Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Review: "Sparking the fire" by Kate Meader

Author: Kate Meader
Book 3 in series Hot in Chicago
Main characters: Wyatt Fox and Molly Cade

I got an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) even though it's part of a series, you can actually read it as a standalone... in fact this was my absolute first book written by this lovely author, but it will definitely not be the last... not only because naturally I had to start this particular series with the last book in it ;) but also because I really enjoyed the writing style in general, and I am curious about her other stories :) although I do feel the need to warn you that you might encounter some spoilers about previous books and how certain couples got together, if you're not familiar with those stories... but that lack of knowledge doesn't ruin the joy of reading this particular installment :) so now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about this book :)

I will start with our main couple :) Molly and Wyatt... they actually met before... the very beginning of the book is a glimpse into one hot week they spent together... *fans myself* and what a week it was... ;) and then we skip ahead five years to the present... :) where Wyatt is a firefighter and a consultant on a movie Molly is shooting in Chicago... she's the producer and the star of it, working her way back to the top after a messy divorce and quite a scandal... yeah... her last year was pretty rough... but she is doing her best to overcome all that... I absolutely loved her and the fact that she did not lost her sassy side :) she was so much fun to read about... even though there were moments, or to be more precise certain decisions she made, that I did not like I could sort of undertand where she was going with all that :) Wyatt on the other hand... damn... ;) he definitely stole my heart... yeah, he has some alpha moments, but I actually did not mind them at all... ;) there was just something about him... he was this calm and confident wall of force in his family, but once he unleashes all that when someone threatens people who are close to him... watch out world... ;)

Theirs is a relationship that is not easy to describe... ;) on the one hand, the chemistry is off the charts... like seriously sizzling hot... #NoJoke :) and the sarcastic banter... man oh man, you know how much I love that... :) but on the other hand, they both know that actually getting together is not really the best idea at the time... they both have a lot going on... and I can't tell you about some of that stuff... :) but that doesn't change the fact that they are absolutely drawn to each other... and watching all the sparks between them is soooo entertaining... :) I'm not gonna tell you everything about how they actually get together, because I want you to experience all that without any spoilers whatsoever, but I loved it... which really says a lot, cause I'm not usually a fan of those push-and-pull-at-the-same-time-situations :)

Now when it comes to secondary characters... they were definitely a big plus of the story :) like I mentioned before, this one is the last book in a series, so naturally we have appearances of all the previous couples... especially since they are all siblings in this huge and amazing family :) and even though I now know some of the events that happened in their own books, that definitely does not discourage me from reading them... in fact, the more scenes I read in this novel about the whole big Fox clan, the more I fell in love with all of them.. and now I want to read ALL of those books... :) *sighs* and my tbr #BookMountain just gets bigger and bigger... #NoRegrets ;) I'm not gonna name all of the people I loved, but I have to mention Gage :) he was the most hilarious one of them all and I may just skip the order and read his story first... ;) it's a real struggle people ;)

I really loved this story... :) the writing style was fantastic... and I am always apprehensive when trying out a completely new to me author, because you never know what you'll find, so when I discover a great storyteller it's always such a wonderful surprise :) now I got her and her books on my radar ;) I gave this book 4,5 stars because even though I loved the majority of it, there was just one thing that bothered me... I think that it took a bit too long to resolve certain drama towards the end of the book... I'm not gonna go into specifics, but I wanted to see that remedied sooner... but again, it's mostly connected to my personal preferences as a reader, so I'm sure it won't be a problem for a lot of you guys... :) just wanted to put it out there :) and please, don't get me wrong, I loved how this story ended and I highly recommend you this novel :) especially if you like witty and sarcastic banter, scorchingly hot chemistry and all sorts of relationships... because the connections and interactions not only between our main couple, but between the members of the family and their friends are simply wonderful... I wouldn't mind dropping by for a barbeque with them... ;) I hope you guys will give it a try ;)



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