Friday, April 28, 2017

Review: "True north" by L. E. Sterling

Title: "True north"
Book 2 in series True born
Main character: Lucinda "Lucy" Fox

I got an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) this is the sequel in a series that you really need to read in order, cause otherwise you will be spoiled about some major events, and also cause you will be absolutely lost without the previous knowledge... which actually made the beginning of this story a bit harder for me than I expected, cause truth be told... I remembered next to nothing from that very first book :) in my defense I read it almost a year ago, and in the meantime I inhaled probably around 150+ books... so when I picked this one up and realized I don't remember anything... yeah, I was worried... fortunately once I actually started reading it, the most important things came back... ;) plus it definitely helped that there were actually explanations along the way which helped to catch up on certain events :) anyway... my point is that my review will be a bit shorter than usually, because I don't want to spoil you anything, which means there is a lot of stuff I can't talk about :) but I will do my best to tell you a bit more about the world and the plot in general, and then share my thoughts and feelings about this installment :)

So what you need to know, is that this is a dystopian type of world... after the Plague, which decimated a whole lot of people, the rest of them can be divided in three categories: Lasters, who are basically just waiting to die because they can't do anything to prevent getting sick, Splicers, who use all sorts of genetic treatments to prolong their lives as much as they can and True Borns, who are Plague-resistant for some very interesting reasons... :) trust me, don't be discouraged by the fact that the main character in this story is a girl about 18, because it is not some light read... the world this author created is dark and creepy and sometimes definitely scary... not in a there-is-a-monster-under-my-bed kind of a way, but more in a you-never-know-who-is-your-true-enemy way, which sometimes is so much worse... and since that's pretty much everything I can tell without spoilers, let me say a bit more to you guys who haven't read the first book: I can definitely recommend you to give it a try, because the writing style is phenomenal and the whole idea for the world and characters is sooo interesting :) and sequel is worth it as well :) ok, now is the moment where all you people who haven't read that first installment have to go, unless you are ok with some spoilers about certain events :) because I am now entering the part when I tell you all about my thoughts and feelings about the second installment and it is truly impossible to do without referencing stuff from the first book :)

Ok, last warning, spoilers from the first book ahead :) worry not, I won't share anything spoilery about this new installment :) ok, so we pick up about four months after the events of the first book :) Margot, Lucy's twin sister, is still missing... Lucy has no idea where she is, although she has her suspicions... unfortunately she can't confirm anything... in the meantime she stays with True Borns and helping them in exchange for keeping her safe... the first half of the story was a bit slow for me... I was frustrated alongside Lucy because of the lack of informations, but all that changed around the middle, when she decides to take matters into her own hands ;) I can't tell you what exactly she does, but once the decision is made, the pace definitely picks up :) I gave this book 4 stars, because it was a really good sequel :) I loved how we learned more about characters we knew from that first installment, but I think my favourite one was a completely new person... I don't even want to tell you if I'm talking about a man or a woman... trust me, you'll know who I'm talking about when you meet them ;) not only that, but I'm glad we got to see a bit more of the world, and learn things about Lucy and her sister... because from the moment we met them at the beginning, we knew there's more to them... and finally we are starting to get some answers... not many, but it's a good start :) the writing style is as entertaining as it was before, it pulls you in from the start and keeps you interested in what's gonna happen next... all I can say is thankfully we started to get some answers in this installment, because I was getting impatient ;) now I am even more curious than before to see how it will all end :) fingers crossed that the conclusion to this trilogy will be good :) but so far, I can definitely recommend you these great stories :)



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