Friday, May 5, 2017

Review: "Cold-hearted rake" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 1 in series The Ravenels
Main characters: Devon Ravenel and Kathleen Ravenel

I am a huge fan of Lisa Kleypas's writing style, especially when it comes to her historical romances... :) so when I heard of her new series I was very excited :) a little bit apprehensive as well, because the more I like an author, the higher my expectations are when it comes to their new books :) and even though there was a little bump at the beginning of this particular story, more about that in a second, I am very pleased to say that all three books available at this moment, because I already read them all, are fantastic :) I can also add that I highly recommend you to read them in order, cause there are definitely some big things happening that will be spoiled for you in future installments if you skip a story... niot to mention that you will miss out on some very interesting interactions... ;) now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you about our main couple :)

Kathleen and Devon... oh I have some very strong opinions about them... :) first of all, let me tell you what I meant by that little bump at the beginning of the story... I was talking about Devon being a total jerk... I mean... there is no other way to say it... at least without cursing ;) I did not liked him at all... after reading a few chapters I even had to go talk to my sister J, who read these books before me and recommended them to me... :) you know, complaining about Devon... but she reassured me that it gets better pretty quickly... and she was right... ;) but don't tell her that... if I say it too often, it will go to her head ;) anyway... yes, very soon after that, once Devon changed his attitude, I definitely enjoyed the story more... :) although if were being totally honest, I can understand why he acted the way he did at the beginning... after all, he was a totally care-free bachelor who suddenly inherited a title and a whole lot of responsibilities with it... along with a giant mansion in debt... once he wrapped his head around all that, he definitely got better :) but still, this particular couple is not my favourite... and it's really hard to put my finger on why exactly I feel like that... yes, they are both opinionated and stubborn, but usually I don't mind all that... I think what bothered me with them is the push-and-pull sort of a relationship... I'm not the biggest fan of those, so that probably influenced my perception of their story... :)

The best part of this book however is... or should I say are... secondary characters :) because when it comes to only our main couple, I would give this book 4 stars... but all those other people we met definitely bumped it to full 5 stars :) let me tell you a bit more about them :) and yes, each of them already have or will have their own book :) *squeels with joy* anyway... first a few words of explanation about Devon and Kathleen :) when I said that Devon inherited the title, what I should have add is that he inherited it from Kathleen's husband... who was his cousin... and that cousin had also three sisters :) and I am gonna start with them :) so we have Helen, my personal favourite :) and trust me, it's so hard not to say certain stuff to you, mainly because I already read her story (which is book #2) :) but what I can tease about her, is that she's the most calm and lovely person... she may seem shy, but trust me... there's definitely more to her than meets the eye... she's far stronger than everyone thinks... :) AND there are a few scenes in this book that are very much connected to her own story, and that's just one more reason for you to read them in order :) and then we have the twins: Cassandra and Pandora :) they are wild and unpredictible... :) Pandora more so, and that is very much visible in book #3 where she is the heroine :) from what I learned Cassandra's book will be #6 and the last one in this series :) one more person I have to mention is Weston, or Wes like everyone calls him :) he's Devon's younger brother and yet another example of an ubearable character who changes over the course of the story :) so by the end of it, I was totally in love :) and the fact that his book will be #5 definitely makes me that much more curious about it :)

I absolutely loved this book :) yes, I had some troubles with our main couple and how they got together, but please, don't mistake those things... which are connected solely to my personal preferences as a reader, with my overall opinion about Lisa'a absolutely stunning writing style... :) *sighs happily* every time she transports me with her words into a different world... introducing new characters and from time to time even giving us glimpses of the ones we may already know... ;) her stories are filled with witty banter, playful and hilarious interactions between wonderful characters, sinful seduction and sooo... much... more... :) so if you haven't checked out her work yet, what are you waiting for? definitely pick this little gem up... or one of her other historical romances, she has a lot of great ones to choose from ;)



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