Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Review: "Pull me close" by Sidney Halston

Book 1 in series Panic
Main characters: Nico "Nick" Moreno and Katherine Wilson

I got an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) and I can't believe it took me this long to pick this one up... it's been sitting on my kindle for a few months and damn... now I'm kicking myself for not reading it sooner :) because it was absolutely fantastic :) it was my very first book ever written by the lovely Sidney Halston, and trust me... it will definitely not be the last, because I fell in love with her writing style ... *sighs happily* :) so without wasting any more time, let me dive into everything that I loved about this book :)

First, I have to tell you a bit more about our main couple... *sighs dreamily* they were both oh so amazing... and don't mistakenly think that I meant by that, that they were perfect, far from it... but both being in their early thirties, they actually have some experiences behind them that shaped them into people they are today... Katherine for example suffers from severe anxiety and panic attacks... it's connected to certain events she was a part of years earlier, but I absolutely cannot get more into it in this spoiler-free review... she meets Nico when she has a panic attack in his night club and faints... you might wonder, what she was doing there with her anxiety... well, she did her best to be a part of her sister's bachelorette party... Nico, like I mentioned before is co-owner of "Panic", a famous night club with his brother Matt... more about him in a second ;) and when she meets Katherine for the first time, she just thinks she's another junkie that might ruin the reputation of his club... it's Matt whose much nicer to her from the start... it takes much more time for Nico to even start to believe that there is more to her story than what he originally thought... it's definitely connected to all the stuff that happened to him in the past, but again... since no-spoilers rule I won't say anything else :)

Theirs is definitely a slow burn romance... at least at first... :) because it takes time for him to really understand her situation and to give them a try.. and even after that, it's not easy... actually, the portrayal of Katherine's fears and anxieties is one of the best parts of the book... I don't have personal experiences with those types of things, but the way Sidney Halston wrote her, and all those scenes when she suffers from panic attacks or when her fears overwhelm her... it was heartbreaking... but at the same time she showed us that Katherine is still a sassy person, with courage, who wants to get better :) the journey she goes through in this book is absolutely amazing :) equally amazing as the relationship she starts with Nico :) I don't want to get into too many details about each of them, because I think the less you know going into this book, the better for your experience :) although I need to add that I found my second favourite term of endearment in this book... first being "luv" *sighs dreamily* I don't know if something will top that :) but now my second favourite one is the way Nico calls her "corazon" and I swear, every time I read it, my own heart melted... *sighs dreamily*

Not only our main couple was amazing, but the secondary characters were great as well :) but out of them all, my attention was only on Matt :) Nico's twin brother was such a fun person to be around :) he seems like this easy-going guy, but there is more to him than that :) especially since we got certain glimpses in this book about different sides of him and one or two teasers about what his book might be about and let me tell you... I need that book, like right now :) at least it's already confirmed that he will get the next story, and we just have to wait a few more months... *sighs* the wait is defintiely gonna be long, but at least it's coming :) so you have to read this book, so we can suffer together ;)

This was a book written in my favourite style, with 2 POVs, which means we got chapters from both main characters points of view... and I always adore when we get to see what's inside their heads... :) not to mention that the writing style in general was flawless... I mean... absolutely phenomenal... the way she wrote about Katherine and her struggles felt so honest, raw and real... it definitely helped me understand how those kind of problems feel... and Nico... *sighs dreamily* he was no boy, not even a guy... he was a man... :) in control, who knew what he wanted and worked towards reaching those goals... it was so refreshing to read about adults acting like adults and not hormonal teenagers :) no, they weren't perfect, but they were flawed in the most real way... I adored every part of that book and can highly recommend you to pick it up ASAP, because you all need this amazing story in your lives... and once you read it, you can help me spread the word and help others find it as well :)



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