Friday, April 14, 2017

Review: "The goal" by Elle Kennedy

Author: Elle Kennedy
Title: "The goal" 
Book 4 in series Off-campus
Main characters: John Tucker and Sabrina James

I honestly have to say that this conclusion of the Off-campus series was my least favourite book in it... don't get me wrong... it was still very good and I enjoyed it, but hey... one book in each series have to get this title... and this time it's this one :) all the books in it can technically be read as standalones, although I would highly recommend you guys to actually read them in order... this way you'll avoid any spoilers about certain events and characters :) and all those connections and interactions will mean that much more if you know the history ;) and it's especially important with this installment, because about half of it overlaps with the third book... and definitely spoils certain things that surprised the hell out of me in it... so now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you a little bit more about our main couple... :)

Tucker and Sabrina... *sighs* he was absolutely amazing... I knew very little about him from previous stories... he always was this sort of "mother hen" in the house, taking care of everyone, but sort of at the same time being definitely the most quiet one... not boring, trust me on that ;) but it wasn't until I got to read a story from his perspective, that I truly got to know him... and damn... he was great :) such a fantastic mix of kind and sexy and hilarious and loving all at the same time... ;) be still my heart... ;) he surprised me more than once, I'll tell you that much :) Sabrina on the other hand... yeah... I can definitely see why certain people had problems with her... I had them as well... maybe not on the I-hate-her-with-all-my-heart-Tucker-deserves-better kind of a level... ;) but still... :) I think what bothered me the most about her, is how closed off and distant she was... don't get me wrong, I absolutely understand why she acted this way... if you can't count on anyone in your life, you start to keep to yourself and it gets harder and harder to trust other people... that's why even if those traits in her weren't my favourite, I understood her...

Theirs is a relationship I definitely did not see coming... if someone around book #2 or something told me they will get together I would... probably laugh... ;) even after reading the synopsis of this story when it was released I still wasn't sure how that will play out... but it turned out pretty good :) theirs is definitely a slow burn relationship... and I didn't use the word romance on purpose... because the chemistry and attraction between them are crazy hot from the very start... which results in a surprising pregnancy... although I felt like I waited forever until said pregnancy was discovered... almost half of the book... but the actual relationship? yeah, that's much more complicated... Sabrina is crazy busy, with college and two jobs, so she's not in the least interested in having a boyfriend... but Tucker is determined to change her mind... he does it by giving her all that she asks for... space and time to do her own stuff :) and it works... with time, their relationship slowly grows into something more... :)

When it comes to secondary characters in this story... we of course have appearances of all the previous couples from the series :) that is yet another reason for you guys to read those books in order, so you can understand all the dynamics better :) there are also definitely some glimpses and teasers about the potential for a spin-off series... *wink wink* and I am all for it :) there are tons of people I would love to read about, and I hope that the lovely Elle will return to Briar university soon enough... when it comes to new characters... all I will say is that getting to know Sabrina's family definitely helped me understood her and her behaviour better... that's all I'm gonna say about it, cause I want you to be able to form your own opinions :)

All in all it was a good book :) I gave it 4 stars, so that's not a bad rating :) it was written in 2 POVs, which means we got chapters from both Sabrina and Tucker perspectives, and that's my favourite way :) it always helps me get to know our main characters better and connect to them that much more... :) not to mention that Elle Kennedy's writing style is always fantastic :) entertaining, hilarious and sexy... *fans herself* ;) and emotional and vulnerable when it should be... that woman can write it all :) and even though this particular story resonated with me the least out of all four, I still can wholeheartedly recommend it, as well as this whole series, for you guys :) my issues were solely connected to my personal preferences, and I'm sure that for some of you it will be your favourite installment :) so definitely give it a try :)



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