Monday, May 15, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #64

Best trailer music ever
Too much pressure
All the consequences and decisions

Hello my lovely people :) there are actually quite a few more serious topics I want to share with you guys... there's been a lot going on in my head recently and I finally came to certain decisions I want to tell you about :) so we're gonna start with all that and then we'll end on a more funny note with some awesome trailer music :) and since the second and third part of the headlines are very much connected to ona another, I'm just gonna merge them into one longer paragraph :) ok, are you guys ready? then let's just jump right in...

I feel like I've already shared wih you guys the topic of how much pressure I tend to put on myself... I thought that I was able to manage all of that when it comes to all the blog related stuff, but I was wrong... and it took me the longest time to figure out... why? because I was soooooo busy... so first, a little bit of explanation... my day job, because believe it or not, I make zero money off my blog :) but back to my day job... it got a lot more... well, I wanted to say busy but it's not like I've been sitting and painting my nails so far... but I definitely keep getting more responsibilities and with that comes... how to describe it... it tends to get exhausting... not only physically, but also mentally... and to add to that, I tend to put pressure on myself when it comes to my blog-ish stuff, which pretty much leaves me no time to actually unwind... and when I'm unable to accomplish certain goals I set... again, no one forced me to do any of that, it was my own internal pressure... I get stressed... and then days and weeks pass by and I am still unable to take care of certain things I wanted to get to... so that adds even more stress and... well, you can see the vicious circle... *sighs* so after struggling and fighting with my own thoughts for the last few weeks I've come to some decisions... I will share them with you here, and hope that you will accept the very short explanation for all of that... because I am not gonna be sorry and I am not gonna apologize for doing what I feel is best for me and for my mental health in the long run... I don't want to snap or crumble under pressure because that would be so much worse... especially since it came to a situation, where I'm feeling guilty for wanting to watch a TV show, because I feel like I should be writing a review instead... and it really starts to give me anxiety that I don't need in my life... so the first thing I need to tell you guys about, is that I am deleting my Twitter and Instagram accounts... I'm not really working on them as much as I should have... I don't really have the time for that and it kept bothering me... I had a different idea on how all of that would go, but again... the reality turned out to be something else and I need those two out of my head and out of all the lists of stuff I need to get through or think about doing... so over the weekend I deleted the accounts and all mentions of them on my blog and such... just a few more things to worry about, and I already feel a bit better... :) another thing that will go away are the teasers... it's actually my sister J who makes them, but for the reasons I shared, and a few others that I'm not gonna explain here, I've made the decision to stop posting them... last but not least, I need a break... I'm really starting to feel overwhelmed with everything, and it's getting harder and harder to find the motivation to actually sit down and write... that's the main reason why some of my last reviews are a bit shorter... I don't have any troubles at all with reading, although I can definitely appreciate that I don't have to rush through books, cause I've learned my lesson before about signing up for too many ARCs at the same time... but I feel like I need a break from blog-ish stuff to get a better perspective on things... soooo... I'm gonna be off everything for two weeks in june... I'm going off on a trip, and decided to just relax and take a break :) I'm still gonna post stuff till the end of may, because I have a few blog tours and such, but the very last posts will happen at the very beginning of june...and then you will see me around june 19th... I really feel like I need that... no blog, no fb page... I will still go on Goodreads to mark my reading progress and such, because I'm certainly not taking a break from reading, but all the rest... *sighs* I need it... I need to take a step back nad just... live a little without all that pressure I put on myself... I need to get a better perspective on everything and I feel like that vacation time is the perfect way to do that :) don't worry, I'll come back :) and right before going away I will post and pin this information where you can easily find it :) I really hope that it will help with my situation... because there are things... and plans... that keep waiting and waiting for me to finally do them... some resolutions that were put on pause in january, and we are in the middle of may and they are still waiting for me to un-pause them... and I feel like I need to make smarter choices and decisions that will benefit my health... I need to take a better care of myself... :)

Ok, since it got super serious for a moment, I feel like we need a lighter ending ending to this post :) I wanted to share wth you guys two songs that I've been listening to on repeat for the last few days... and they both come from trailers :) I dare you to listen to them and not get hooked ;) you're welcome :)

When I was putting in the links for those songs, I realized that I have to show you that final trailer for "Wonder woman" because... well... chills :) I cannot wait to see it :)

Ok, that is a wrap people :) I hope you enjoyed reading my #RandomRamblings today, even though it was a much more serious post than usual.. but hey, that's life ;) as always, I love connecting with you guys, so be sure to leave me a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account :) I would love to discuss books and all other stuff with you :)



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