Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Review: "Melody's key" by Dallas Coryell

Main characters: Mason Keane and Tegan Lockwood

I got a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review ;) it took me the longest time to finally get to this story... it was sitting on my kindle for months... *hangs my head in shame* what can I say, life got in the way, and there are only so many books I can read in the time I have available... you know, besides working, blogging and generally living my life ;) but back to the topic of this review... :) I gave this standalone story 4 stars... it was a pretty good book, especially for a debut novel, but there were also things that bothered me... some of them connected to my personal preferences as a reader, so keep on reading to find out if they would bother you as well ;)

Ok, so let me start by telling you a bit more about our main characters... Tegan... well, I definitely had some problems with her... her family are the owners of a hotel where she helps them... she was... definitely a bit too dramatic for my taste from time to time... don't get me wrong, there were times when I totally understood her reactions, but more often than not, I thought it was too much... but again, it's connected to my own personal preferences as a reader and may not bother you as much as it did me... :) she also could be very judgemental... but again, don't get me wrong, she had many great qualities as well :) I did liked her, throughout most of the story... even though she helps her family, Tegan's true passion is music... and art in general :) she writes such beautiful songs... *sighs dreamily* if you want to listen to all the songs that appear in this novel, you can do it on author's YouTube account :) that was such a fun bonus, to actually be able to hear them... although the lyrics are simply wonderful all on their own :) Mason is a big music star who is pretty much shipped off to this hotel, so that he can "get better"... and I'm using that as a metaphor, because I don't really want to get into too many details why he needed that time off... I think it's best if you discover all of that for yourselves while you read this story... :) I was actually surprised by how much I liked him... the more I got to know him, the more he found his way under my skin... and although I had my troubles with Tegan, Mason was definitely a bright spot of this story :)

Theirs is definitely a slow burn romance... mainly because Tegan can be very judgemental and has an opinion about him even before he met him... but that's connected to issues of her own... that I won't get into in this review... but once she actually gets to know him a little bit more, her opinion changes... I really liked that they started as this sort of weird friends... :) their interactions were hilarious and very entertaining to read... and the way they shared music a bit later on... *sighs* it was soooo lovely :) I mean, it really shows that music is a passion of the author as well :) in the way he writes about it... even for me, a person who don't know much about the insides of creating songs, and just enjoy the end result, it was so interesting to read :)

When it comes to secondary characters... I think the story was filled with quite a bunch of very interesting ones :) I have to say that the whole Lockwood family was amazing :) especially Ryleigh, Tegan's sister :) don't get me wrong, her brothers and parents were such entertaining ones to read about as well, but somehow Ryleigh is the one that stood out the most to me :) as well as Simon, Tegan's best friend... although I have a complaint about him... Simon is gay, and there were teasers and glimpses into a situation that he is with someone, but we never got any details... and now I feel robbed... I want to know more about him :) and I was really mad that this one plot point was just... left unresolved...

All in all it was a good book, and I can honestly recommend it to you :) yes, I had my problems with the heroine, but like I said, it's connected to my personal preferences a reader... I just remembered there was one more thing that bothered me when it came to her... there was an event from her past, and I'm not gonna go into details about what exactly it was... but that event was basically mentioned in one place, and then prety much never again... I also didn't feel like it affected her... which begs the question, why mention it at all? it's sort of a topic that I don't think should be glossed over... but aside from that, the writing style was actually surprisingly good for a debut novel :) my favourite part were the letters :) what letters, you ask? good question ;) Tegan is in possession of letters written during WWI... and they are breathtaking... I won't say more, but *sighs dreamily* they were so beautifully written... and although this story wasn't without flaws, I can recommend you guys to give it a try :) grab a sneak peek, see if the writing style works for you and check it out :) I'm sure some of you will absolutely love it :)



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