Monday, April 10, 2017

Review: "Eve" by Kat Brewer

Author: Kat Brewer
Title: "Eve"
Book 4 in series The chronicles of Erla
Main character: Eve

I got a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review ;) it’s always hard to write a review for one of the middle books in an on-going series… ;) and I have that very problem right now… because you want to encourage people to read it, if you enjoyed it yourself of course ;) without spoiling some surprising twists along the way… ;) usually those reviews are a bit shorter, because of all the details I can’t share… ;) and this is just that type of situations… because I loved this book, but there are sooooo many things I can’t tell you ;) BUT I will do my best to say a little bit more about the whole premise of the series and then some overall feelings and thoughts about this particular installment, and hopefully I will convince you to give this series a try ;) because it’s definitely one of those when you really should read books in order… technically each of them revolves around a different main character, but the farther you get into the series, the more archs appear that lasts for more than one book… not to mention all the surprises and twists you will be spoiled if you skip a story along the way ;) now that we have this explantion out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about this series…

The best way for me to describe it, is that it’s my fantasy guilty pleasure… ;) I enjoy those books immensly, even though I did not expect that ;) each installment, so far at least, revolves around a different woman who gets transported through a transdimensional rift into the world of Jiva… I know, I know… ;) trust me, I know exactly how that sounds… ;) and yes, I was hesitant at first as well, but the writing style is sooo entertaining that once I started to read it, I just… well, I fly through those books ;) anyway, back to the topic at hand ;) like I mentioned before, each book has a different heroine, but all the people we met before, and a whole bunch of secondary characters, appear in each book… ;) which is a great plus, to see what happened to them… because so far these few books covered a few years ;) anyway… this world is filled with different… let’s call them countries ;) we have kingdoms and queendoms… Destia for example, is a kingdom… with a ruling king, when men are the dominant sex… Erla on the other hand is an example of a queendom, ruled by a woman, with women being the more dominant sex… they are fighters and soldiers… both types of countries have their ups and downs… and I do feel the need to warn you about something when it comes to queendoms… well, there’s no way around it, so I’m just gonna go and say it… the women there have slaves… I know, I know, but it’s not as bad as it sounds… some years earlier there was a disease, that altered both men and women on a genetic level, changing them… now men are submissive and much more gentle… I know it’s a lot, but I am asking you to at least give it a try before you cross it off your list because of that one aspect… trust me, I was very apprehensive at first… as are all the heroines who travel there from our world… but I got over it pretty quickly as soon as I actually read a bit of the book… I know it’s not for everyone, but all I’m asking is for you guys to reserve judgement until you read a little bit of the story ;) so each book has a different main character, but the further we get into the series, to more those books are connected to one another with events in them… not to mention all the characters that appear all the time ;) ok, now that we have established some details about the books, let me share with you all my feelings about this installment… worry not, spoiler free ;)

For the longest time Cassie, the heroine from the first book was my absolute favourite ;) for many different reasons that I won’t get into now… ;) and I thought it would stay like that... but then I read this story… and damn… ;) I adore Eve ;) she is definitely my new fave ;) and she took me by surprise… we meet her at the beginning of the book, when she suffers from amnesia… she feels lost and alone… but once she regains her memories… oh that is when her personality comes out to play… ;) even when she grieves for everything she lost, we see glimpses into her personality… and once she comes to terms with all the changes…? man oh man… she is glorious ;) I loved her sassy side, her sense of humor… not to mention how bad-ass she is… ;) I thought I saw the best fighters in this series… oh how wrong I was… ;) she is definitely one of the most deadly people there… and that’s without a weapon… ;) like in all other books in this series, there are quite a few surprising twists in this installment… ones I certainly did not see coming ;) they were one of many reasons that kept me glued to the pages… I simply had to know how this story will end ;) the writing style keeps getting better with each book… don’t get me wrong, I liked it very much from the beginning, but it’s even better now… ;) the characters are more detailed, they are more developed… the story is more complex and interesting… so if you are looking for a little escape from reality… a guilty pleasure fantasy read… trust me, it truly IS the best description ;) then I really hope you will give this series a try ;)



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