Monday, March 13, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #55

What-to-read-next dilemma
Sick again
My newest guilty pleasure

Hello my lovely people :) this week once again we will go and embrace that chaos ;) because I've been a little bit MIA lately, and it's very connected to the middle of those headlines, so how about I will start right there :)

I spent the bigger portion of last week sick... ugh... I hate when that happens... you're going on about your life, busy as always, and then your body says *not this week* :) no worries, it wasn't anything serious, just a nasty cold, but still... I had to stay home and fight with a stupid fever and other not so pleasant stuff... which turned me into a lazy sloth and my brain to mush... but all is much better now :) that is the reason why I wasn't as active here or on my social media this week... I just didn't have the energy for it... I hope you will forgive me for that... but when it comes to much better news, once I started feeling better, I got to work on catching up with all my reviews... because there were quite a few of them waiting for me to finish... or to be more precise, to actually write and then edit them :) but it's all good now, and you will definitely see some of them this week ;)

Now how about we circle back to the beginning of those headlines... the ever present what-to-read-next dilemma... *sighs* ;) I may joke around about it, and you may not really understand it, but there are times when that particular question can almost give me anxiety... #NoJoke... let me try to explain... I love to read... that's pretty much a given, because I wouldn't have a book blog if I didn't love it :) and trust me, I am NOT complaining that I am able to get ARCs of upcoming books from different sources and / or free books from authors... but what it does, is definitely make my decisions about what to read next that much harder... because on the one hand, I have all those ARCs and others, and some of them with a deadline... but on the other hand, there are so many books I just simply *want* to read... and the dilemma is very real... :) so I've decided to change my reading schedule a bit to accomodate all those feelings... :) I used to read many books at once, but that was a very long time ago... and very quickly I realized that I can't focus my attention properly on them when I read so many... so I changed it to one-book-at-a-time... and it worked wonderfully for me for the longest time... but now, I think I need to change it again... so I will compromise, and change it to two books at a time :) which will definitely be a very common occurence in the upcoming months :) that way, one of those books will always be an ARC and such, so I won't get stressed out thinking I'm failing as a book blogger :) but the second one will be one of my own paperbacks that I really want to get through or one of the e-books that have been on my #BookWishlist forever, but I always put them aside thinking I don't have the time... now I will just make time, because I refuse to keep putting them off for any longer... :) it might seem silly to you, but honestly, I'm feeling sooo much better after making that decision :) how are you guys deciding what to read next? do you have monthly to-be-read lists? because that doesn't work for me personally :) my reading mood changes so frequently that I absolutely cannot plan in advance what to read :) but I'm very curious about how you guys decide all that :) let me know :)

Last but not least, I need to tell you guys about my newest guilty pleasure.. I discovered this TV show by total accident, watched the trailer online, decided to give it a try and... well, it's my newest obsession :) I binge-watched all available episodes over the weekend and now I'm hooked :) jugde all you want, because I simply don't care :) I thought I was too old to enjoy this sort of drama show, but truth be told, it's totally addictive... :) #NoShame :) and the show I'm talking about is "Riverdale" :) I will have the trailer for it below :) and if after watching it, you will be as obsessed with the music from it as I was, I'll have that song below for you as well :)

Ok, that is a wrap people :) I hope you enjoyed my post today :) I promise to be more active this week, now that I'm almost one hundred percent healthy again :) after all, I have all sorts of great plans for this week... but I will tell you all about them next time ;) I love to interact with you guys, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account cause I'm there every day :)



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