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Release blitz + Giveaway + Review: "Nudes" by Sarah Robinson

Title: "Nudes"
Main characters: Ben Lawson and Aria Rose


Praised by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely, as "Passionate, emotional and uplifting!", contemporary romance author Sarah Robinson brings readers a new standalone novel set in the glamorous hills of Hollywood and tackling challenging themes like the intersection of sexuality and female empowerment.

Ben Lawson is making a comeback...
After a few tabloid headlines, they think they know me. They don't know a damn thing.  As CEO of a movie production company, I'll show them who I really am when we hit it big at the box office. My ex thought her smear tactics would ruin me, but I'm unbreakable. Rising from the debris, I swore I'd never let a woman distract me like that again. But then, my leading actress walked on the set and changed everything.

Seductive, sexy, and unapologetic, Aria Rose could break me. I wanted to help her, protect her. Instead, I destroyed her.

Aria Rose is baring it all....
I knew better. I knew not to trust another Hollywood heartthrob with a reputation like his. He was my boss and became my ruin. I should have stayed far away from him. Ben Lawson promised me the world. He even promised me his heart. 

But he destroyed everything--my heart, my career, us.

I got an ARC of this book from the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) there were some early reviews available onlive before I started this story... and the one thing they all had in common is that it's really hard to say anything about this book without some major spoilers... and after finishing it... I have to say that I agree with them completely :) it's harder than usual to write a review that won't say anything more than what's already in the synopsis, because it's definitely one of those stories where the less you know is definitely the better :) let it surprise you like it did me... ok, so what CAN I tell you? :)

Aria and Ben... they are the center of the story, but it's not the romance or their relationship that should play the main part in this book... it definitely wasn't my favourite part... :) don't get me wrong, I liked them both, even though I did not agree with every decision they made along the way, and there were moments when I felt like everything was happening pretty fast between them... but they both admitted how swept away they felt with everything that's been happening between them... but on the other hand, just because I didn't necessarily loved every little thing they did, it doesn't change the fact how amazingly Sarah wrote them... they felt real and... flawed in the most human way... they made mistakes and learnt from them... reacting in the best possible way for everything that's been happening to them... and yes, I am perfectly aware of how extremely vague I am sounding right now, and yes... it's totally on purpose... :) ugh... it's as frustrating for me as it has to be for you... :) so what more I can tell you about this book... hmm... not much, that's for sure :) oh, there's one more :) besides the main characters, this book had a few absolutely amazing secondary ones as well :) and even though it's a standalone I wouldn't mind reading a story at some point about some of them... ;) and no, I won't share any names... ;)

When I said that's it's not the romance that should play the main part of this story what I meant is that this whole book has a much bigger and more important message... I can't get into too many details, because it would involve some big spoilers about certain events in this story and different reactions to them, but... there was one scene... one scene towards the end of the book, that absolutely crushed me... it was... beautiful, emotional, raw and just... stunning... I'm just glad I was reading it curled up in my reading chair so I could sob in peace... honestly, it was that good... it was one of these moments that touched me deeply and that will stay with me for long after finishing this story... the whole message of strenght and empowerement and standing up for what's right... it was beautifully handled here :) congratulations to Sarah for writing such an amazing story... it really shows in her words how passionate she was about this story... how much it meant to her... it's also the main reason why I bumped my initial rating from 4 to 4,5 stars... well, the passion AND that amazing scene... seriously, I am tearing up just by thinking about it... trust me when I say, that Sarah is such a talented author... I don't love her books equally, but her writing style is always amazing :) and I think that this story in particular is the one you all should read... don't judge it by the cover... although it's absolutely gorgeous... and don't judge it by just a few chapters... follow the story, read all of it and then form your opinion... I did not expect to read it as fast as I did... because once I started, I just needed to know how it will end... :) so reserve an afternoon and let yourself get lost between the pages of this unique and surprising story... :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway About the author:

Sarah Robinson is a native of the Washington, DC area and has both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in clinical and forensic psychology. She is married to a wonderful man who is just as much of an animal rescue enthusiast as she is. Together, they own a zoo of rescues, as well as volunteering and fostering for multiple animal shelters.

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