Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review: "Muddy waters" by Sara O. Thompson

Book 1 in series Otherwhere
Main character: Tessa Reddick

I got an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review :) I really enjoyed this book :) it's a really good debut novel, that I would probably gave 4,5 stars, but Tessa was such a great main character that I decided to bump it to full 5 stars :) since this is the first book in what I hope will be a great series, I will do my best to describe to you guys the overall premise of the story, as well as share some characters from it, without actually spoiling you stuff :) and it will not be easy ;) because every time I read one of those paranormal / fantasy or something like that stories, it's always hard to describe certain things without actually giving everything away ;) but I will do my best :) so how about we start from Tessa :)

Like I mentioned, Tessa was definitely one of the brightest parts of this story :) I absolutely loved her ;) so what can I say to you guys about her... hmm... Tessa is a witch, what's more important, she's an adult... :) which is awesome for me, cause I am way to old to read books about teenagers... ;) it's not like there's an age when you're not supposed to do that anymore, it's just that much harder for me to identify with very young characters... it's not impossible, but definitely harder... ok, where was I? ;) oh, right... back to Tessa :) she lost her whole family five years ago in a giant fire... a fire that she was accused of setting, and later convicted for... not to mentioned that she was send to a psychiatric facility... we meet her in the present, when she is released from that place under the care of a special unit that takes care of all paranormal events... and let me try to explain what I mean by that :) and it will not be easy, because the world and all sorts of characters in this book are very detailed... so long story short, some time ago, there was a rift, that made the border between our world and otherwhere very thin and... well, certain creatures started passing through those borders... it didn't take long for humans to discover that you can't really stop that from happening... so instead they adjusted their laws, immigration ones and others, and incorporated that in their everyday lives... ;) so this is like an urban fantasy series with some serious paranormal vibes :) it's the best way I can describe it :) I will say a little bit more about all those creatures in a moment, but for now let us go back to Tessa :) I think what I love the most about her, is how resilient she is :) and of course the fact that she's so sarcastic definitely doesn't hurt ;) I love that kind of humor ;) her sassy side is always hilarious to witness... ;) I can't really say much more about her, because her certain character traits are connected to spoilery things that are happening during the book, so how about I'll tell you a bit more about some secondary characters...

And how many there are in this book... ;) there are tons I won't mention by name here, because otherwise we would be here all day... not to mention that in some cases I would spoil you about the importance of certain people before it becomes obvious in the story, and we don't want that, now do we? ;) but I will mention a few... :) and by few I mean two :) first is Qyll, Tessa's partner in that special force unit... they have a name and everything, but to be honest, I forgot what it was and didn't wrote it down... *bad book blogger* ;) he's a dark elf and I am dying to know more about him... he seems very mysterious and thanks to a few teasers here and there, I am now more curious than ever to get to know him... because I'm sure there is a great story there somewhere :) the other creature I want to tell you about is Dorcha, Tessa'a cat... and I do use that term very lightly, because Dorcha is... well, you'll see when you read the book, but it's cool :) the amount of secondary characters was sometimes a little bit overwhelming... not becuase they were boring, far from it :) but because there were so many, there were moments when I had troubles keeping up who's who ;) but throughout the book, once you get a bit more infromations, things become much clearer... :)

The whole book was written from Tessa's perspective, which definitely helped me to bond with her as the main character... but let me tell you... oh, what I would give to be able to get at least a little sneak peek into certain someone's head *coughs* Qyll *coughs* :) I definitely loved the writing style in general :) even though the vast and detailed world filled with so many interesting characters was sometimes hard to follow I adored the interactions between them... those scenes were definitely the best part of the story... the dialogues in particular :) another reason why I love Tessa: her witty side :) I am definitely impressed especially if you remember that this is a debut novel :) I can highly recommend you guys this original story :) I will definitely be looking forward to all future works by this lovely author :)



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