Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Review: "Veronica" by Kat Brewer

Author: Kat Brewer
Title: "Veronica"
Book 6 in series The chronicles of Erla
Main character: Veronica

I got a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) and I am very pleased to tell you guys, that we are at book #6 in this series and it only keeps getting better and better :) once again I inhaled this story super fast cause I was so curious about what's gonna happen next... and before I knew what was happening, the story ended... *sighs* the good ones always end too soon, am I right? ;) once again, I have to say that it's very hard to write a review for one of the middle books in an on-going series... so I hope you'll forgive me the lack of spoilery details... and maybe for a little bit shorter review than usual :) so how about I will tell you as much as I can about this series and the world in general, and then share with you my thoughts and feelings about this particular installment :)

The best way I can describe these books, is that they are my fantasy guilty pleasure ;) each story concentrates on a different main heroine, but the further you get into the sereis, the more they are connected to one another when it comes to events and all sorts of characters, so I highly recommend you to read them in order :) why I say it's a fantasy read? oh I'll tell ya... ;) because each book focuses on a woman who gets transported from our world through a transdimensional rift into the world of Jiva... oh don't roll our eyes at me... ;) I know how that may sound for some of you, but stay with me ;) so about Jiva... it's a world with different... let's call them countries, since that is the best way to describe them ;) some of them are kingdoms, where men are warriors and more dominant sex, and some of them are queendoms, where the women are fighters and rule everything :) there is one more thing I need to warn you about... in those queendoms, men are... slaves... there's no point in tiptoeing around it... but please, reserve your judgment for when you actually read more about this situation... it's impossible for me to explain it in just a few sentences in a review, but trust me... all women who travel there are apprehensive and even appalled by that idea... but what you need to understand, is that those men are... different... on a genetical level... so please, just give it a try, and only decide if it really bothers you once you read an actual part of the book... :) pinkie promise it's not as bad as you think ;) like I mentioned before, you should really read them in order, because they are quite connected to each other, and all the interactions and relationships between certain characters will make much more sense this way... ;) ok, now that we have all of this out of the way, let me tell you why I loved this installment so much :)

Veronica is another heroine that I did not expect to love so much :) she was a doctor in our world, so she definitely brings something important and very new to Jiva when she gets there... she was also very different to the heroines I already met in this series when it comes to personalities... she was a free spirit, not wanting to be tied down to anything and anyone... and to be honest, I thought it would get annoying for me pretty fast... but I was wrong :) I actually really liked her, even though she is very different than me :) but I understood her motives and why she made the decisions she made... :) we got some very interesting news about some characters we already know and love, and let me tell you... some of those people really surprised me... I'm not gonna say if it was a good or a bad thing, cause that might spoil you the identity of said people, but be prepared for a shock... :) the writing style was entertaining as always, and kept me up way longer than I should have been to finish this story... :) I really love the directions Kat takes with developing this world and characters... I cannot wait to see what's gonna happen next :) hopefully I convinced you guys to give this wonderful series a try :)



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