Monday, April 3, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #58

Charging batteries
DC surprises
Songs of the moment

Hello my lovely people :) I hope you guys are having a wonderful start to a brand new week ;) I have for you today a bit shorter than usual #RandomRamblings post... well, shorter when you look at the actual written part, becuase it will be filled with videos :) but it's all connected to that first part of the headlines, so how about I will jump straight into it and explain :) and today we will go with the order of said headlines ;)

So about charging those batteries... :) I have a second fairly lazy weekend in a row behind me... and even though I have a pretty long list of things I theoretically should have been doing... to be honest I have #NoShame and #NoRegrets about taking some free time... :) I needed it to charge my batteries, and now I'm ready for new challenges :) and we all need some time off... :) when we don't have to stress out about stuff, and just do nothing... :) if you ask me, I have no idea what exactly I've been doing over the weekend... :) I mean, I know I went for a lovely stroll yesterday, cause the weather is absolutely gorgeous lately... ;) but other than that? I think I was just chilling and relaxing ;) hope you had just as nice weekend as I did ;)

For the longest time I've been a huge Marvel fan :) it's not like I loved equally all of those movies, but I definitely enjoyed them... :) and DC... well... just wasn't my cup of tea ;) but this year... man oh man... they have two movies I absolutely can't wait to see... :) and recently both those movies released new trailers... that I loved soooo much :) so naturally I have to share those trailers with you guys :) enjoy ;) I certainly will... ;) chills... every time I see them ;)

Last but not least, I have some songs to share with you :) I know, I know... I just did it like last week ;) but I have quite a few new ones... ;) some of them are new, some of them not so much... ;) but they did brighten my day, so I hope they will do the same with you guys :)

See, I told you it will be a short one ;) but you know? there are days when I have for you guys super long posts, with book hauls and book tags and just general ramblings... ;) and there are days when I have posts like this one :) there has to be some sort of balance in the universe... ;) as always, I love interacting with you guys, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account :) I check those every day :)



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