Thursday, April 20, 2017

Review: "The truth about love vol. II" by Anna Bloom

Author: Anna Bloom
Book 2 in series The truth about love
Main characters: Jared Smith and Cherry Donaldson


Cherry Donaldson goes through dates like some women go through coffee. So when she find herself in need of a temporary roommate, saying yes to the gorgeous guy—even if he’s not her usual type—is a bad idea. A very bad idea.

The last thing she expects is to fall into a friendship with Jared. But he makes it so easy. And before she knows it, the lines blur and his annoying habits become just a little bit charming.

Will Cherry break her own rules to take a chance on the guy she now calls a friend, or is The Truth About Love too much to bear?

I got the ARC of this story from the author in exchange for an honest review :) since this is a novella, my review will be on the shorter side as well... :) I can't, after all, tell you guys too much, because that may as well end with me telling you all about way too spoilerific stuff :) so I'm gonna do my best to say a bit about the plot and the main characters, and then a little bit more about my thoughts and feelings, and hopefully I will convince you to give it a try :) cause I really enjoyed this story :)

So what you need to know is that this is the second installment in an on-going series... although that first story concentrated on another couple... :) and they will be once again the main focus of the next novella :) but maybe let's go back to the pair from this book... :) we actually met Cherry before :) she and Eve, the heroine of that first story, are roommates :) or to be more precise, they were roommates, until certain things happened, that I'm not gonna spoil you, but beware, because they are discussed in this novella, so if you haven't read that first book and don't want any spoilers, maybe go back and start at the beginning :) anyway... said things happened and now Cherry needs a new temporary roommate... :) and that's when we meet Jared :) and... that's pretty much everything I can tell you about the overall plot of the story... don't hate on me, but I feel that if I so much as hint about certain things, it will totally ruin certain surprises... and the story is really short so I want you guys to have as many of them as possible :) so how about I will skip to the part when I tell you all about my feelings about this story :)

I gave this novella 4,5 stars and I thoroughly enjoyed myself when I read it :) that missing 0,5 star is only because I connected a bit more with the couple from the first story... but don't get me wrong, Cherry and Jared are... hilariously imperfect together :) that is the best way I can possibly describe them to you :) I cannot wait to read more about them, because even though this story ends with what I like to call a happy-for-now situation, I NEED more :) I'm greedy like that when it comes to characters and stories that catch my attention :) and Anna's writing style is absolutely amazing ;) it was my second novella written by her and again, I flew way too fast through it... I really need to read a full lenght novel by her to check if her writing style is as entertaining with longer stories :) fingers crossed :) but back to the topic... :) I can wholeheartedly recommend you guys this short and super fun novella :) although I would advise you to read the first one in this series as well to get all the connections, but it's not absolutely necessary... unless you don't want to be spoiled at all, then definitely start at the beginning ;) either way, if you have time for just a quick read, then absolutely give this book, and this whole series a try :)

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