Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Review: "The harbinger" by Nelou Keramati

Book 1,1 in series The fray theory
Main character: Dylan Sterling

I got an ARC of this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review :) and although you can technically read this story without reading the first book in this series, I highly recommend you to read them in order :) it's definitely better to have at least some background as to what is happening here :) and since this is another installment in an on-going series I won't spoil you anything in case you still haven't picked it up... in which case, go remedy that situation right away, because it's a fantastic series :) and it definitely doesn't hurt that the author is an absolute sweetheart :)

So let me start by saying a little bit more about our main character and this series :) we meet Dylan as a truly adorable little kid, hiding on the airport from everyone... little does he know, his world is about to change... because Dylan's been having dreams... nightmares, really... and when one of them comes true, his father will start looking at him very differently... the majority of the book takes place in the present... although all events in this novella are actually happening before the start of book #1... I know what you're thinking... if it takes place earlier why can't I read it first... :) but again, I highly recommend you starting with a full lenght book... even if you don't remember all the details, like me... :) hey, I read it quite a few months ago and there were a lot of books in between ;) even little knowledge will help you understand what is happening here much better :) there's not much more I can tell you guys without spoiling some big things, so I will only add that this novella shows us what exactly happened before Dylan disappeared without a word for a few years... *sighs*

What I can and will say repeatedly is how much I adore Nelou's writing style... *sighs dreamily* it's truly magical... not only does she mesmerizes you with how wonderfully she creates stories, she also effortlessly adds science into the mix :) it's all very thought out and you can see that she knows exactly where she's going with everything :) I know that I haven't really gave you that much details about the actual plot, but that's because I think it's soooo much better to go into the book with an open mind and to not know what's gonna happen next :) the same goes with this novella... I wasn't sure what to expect, and again I was blown away by how amazing this story was... I wasn't the biggest fan of Dylan before, but now that I know so much more about him, my opinion about him definitely changed... I loved seeing his friendship with Romer and his relationship with Neve before everything got complicated... now I am even more curious than I was before about another installment :) I highly recommend you guys this novella and this sereis in general :) if you are looking for a unique story with paranormal vibes and absolutely phenomenal writing style... look no further and check this out :)



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