Monday, May 22, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #65

Reading slump
Reaching-100-books haul
It's finally time!!!

Hello my awesome people :) this week I have a #RandomRamblings post for you full of... well, contradictions :) because on the one hand I have some amazing stuff to share... but on the other hand, I am currently suffering from my very first reading slump ever, soooo... ugh... how about I start from the worst thing and then we can concentrate on all the good stuff later :)

So about that reading slump... I am currently in a little bit of shock, if we're being honest... cause I've never been in that state before... like, ever... yes, I've had an occasional #BookHangover, for a few days, after I finished a truly amazing book... because I needed to take a break, to truly appreciate the story I finished... cause if I would try to read something else immediately after, nothing would be good enough :) but it always lasted a day or two, and then I was able to go back to reading :) but now? I just... don't want to read anything... *cue the gasps* ;) I know, it sounds awful... but I think I just reached a bit of a breaking point for me... little things have been building up for the past few months in my life and now I just need a break... I haven't been reading much... or at all really for the last week or so, and... it's already working :) I'm just taking my time, doing whatever I feel like in the evenings when I come home from work... since I'm pretty much caught up on my blog related stuff, I finally have the time to just... relax :) and it feels awesome :) accepting the fact that I'm in a reading slump and deciding to just go with the flow of stuff really took off the pressure and I'm better than ok with that :) so while I'm on this break, you will definitely be getting a bit less posts from me... but it's just one of the reasons for that... the other one is...

THIS IS THE WEEK WHEN I'M GONNA SEE BRUNO MARS LIVE!!!!! :) and yes, that sentence needed to be in all caps, because I am THAT excited about it :) me and my awesome sister J bought the tickets to his concert back in november, and it's been a long wait... ;) but this saturday it's finally the day :) *squeels with joy* :) I cannot wait :) but because we are going to another city to see him, we are actually going there a few days earlier to do a little sight-seeing :) that is also the reason why you will get two reviews tomorrow and one review today, but then nothing until next #RandomRamblings post o monday :) #SorryNotSorry for taking a mini break before my longer vacation time... but that's a story for next week ;)

Last but not least let's get to the best part of this post... my biggest book haul yet :) for now... ;) who knows what future months will bring... ;) anyway... :) I have seventeen books to show you guys... yes, you read that correctly, seventeen :) and I love them all :) with the addition of these lovely gems I know have an even number of 100 books :) *sighs happily* and I'm super excited to share all of them with you :) I will start with the ones I already read, and then get into all the new ones I can't wait to get my hands on ;)

So first, I have books #8 and #11 in Psy-changeling series by Nalini Singh :) she is one of my fave authors and this particular paranormal series is very high on my all time favourite list, so I am slowly making my way to buying all of them... :) I am still a few books short but soon... ;)

Next one I already had the pleasure of reading before is "Scandal in spring" by Lisa Kleypas, book #4 in her Wallflowers series :) and trust me, this absolutely lovely historical romance is not my only book by this fantastic author in this haul... ;)

Now we get to the *transition* part of this book haul :) because I got books #1 #2 (which I read previously) and #7 in The emperor's edge series by Lindsay Buroker :) that last book concludes one bigger story arch and I absolutely cannot wait to see how this fantasy / steampunk gem ends :) I am currently making my way through book #3... very slowly due to the reading slump I mentioned before, but it's soooo good :)

Remember when I mentioned a second ago, that I have more Lisa Kleypas's books to show you guys? :) so the first series I bought is The gamblers of Craven's :) it's another one of her historical romances one, and I've been meaning to try more of them, because I am in love with her writing style :)

And another series in that same type I got is her Bow street runners one :) both of them sounded the most interesting out of the ones I haven't read yet, and since they weren't very expensive, I decided to get all of them ;) plus, look at those gorgeous covers... :)

Next beautiful gem I have to share with you is "Pipe dreams" by Sarina Bowen, the newest installment in her Brooklyn Bruisers series :) and this one is a sports themed romance about a hockey player... if you don't know it about me yet, they are my absolute favourite athletes to read about, so you can imagine my excitement :) especially since I loved the previous stories in this series ;)

"The gravity of us" is the last one in Elements series of standalone stories written by Brittainy C. Cherry :) and even though I read only the first one, her absolutely stunning writing style stole my heart, so naturally I had to buy all the rest ;)

The one before last I have to share today is "Twist" by Kylie Scott, sequel in her Dive bar series :) she has such a hilarious writing style and her books are always super entertaining, so I am very curious to see what's gonna happen in this particular one :)

Last but definitely not least is actually not a single book, but a whole series :) Temptation by Ella Frank :) I have on good authority, and by that I mean of course my one and only amazing sister J ;) that they are absolutely phenomenal :) so naturally I listened to her and got all three at once :) originally it was the trilogy I currently have, but recently a new installment was released and there are apparently even more on the way :)

Ok guys, are you ready for a #shelfie? :) here's what 100 little gems of happiness look like :)

We are now at the stage where you can't really see what books I have looking at just the big picture, so I have a litte close-ups of each shelf for you :) first, my paranormal / fantasy one :)

My contemporary one :)

And my historical one :)

Ok people, that is a wrap :) I hope you enjoyed all the stuff I shared with you today :) as always, I love connecting with you, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account :) I check them every day :) talk to you soon ;)



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