Monday, April 10, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #59

My newest obsession
Yet another book haul
I'm getting too old for this... 

Hello hello there my lovely people... I can't believe that here we are yet again... I swear, those weeks are going by faster and faster... :) but I promised to myself to try and NOT complain about that too much, soooo... :) instead let me jump straight into those headlines... and just as my last week has been totally chaotic... we will embrace that chaos today as well, and forget about the order of the headlines ;) so let's start at the very end... ;)

You probably wonder what I mean by that very dramatic and yet very mysterious half sentence... :) don't worry, I am here to explain everything :) what you may not know, is that I had a terrible week... *shudders* right around the beginning of it I got hit by stomach flu... and a nasty one... yeah... fun times... ;) I can laugh about it now, but it was no joke... I have no idea how I got up and went to work after the night I had... I was probably delusional from dehydration, but let me tell you... once I got back home, I went to bed and slept for about 19 hours... yeah, you read that correctly... there were some breaks in between... half hour here, and hour there, but since I was barely conscious during those, can they really count? and why I slept soooo long? because stomach flu was not enough... it turned into a high fever as well... fortunately I was able to go to the doctor very quickly and got the rest of the week off to get better... but I was feeling like an old lady... super weak, everything hurt... just ugh... I was even too weak to read!!! can you believe that?!? that's how sick I was... I swear you guys, I am getting too old to get sick... I'm no longer bouncing back as fast as I used to... wow, that sounded... grumpy... and cynical... oh my... maybe I AM turning into an old lady... or maybe I should just take better care of myself :) hmmm... something to think about :) but that awful week resulted in me finding...

Me new obsession :) since I was too weak to pretty much do anything, I was just wrapped up in a blanket, watching YouTube videos, when I remembered a certain series that some of my fb friends mentioned a few times way back... and I know I am like super late for that particular train but... *my name is A and I am obsessed with The Lizzie Bennett diaries* :) see what I did there? see? :) you get it if you watched the show :) it's an online series of about a 100 webisodes, and they are all available on YouTube :) I will leave a link to the channel right -> here <- and leave you the first episode below :) they are all super short, from about 3 to 6 minutes long, and I inhaled all of them in three days... #NoShame :) it was amazing :) if you haven't heard about it before and you didn't recognize the name of the channel, all I will say is that it's a modern take on "Pride and prejudice" story... :) and I loved it :)

Last but not least, obviously... :) we are at the part of my #RandomRamblings when I share with you guys my newest book haul :) and I can't wait to show you how my shelves look right now at the end of this haul :) cause I recently found on my phone a pic of that very first sad shelf form like july last year, when it was like six or seven books on one tine shelf... and it was just sad... ;) yeah, you have to start somewhere, but I'm not gonna lie... I love my shelves right now sooo much more :) so without any additional delay, here are all the books I bought recently :)

First I have "Ninja at first sight" by Penny Reid which is a novella in her Knitting in the city series :) it tells a story of how Fiona and Greg first met and got together :) it can be counted as #4,75 and you should definitely read it before diving into "Happily ever ninja" which tells the story of Fiona and Greg about 15 years later :) but I'm not gonna get into that now :) I loved this novella :) it takes place in college and the writing style is flawless as always :)

Another book that I got, also takes place in college :) "The fifteenth minute" by Sarina Bowen :) it's the last story in her The ivy years series, and the only one I actually haven't read yet :) but I loved all the rest of them, so I'm pretty sure I will adore this one as well :) she has the most wonderful way of mixing hilarious themes with much more serious ones :) and I can't wait to read this one :)

Next one is "Kiss of steel" by Bec McMaster, the beginning of her London steampunk series :) she is one of my all time favourite authors :) not to brag, or maybe I am just a little bit ;) but I am fortunate enough to be on her ARC team :) *pats myself on the back* ;) but I DO want to have all of her stories in actual physical copies, so I figured why not start with this one :) it's a paranormal / steampunk series with a phenomenal writing style and I highly recommend you guys to read it :)

Another one I want to show you guys today... and we are having quite diverse books this time if I may say so myself ;) is "Again the magic" by Lisa Kleypas :) it's a historical romance that is sort of a standalone, but I am treating it as a prequel to her Wallflowers series, since it revolves around the sisters of one of the main heroes from those books :) I can't get into more details, cause I haven't read it yet, but her historical romances are absolutely wonderful and I am very glad with this new addition to my shelf :)

Last but definitely not least are... drumroll please... because these books are so amazing they indeed deserve a music theme.. ;) books #3, #4 and #5 in The emperor's edge series by Lindsay Buroker :) it's this absolutely phenomenal fantasy / steampunk-ish series that blew... my... mind... :) I have one of my #BookBesties to thank... yet again ;) for recommending them to me :) so thank you K :) I read the first two as e-books and I can't believe it took me this long to buy the rest... or at least a few of them... ;) what was I thinking? :) I got confirmation that the rest of this series is just as awesome, if not better, from K, so the reason why I haven't read them yet... yeah, I have no excuse... let's just move on ;) hopefully now that I have paperbacks, I will get tovthem sooner... although if history is any indication, it may still take a while ;)

Ok, now that I shared with you guys all my new books, I know you are dying to see my shelves, right? :) if not, don't correct me... just give me this one ;) so we can all be excited together :) here they are :) aren't they pretty? :)

But since now I have three of them, if I want to have them in one frame, you can't really see the titles very good :) so today, I decided to give you guys some close-ups :) so starting from the top... this is my fantasy / paranormal shelf...

My contemporary romance shelf...

And my historical romance shelf... the smallest one of them all, but I am working on it... you'll see in a few weeks... ;)

Ok, that is a wrap people :) I hope you enjoyed all my babbling today :) I certainly had soooo much fun writing this post :) I feel like I'm getting my groove back when it comes to those #RandomRamblings :) or maybe it's just that my mood is improving :) anyway... ;) you know how I love to connect with you guys, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, cause I am there every day :)



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