Monday, May 29, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #66

The Bruno Mars experience
Super busy week
Finally... vacation time!!!

Hello my awesome people :) this is my last #RandomRamblings post before a short break ;) and there will be just a few more posts in general before my break, and I will explain all that very shortly, but first... :) I have to tell you all about my Bruno Mars concert :) and after that we're gonna go with the order of the headlines :)

So about that concert... it was THE BEST CONCERT EVER!!!!!!!!! and yes, all those exclamation marks were absolutely necessary :) I feel like I am still processing everything about that day, even though it's been a couple of days ago... but it was just sooooooo good :) if you are thinking about going, you definitely should :) just be sure to grab some good shoes and clothes, because you are definitely gonna dance / jump and sing / scream your hearts out :) me and J, my lovely sister, absolutely did :) I don't want to get into too many details, in case you don't want to be spoiled ;) but I will share a few thoughts :) we got really good seats, as you can see from my pic below... well, J took it, but you get the idea ;) but those two little pics below are the only ones we made that night, because let me tell you... once Bruno Mars got on stage, we got up and danced the rest of the night away... :) we were screaming and singing out loud, jumping around and having a blast :) I had some very high expectations, and they were all blown away :) he sang almost all of the songs from his new album plus some of his older hits, with some very cool new arrangements... *sighs dreamily* I loved them all :) but I have to say that my favourite one was "Locked out of heaven" during the encore... :) to this day... and it will probably last a few more as well ;) I can't sit still when I remember that song... and the whole concert in general :) I am already hoping he will come back at some point :) in case you missed it, I have also two little pics he posted on his Instagram page below :) that was such a lovely moment during the concert :) before it started, some people were going around giving away papers in two colors (to make our flag in the audience) with a very cute message... :) check it out below :) *sighs happily* it was an amazing and magic evening... :)

Since it's my last week before vacation time, I already know how crazy busy I'm gonna be at work... I have lots of stuff to finish before I'll go away to relax, soooo... I see a few additional hours that I'm gonna spend at the office to get all of that done... but that's all right, cause then I'm gonna forget about all that for two glorious weeks I'm gonna spend at the beach... *sighs dreamily* :) but more about all that in a second :) to keep a little bit of balance in my super busy week, I'm planning to relax a little bit and see two movies as well :) the first one is the newest installment in Pirates of the Caribbean series :) actually, by the time I'm gonna post this and you'll be reading it, I already saw it, cause I'm going after work on monday :) and since I'm pre-writing this post earlier, cause I'm gonna be very late that day and will have the time to just post it everywhere, you're gonna have to take my super short review like this: it was... meh... that's really all I can say about it... for me, it was that sort of a movie, that doesn't really know what it wants to be... but in case you somehow missed it, and are still considering seeing it, I have a trailer for you guys below :)

The second movie I'm planning to see on friday, as in on the day it premieres here ;) is "Wonder woman" :) after I saw the very first trailer for it, it became unexpectedly one of my most highly anticipated movies of the year :) fingers crossed it's gonna be as good as I hope :) AND it's the perfect beginning of my vacation time, because I'm seeing it after work on my very last day before vacation :) I have the newest trailer for you guys below... :)

Last but not least I have a little explanation for you guys :) I've been mentioning that lately, but I want to say it again now, especially since I'm gonna pin this post on my fb page so it will be easy to find :) I'm going away for two weeks on vacation... and I plan to take a break from everything, including my blog stuff :) I really need this break to truly charge my batteries, unwind and relax :) so you will be getting only three more posts after this #RandomRamblings :) it's gonna be my monthly *books I can't wait to get my hands on* june edition on wednesday, and then two new reviews next monday (june 5th) :) you will get those reviews only because I signed up for those blog tours weeks ago, and I already read the books and prepared my reviews :) after that we will talk again on june 19th, with my new #RandomRamblings post, the very first one after my time off :) I have to say that with all the stress at work, plus all the pressure with my book blog and just general anxiety, I am very much looking forward to just slowing down and relaxing :) especially since I'm fighting with my very first reading slump (which I wrote about last week in my #RandomRamblings) so I'm expecting to come back home totally relaxed and then I can get back into the groove of everything :)

That is a wrap my lovely people :) I hope you will find some time to unwind as well and I will talk to you in a few weeks :) I will still keep checking my Facebook page so you can reach me there if you wish :) and I'm definitely gonna try to get out of my reading slump with some good books, so expect me to appear on my Goodreads account as well :) biggest hugs to you all :)



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