Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Review: "Holding" by Mignon Mykel

Author: Mignon Mykel
Title: "Holding"
Book 3 in series Prescott family
Main characters: Porter Prescott and Asher Spence

I got an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) you guys... this book... this story... the conclusion to everything... GAH!!! I have no words to describe how amazing it was... :) I mean, I will do my best to try and find at least a few words, because I need to express how phenomenal it is so you people will read it... but it's hard to form full sentences... oh how I loved it... :) it's definitely NOT a standalone book... you have to read at least "Altercation" before this one, since it's the first book in this duology, but I actually highly recommend you guys to read "Troublemaker" and "Breakaway" as well, because both novellas tell us a bit more about the pasts of our main characters... now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about the book itself...

It's not gonna be easy, because I refuse to spoil you people, even if you haven't read anything by this lovely author yet, soooo... what I will say is a few overall things about the plot of those books and then my general feelings about this amazing ending :) so yeah, it might be a little bit shorter review than usual, but hey... this was actually closer to a novella than a full lenght book, so it's gonna be actually quite accurate ;) so this duology tells a story of Porter and Asher... Porter is this very stubborn, confident young men, who is the youngest out of all the siblings in a pretty big, hockey family... but even when he was very young he fought for his independence... Asher on the other hand, comes from the foster care system... her past is dark... I'm not gonna go into details, but her story broke my heart... so even though she's younger than Porter, she seems much older than him, keeping her distance and generally avoiding people... that is until her car accidentally gets hit by someone from the Prescott clan... but that is all I will say about it :) that one event changes everything... because at that very same day she meets Porter :) and even though at first they are in two different cities... and states ;) after a few months they both realize they keep thinking about one another... and it slowly grows from there :) I can't tell you more, mainly because the whole story takes place over the span of about five years... yes, you read that right :) and it is an absolutely spectacular story :) so now that I told you a little bit more, let me tell you about all my thoughts and feelings about this book, without spoiling you anything... :)

It is by far, the best work of Mignon Mykel I read... it blew my mind... :) we have 2 POVs, which allows us to get chapters from Porter's as well as Asher's points of view... and it was amazing to get glimpses into their thoughts and feelings... not to mention that the writing style is phenomenal in general with this story... it's raw and honest and it pulls you in from the start... I inhaled this conclusion in one sitting, especially after the ending of that first part... let me tell you... I was super glad that I didn't have to wait months and months, because it would be torture... ;) and the ending to their story was even better than what I hoped it would be... *sighs* I know that I haven't exactly told you guys a lot about what these books are about, but I truly believe the less you know, the more you will actually enjoy them... discovering along the way all the little things... being surprised just as I was with all the twists Mignon wrote... *sighs yet again because once is just not enough* these books will make you laugh out loud and cry... and by cry I mean sob like a baby... they will make you sigh dreamily and gasp with surpries... but all those emotions are vital parts of what make these books so special... and the ending... the ending will be worth it... that epilogue... oh you guys... I melted... :) I highly recommend you to check them out, and hopefully I did a decent job of convincing you to listen to me... come on, just one-click it already... it will be worth it :)



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