Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Review: "Myths of Mish" by Katie Hamstead

Main characters: Hansel Herrscher and Wilhelmine "Mina" Norden

I got an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) and the first thing I need to tell you guys, is to not worry if you missed the first book, cause this one works perfectly well as a standalone... it takes place in another part of the world created by the lovely Katie, and if I remember correctly, actually before the events of said first book... but I might be mistaken, it's been a while since I read "Princess of Tyrone" :) anyway... :) what you need to know is that it was amazing and you should feel free to read it no matter if you are caught up in the series :) I will do my best to tell you more about this particular installment, but it's gonna be hard... ;) as in it's gonna be really hard to say my feelings without actually spoiling you some pretty big things... but as always, I will try :)

So first things first, what you need to know about this world in general, is that it's a mix of fantasy and sci-fi vibes :) because on one hand, we have all sorts of very cool retellings of fairy tales we know... with "Sleeping beauty" in that first book and now with "Hansel and Gretel" :) but in the meantime we get glimpses about other characters... and let me tell you... how curious those little teasers make me for other books in this series... ;) but all of them take place in this futuristic world, with spaceships and different planets and such... :) and it is a very interesting and entertaining mix :) and to be honest, I really liked the fact that this story takes place in a whole different part of the world, with a bunch of brand new characters... :) it really gives you an opportunity to see more of this very rich world :) now that we have the basics established, let me tell you a bit more about the characters :)

I will say, that we basically have the three main characters: Hansel and Gretel, the siblings who survived a pretty traumatic event when they were younger, and Mina, Gretel's friend... who has a big crush on Hansel... they are both in their early twenties, with Gretel around 17 years old... although there are moments when she acts like an even younger kid... but I kind of understood that about her... after all, she's been sheltered by her very protective brother the majority of her life... so she definitely has some adulting to do :) so why don't I concentrate on our main couple of the story :) since I adored Mina, I will start with Hansel... ;) because I was not the biggest fan of him throughout the first half of the book... he definitely acted towards Mina like... let's call him an insensitive jerk, because other things I would like to say cannot be said in public ;) Hansel is paranoid, acting like everyone is against him and have some secret, evil agenda... which is not entirely worng, but I can't get into more details ;) at first almost everyone think he's crazy, but later on, when *the truth* comes out... oh man, do they feel bad about it... because he was totally right :) Mina on the other hand... :) I loved her :) she was smart and resourceful, saving both Hansel and Gretel numerous times throughout the story :) by any means, she's not perfect and have secrets of her own that again, I can't share with you guys but it's nothing bad, I promise :) the romance part bewteen Hansel and Mina was... I'm still not really sure how I feel about it... she had a crush on him for the longest time, but he definitely did not treat her well... he was mean and those few sweet moments inbetween shouldn't have been enough for her to still have those feelings for him... but apparently with Hansel it was the there-is-very-thin-line-between-what-you-think-is-hate-and-what-is-in-fact-love types of situations... yeah... he's not very good at reading his own feelings... ;) cause quite a few people beside him figured that stuff out sooner ;) but once he realizes his feelings for Mina, he of course immediately change his behaviour towards her... so I'm on the road to forgive him for that awful things in the beginning :)

After reading the fist book in this series last year, and absolutely loving it, I was more than curious to get my hands on the sequel :) well, curious and a bit apprehensive, since I wasn't sure if it will be as good as the first book :) but I was not disappointed ;) this installment is once again full of adventures and action and all sorts of surprising and shocking twists and turns... and it's killing me to not be able to say anything else... I can't even give you the smallest hint, becuase it would ruin the surprise... :) so take my word for it... :) the whole explanation and the truth behind Hansel's paranoia was absolutely brilliant :) the writing style was once again sooo entertainig, it pulled me in from the very first chapter and made it really hard for me to be at work on time :) cause I read it on my way to and from work, and I had to be very careful to not miss my stop ;) I highly recommend you guys this book, and this whole series in general :) especially if you're looking for the mix of fantasy and sci-fi vibes with great humour and lots of adventures... you can't be bored while reading those books :) I already can't wait to get back to this world and see what kind of a story the lovely Katie will have for us next :)



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