Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Review: "Goodbye paradise" by Sarina Bowen

Author: Sarina Bowen
Main characters: Caleb Smith and Joshua "Josh" Royce

I got an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) although technically it's not really an ARC... let me explain... this book was actually published before under a pseudonym and a different title, but the author herself told us all about it in her blog post that I'm gonna leave the link for right -> here <- :) so instead let me concentrate on telling you all about this story :) because, and that is a given when it comes to Sarina and her books, I absolutely loved it... was it perfect? not exactly, but I couldn't help inhaling it and absolutely loving every minute of it :) #NoRegrets :) are you guys ready for some more details? worry not, spoilers free as always :)

I have to start with our main couple... Caleb and Josh grew up in a cult... in the middle of nowhere... they were best friends for the longest time, but Josh definitely had other feelings for Caleb... so imagine his surprise when after Josh has been kicked out and dropped like a thing and not a person on the side of the road, which Caleb warned him might happen, he is joined by none other than the man of his dreams himself... apparently the run-away-together plan was always in the works... as friends of course... ;) so they decide to get to one place they know they'll get help, to Maggie's farm... who also run away a few years before them... I know that this explanation is all vague, but I don't want to get into too many details, especially since it's all described sooo much better in the book :) so instead let me tell you how much I adored both Caleb and Josh... since Caleb's family was more important in the cult, he is much more independent and knows more about the outside world... that makes him also more confident... Josh is definitely much more insecure, but after running away from that horrible place, his confidence slowly starts to grow... I adored both of them :) especially that there is a reason, which is pretty obvious for us readers, but it takes Josh a moment to realize, why Caleb was so determined to join Josh on the run... ;) they are absolutely wonderful together, and seeing them discover all those feelings between them... *sighs dreamily* Sarina did such an amazing job with it :) I sort of don't really want to tell you much more about what exactly happens with them and how they come to terms with everything that happened with them and around them, cause I think it will be a much better experience for you if you actually know less... ;) if that makes sense.. ;)

Another great thing I need to mention when it comes to a book written by the lovely Sarina is... secondary characters :) no matter how many of them there are in the story, they always add soooo much :) in case of this particular story I want to mention Maggie and her husband Daniel :) they welcome both of them into their home with open arms, helping them adjust to living in the outside world, and teaching them everything they need to know to become more independent... they have troubles of their own along the way, but are so supportive... :) there were actually quite a few more, but I want to leave them as a surprise for you... :) after all, it would be boring to know every important person to the story before actually reading it, now would it? ;)

Long story short, I absolutely loved this book... :) it was yet another easily given 5 stars rating... :) I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is just something about Sarina's writing style... her unique brand of mixing hilarious and sexy scenes with much more serious and emotional ones... her way of creating flawed characters that we cheer for from the very start... even if they make mistakes along the way that makes us want to smack them on their heads... ;) #TrueStory ;) this particular book is written in 2 POVs, which means that we get parts of the book from Caleb's perspective, and then other parts from Josh's point of view... and that is definitely my favourite writing style :) I inhaled this book very quickly, and can definitely highly recommend it to you guys :) it's was such a warm story, that made me wanted to curl under a blanket and hug both of the main characters... :) so absolutely go one-click this gem, so you can see for yourselves how lovely it is :)



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