Monday, April 24, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #61

Explanation filled book haul 
Another must-see movie 
A week full of entertainment

Hello my awesome people :) I am in a pretty good mood today :) I mean, what's not to like... spring is in a full swing... and yes, that was sarcasm, because for a day or two last week we hit below zero temperatures in the morning when I had to go to work... *shudders* ;) but in all seriousness, I have so many great things going on in the upcoming weeks :) I will tell you about some of them today ;) not to mention that I have yet another book haul for you guys, and you know how buying books makes me feel :) *squeels with excitement* :) so this time, how about we will go with the order of those headlines and start at the top :)

You know how I always ramble on about all the awesome books I buy :) but this time I have two of them that need additional explanation... ;) oh don't worry, we will get to them near the end of this book haul, because I want to start with this beautiful trio of books :) #1, #2 and #9 in Bridgertons series by Julia Quinn :) this series of hilarious historical romances is definitely one of my all time favourite and I am slowly getting closer to own them all ;) I used to have them in translation, but ever since I decided to switch to originals, I am on a journey to replace my favourites :)

Next book I want to talk about is "Forged in blood I" by Lindsay Buroker, book #6 in her The emperor's edge series :) I absolutely adored the first two books I read so far in this fantasy / steampunk-ish series full of amazing writing style, entertaining characters and just all around awesomeness in general :) and since I have on good authority that the rest of the series is even better, aka my #BookBestie K who read it already ;) I am buying them all :) well, not at the same time, but I'm almost done ;) in fact, once I'm done with the paperback I'm currently reading, I plan to go back to this series and pick up book #3 :) already on my shelf :) can't wait to see what's gonna happen next with my favourite band of misfits... :)

Another beautiful gem I have for you is "When constellations form" by Micalea Smeltzer :) it's book #4 in her Light in the dark series and it actually involves a couple who already got their own story :) I loved their book and honestly I cannot wait to read more about them :) although I still have the previous one to read, but since I am a huge fan of Micalea's writing style... *sighs dreamily* I don't see that as a problem :) 

The more I read Penny Reid's books, the more I'm convinced how truly amazing she is :) so naturally now I am on a mission to acquire all of her stories in physical copies... so I can pet them whenever I want... what? you don't hug your books? ;) anyway... :) I am close to achieving my goal, and this time, I decided to get my hands on "Beauty and the mustache", book #4 in Knitting in the city series :) it can also be counted as a prequel to her Winston brothers series :) *sighs dreamily* I swear you guys... her writing style... it ruins me for other authors... she always gives us unique, smart and beautiful stories that stay with me long after I finish them :)

And now we get to those two books that gave this haul "explanation filled" title :) the first one is "Good boy" co-written by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy :) it's the beginning of the WAGs series and I loved it :) now for the explanation part ;) as you probably already know, I have a monthly book budget... and I am very good at sticking to it... mainly because if I didn't have it, I would spend all of my money on books... #NoJoke #TrueStory :) I have no will power when it comes to it... and I was doing so well with it until this last month... just around the time I was buying them, I got sick... nothing major that would need a hospital visit, but I felt horrible... just all in all miserable and ugh... so I decided that all of the lovely books I bought so far are not enough to cheer me up, and I need something a little bit extra ;) and who better to make me laugh than Blake, the hero of this story :) yeah... it didn't take long for me to convince myself to go a bit over the budget this month... ;) #NoRegrets :)

The last book I want to mention is "The hot shot" by Kristen Callihan, book #4 in her Game on series ;) I am a huge fan of her writing style, and this series of sports themed romances is definitely high on my all time favourite list ;) and this book involves actually two explanations :) ok, so first, why I got it :) well, obviously cause I want to read it ;) duh... ;) but why I bought it now, is because I finally started to sell online all of my books *cue the gasps* but worry not, I mean all the translated books I had for what feels like forever on my shelves :) they mostly just took up space, because I stopped reading them years ago... so lately I purged my room and now I'm putting them up on an online site like ebay :) and since I recently actually sold a few of them, I decided to reward myself with a book :) because of reasons... ;) the second explanation is about an error on this particular copy :) which I did not realized until I read about it on Facebook :) so a few days after it arrived I read a post in Kristen's facebook group about how one person said she got a copy with the wrong synopsis... so I decided to check mine... and yep, it's there... the synopsis to the second book :) fortunately inside is the right story :) I would say that I'm shocked that I didn't see the mistake before but let's be honest... when I buy the book, I know what it's about, so when it arrives, I usually just sigh happily at the cover, pet it and put in on my shelf... ;) 

Now that I told you all about my new books, are you ready to see my shelves? :) and I decided to rearrange each of them, cause they seemed a bit... boring to me :) although now they are slowly getting more and more crowded... I feel that in a couple of months... especially since july is my birthday month ;) I will need to expand them to four instead of just three ;) but in the meantime, here they are :) my paranormal / fantasy one...

my contemporary one...

and my historical one :) finally it's starting to not look so sad... ;)

Ok, now let's get into that must-see movie :) "Atomic blonde" is going to hit the movie theatres right around the time of my birthday ;) I know that it's available earlier in some countries, but here it's gonna be in july :) I was aware that this movie is gonna come in the upcoming months, I heard the title somewhere, but I wasn't really sure what exactly it's about... ;) come on, I have a limited space in my head, and most of it is filled with all sort of book related knowledge ;) although a surprisingly large part of it is devoted to movies ;) so I "knew" that this movie existed, but it wasn't until I saw this phenomenal trailer that I decided I have to see it :) oh, what's one more movie on my must-see list ;) I have that trailer for you right below, if you haven't seen it already :) doesn't it look cool? :) 


Last but not least I want to share with you my excitement about two things that I have planned for this week :) first, tomorrow, me, my lovely sister J and a few of our friends are going to see a concert of Lords of the sound orchestra :) they are performing live "Oscar music awards" which is a show that revolves around soundtracks nominated for the Oscar :) and I cannot wait to see it :) it will be accompanied by a visual display and I've been counting down the days to see it live :) the second thing I want to tell you about is a movie me and J are planning to see of friday :) say what you want, but I am very excited to see "The fate of the furious" :) it's movie #8 in that saga, but they are always sooo entertaining :) I don't expect any logic in them, just a great afternoon ;) and once again, just like we did with the previous one, we are going to see it in 4D :) which means that alongside 3D effects, our chairs will move as well :) plus a few other cool stuff, but the chairs are my favourite part :) when I was doing it for the first time, I started laughing so hard when they began to move, because it was just so cool :) and hilarious ;) but these types of movies are the best ones to experience this sort of thing :) and I can't wait to do it again :) in case you missed it before, here's the trailer for this newest installment :)


Ok, that is a wrap people :) I hope you enjoyed my #RandomRamblings this time :) as always, I had so much fun writing them and I love connecting with you guys, so be sure to leave me a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, cause I check those every day :)



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