Friday, April 28, 2017

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) may edition

Well hello there my awesome people :) I will surprise you this time and I will not say how shocked I am that yet another month has gone by... ;) nope, you won't hear that from me today :) instead I'm gonna share my joy with you about the upcoming books I can't wait to read... and I am super excited to say that three out of the five I'm mentioning today are already on my kindle :) I was very lucky this month when it comes to ARCs :)

So the very first book I want to talk about is "Dating-ish" by one of my all time favourite authors: Penny Reid :) it's book #6 in her Knitting in the city series, but all those contemporary romances can be read as standalones... although personally I would recommend to read them in order just because all those different interactions between characters will be soooo much better that way :) this is the ARC I am most excited about :) *squeels with joy* <- this is my reaction every time I think about it being on my kindle... why I haven't read it yet, you ask? trust me, it's first on my list just as I get through a few others with deadlines in the upcoming weeks :)

Another great story I can't wait to dive into is "Pipe dreams" by Sarina Bowen, book #3 in her Brooklyn Bruisers series :) this sports themed romance is definitely high on my radar, cause I loved the previous two in this series :) especially since I am absolutely dying to see Lauren as the heroine of her own story... we've met her before and I am soooo curious, because I didn't really liked her... :) she seemed cold and distant, but on the other hand, usually there are the best stories behind that sort of attitude... :) fortunately it comes out at the begnning of may, so you can guess how fast it will go on my next book-buying-binge :)

I can only imagine that this one is highly anticipated by a lot of people... ;) "A court of wings and ruin" is book #3 and the conclusion to A court of thorns and roses series by Sarah J. Maas :) I am not gonna get into what this book is about, cause I have a better story for you... ;) I still haven't read "A court of mist and fury" *cue the gasps and the dramatic clutching of chests* ;) yeah... why, you ask? oh I'll tell ya :) I read the first book last year, about a couple of weeks before the sequel came out... it's been on my radar for the longest time, but I figured I'll wait, so that I could jump straight into book #2 if I would love it :) and I did love it :) but soon after I finished it, I had to get into reading all sorts of ARCs I had, and a month or two passed before I knew what was happening... by that time I started to hear some things about that sequel... miraculously, not spoilers :) just that it's even better than the first book and that it gives people major book hangovers... and I didn't have time for all that... ;) plus, I knew I would have to wait another year for the conclusion... so the weeks just kept passing by and I haven't read it... and now that book #3 is coming out, I think I will wait for reviews and check if it's gonna be as awesome as I hope, and if that will be the case... and I'm pretty sure it will be ;) I'll just buy the whole trilogy in paperback and get to reading it from the start... cause I remember soooo little from that first story :)

One before last is "Sex in the sticks" by Sawyer Bennett, beginning of her new series of standalones, Love hurts :) and if we're being totally honest, it's another ARC I already have... in fact, I finished it earlier this week :) and really liked it :) it was hilarious, entertaining and a super quick read ;) more thoughts in my full review, but long story short, I definitely recommend it ;)

The last one I want to tell you guys about today is "Nudes" by Sarah Robinson :) her newest standalone :) I mean... just look at that stunning cover :) this one is the last ARC I mentioned at the beginning, and I am always super excited to get Sarah's stories, cause I am a huge fan of her writing style... it's emotional and pulls you in from the start and if were being totally honest... it doesn't really matter what the book is about, at this point I trust her so much, that I will always give it a try ;) yes, some of her stories I love a bit more and some a bit less, but they are all exceptional... :)



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