates such engaging stories... such wonderful characters... so why fight it and try to look for flaws... :) her style just *clicks* for me and I'm very happy that I discovered her books :) they always give me so much joy :) they make me laugh, sigh and totally swoon over the actions of the characters ;) this one was no exception... *sighs dreamily over Gabriel yet again and probably will a few more times* ;) I highly recommend you her books if you are looking for a story filled with entertaining characters, hilarious and witty banter and those vulnerable and swoonworthy moments that will melt your heart :)



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