Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Review: "Born of legend" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book 11 in series The league
Main characters: Dagger and Ushara

I think that the very first thing you need to know, before I get into all my thoughts and feelings about this book, is that this series is definitely one of my all time favourite series ever :) I love all those books and if were being honest, this particular installment, once I finished it, definitely jumped to my #1 favourite book in this series :) so am I really objective when I write this review? well, yes and no :) yes, because those are my honest thoughts about the book, but at the same time, I can acknowledge that because Sherrilyn Kenyon's writing style just really works for me, and I am a fan of her books, that usually mean that I may overlook some things, not intentionally, that might bother others :) so you can take it as you please, but I will still tell you all about how much I loved this book :)

All Sherrilyn's books can be technically read as standalones, even the ones in her series... you always get all the necessary informations to follow the plot and everything, but I highly recommend you guys to actually read them in order... that way you can really appreciate all the connections between characters... :) even if you don't remeber every little detail, it will still be better :) especially with this particular book... because the name of the main character, Dagger, is actually a pseudonym :) I can't tell you his real name, although if you are caught up with the series you know it :) but in case some of you are not, or are totally new to it, I won't spoil you that :) because let me tell you, when I heard who will be the hero of this book I was like: *WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?* ;) #TrueStory :) I had no idea how this will happen... and yet, once again, I should have just trusted Sherrilyn Kenyon to deliver a story that will hit me in all the feels :) but since a lot of stuff is very spoilerefic, writing this review will not be easy :) but I will do my best to convince you to give it a try without actually giving anything away :)

Let me start with a few words about the whole world this series is set in, in general :) see, this is one of the problems with writing review for a book in the middle of an on-going series :) I try my best to explain stuff to people who haven't read the books and yet not spend too much time on it so I won't bore the ones who are familiar with it to death :) so what I can say about this series in general, is that it's a mix of paranormal and sci-fi vibes :) it has many different planets and species in it, but I cannot even begin to get into all the connections between all of them :) what I can say, is don't be discouraged if that does not sound like something you usually read, because it took me months to convince my sister J to give them a try, and once she started, she inhaled all available books in record time :) it's a series full of action, surprising twists and turns, sarcastic humor, sizzling hot romance and swoonworthy characters :) it's one of my all time favourites for many, many reasons :)

Now about our main couple :) I can't really say too much about Dagger... if we're being honest, I pretty much can't say anything about him, because I refuse to spoiler you guys his identity... what I can share, is that I did not expect to care about him as much as I did... his story, once I was able to see it from his perspective... it broke my heart... the fact that he was still able to have a funny side or vulnerable one was amazing :) especially since it was sarcastic humor, which is my absolute favourite kind :) but as much as I adored him, I absolutely loved Ushara... oh she was such a bad-ass character :) strong, smart, ready to fight to the death for the ones she love... :) and very quickly that starts to include Dagger :) trust me, a furious Ushara is a stunning vision... :) I don't want to say too much about who she exactly is and what she is capable of, because damn... you have to experience it to truly appreciate it :) what I loved most about them as a couple, is that there is practically no drama between them in the book :) yes, there are horrible things happening, and yes, those things influence them, but they certainly don't break them apart... at least not for long :) it's one of the reasons why I love this book so much :)

Besides our main couple, there is also a bunch of phenomenal secondary characters :) and actually the majority of them are new, so you can witness firsthand all the connections they make with both Dagger and Ushara :) I don't want to name all of them, because the identitiy of a few and the importance of them to the story is revealed later in the book, but I have to mention Trajen :) he is like the big boss where Dagger is staying, and no, I can't explain more, because if I would start to describe all of it, we would be here all day :) so that super short explanation just have to be enough :) I can't wait to read a full lenght book about him, because seeing all those scenes with him only made me that much more curious :) there is a reason why he and Dagger understand each other so well :) besides him, I adored every scene with Ushara's sisters :) to be honest, I don't remember all of their names, because there are a few, but they were amazing :) and once they accepted Dagger they would fight for him almost as much as Ushara :) oh, and I almost forgot to mention Vasili, Ushara's son from her first marriage... the way he bonds with Dagger... I swear, some of those scenes were the ones that made me cry the most... :) again, there are sooooo much more people who play very important parts in this story, but I want to leave them as surprises for you guys to discover along the way... :) trust me, there are a lot of *aaaaawwwww* noises in your future once you start reading this book :)

Long story short, although I'm not sure if I can say it looking at the lenght of my review so far... ;) I absolutely loved this book :) and before I forget, I need to state something... and I need to do it publically, so there is no doubt about anything... :) J, you were absolutely right :) J is my sister who read this book months ago and kept telling me numerous times to get to it... and to show how long it actually took me to listen to her... there is a new installment in this series available already people... yes, I waited so long that there is an even newer book available... *sighs* I know, I know *hangs my head in shame* :) but I promised you J to say that you were right, and I am doing it right now :) she knew I would love it and as usual, she was right :) but moving on... ;) I really hope that I convinced you guys to give this amazing book, and this series overall, a try :) like I said, the writing style is fantastic... or maybe it just *clicks* for me... ;) it's full of interesting characters with many surprising layers... :) not to mention all the sarcastic banter and action... with so many little, and sometimes not so little, emotional and vulnerable scenes... :) I cannot say that enough times... this book was amazing, so do yourselves a favour, and pick it up :) you will not regret it :)



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