Friday, March 17, 2017

Review: "Managed" by Kristen Callihan

Title: "Managed"
Book 2 in series VIP
Main characters: Gabriel "Scottie" Scott and Sophie Darling

I honestly think that there is only one way for me to start this review... J, you were absolutely right :) now let me explain that ;) this book came out quite a few months ago, and J, my awesome sister, read it pretty quickly after that... as soon as she finished, she said that I should get to it ASAP, because I would love this story... as you can see by the date of this review, I did not listen to her... and I really should have... ;) because this book could not have been more perfect for me, unless they would write "for A" as a dedication inside... ;) I loved every aspect of it :) so now it's time to fall on my knees and beg for forgiveness to my oh so much smarter sister... J, you were sooo right... :) I'd say that in the future I would always listen to your recommendations, but I think we both know I can be pretty stubborn, so those types of situations will definitely happen again ;) but you can always look forward to me admitting you were right in my reviews, so there's that :) now that we have this part out of the way, let me just add, before going into all the awesomeness of this book, that even though it's the second story in a series, it works perfectly well as a standalone, so you don't need to catch up on the previous book to totally enjoy this one :) now let me tell you a bit more about our main couple... :)

We met Gabriel, because I can never again call him just "Scottie" after reading this story... *sighs dreamily* anyway... :) we did met Gabriel in that first book, but he appeared just in a few scenes, so even if you haven't read it, you haven't missed much :) Gabriel is the manager of Kill John, one of the hottest rock bands... they all went to school together, so they are also friends... I will go back to the members of the band a bit later :) Gabriel is the epitome of elegance... always in a suit, with his british accent, and that keep-your-distance attitude... he knows everything about everyone and takes care of everyone as well... his nickname could easily be mother hen ;) it all comes from certain events in his past that I can't share here, but after I read about them, I understood him so much better... Sophie on the other hand... oh, she was such a fun character :) I loved how honest she was :) she was also very talkative... as in you never know what's gonna come out next out of fer mouth :) and I abolutely loved that about her :) she meets Gabriel on a plane, on her way to a job interview and they have a very... interesting journey together :) I'm not gonna say aything else... you have to experience it for yourselves :) little does she know, she's gonna be working for him as a photographer and social media consultant for the band on their new tour :)

Theirs is definitely a slow burn romance... it all starts with Sophie being practically the only one who's not really afraid of him and who just sort of ignores his cold demeanor and all the walls he has around him that keep people at a distance... and even though he might not admit it out loud, he enjoys it... so they start off as a very unlikely friends... but the more time they actually spend together, the more all those feelings between them grow... and once those sparks start to fly... *fans herself* be prepared to burst into flames people ;) but what I think I love most about them, is how honest they are with each other... yes, sometimes it takes a while for them to open up about some very private and secret parts of their lives, but there are no games between them... they actually act like adults they are... you know, talking and communicating with each other using words and all that... :) it's not as common as I would like it to be in books :) so I'm very happy every time I see it :)

When it comes to secondary characters in this story, there were quite a few of them, but none as entertaining as the members of Kill John :) there's Killian, along with his significant other Liberty :) they were the main characters in that first book :) plus we have also Jax, Whip and Rye :) all of them with very distinctive personalities :) I honestly have to say that I really enjoyed that first book in this series, but this one is definitely much better, and I think a huge part in me feeling that way is connected to all the interactions with those guys... :) they were practically absent in that first story, which is connected to some stuff that happened, that I won't spoil you in case you haven't read it yet... but here, we have all of them in one place, on tour, spending time with each other and those scenes... those scenes when they are all together, making jokes and supporting each other... those were some of my favourite ones in the entire book :) I cannot wait to see which one of them will get the next story in this series :) although I want to read all of them, so it doesn't really matter :)

If you're still not sure about my feelings about this book, let me say it one more time :) it was absolutely amazing :) written in 2 POVs, which gave us an opportunity to get inside both Sophie's an Gabriel's heads, is definitely my favourite writing style :) not only that, but I am a huge fan of Kristen Callihan... she is such a phenomenal author... always able to create the perfect mix of hilarious, sexy and vulnerable... giving us stories and characters we immediately fall in love with and then read chapter after chapter with zero regard to the time passing by or our other obligations, because we simply need to know how it will all end :) so if you are looking for a contemporary romance that will sweep you off your feet and make you forget about anything else, look no further and pick this one up right now :) learn from my mistakes... :)



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