Monday, March 6, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #54

Another book-ish addiction
March movie madness
Songs of the moment 

Ok people... this post is not gonna be very long... or to be more precise, it will be filled with videos and trailers more than usual, which is a coincidence, but a very happy one, since I am not feeling very well at the moment... ugh... finally it's such a beautiful weather outside, spring and everything... and here I am, fighting with a cold and coughing my lungs out... *sighs* but enough complaining :) let's focus on more fun stuff... :) and this time I will go with the order of the headlines :)

So first of all... I have a confession to make... remember when at the beginning of the year I told you guys that one of my book-ish resolutions was to read all the books I got through NetGalley and from authors last year, before this year is over? :) and I was doing soooo good with it :) crossing them off my list and everything... I was doing so well in fact, that I decided to browse NetGalley a little bit, and request some books, thinking there's no way I would be accepted to all of them... yeah... I can count the books I was denied on the fingers of one hand... so long story short, I now have 50+ books from NetGalley ONLY from this year... you guys, I have a problem... so I decided to ban myself from requesting any new books until I dig myself out of that #BookMountain... :) my onle exceptions are new books from the authors I'm working with, when I'm part of their ARC teams :) and one publisher, that I absolutely adore that have such fantastic stories on NetGalley... but that's it... nothing else... I need to catch up on stuff before things go out of control even more :) hopefully now that I declared that publically, I will stick to it ;)

Now that march has started, it marks the beginning of my favourite season when it comes to movies... :) usually it's a little bit closer to april / may, but this year... oh, this year there are so many awesome things in march :) and what I'm talking about is that time of the year, when basically every week there is a movie in cinema, that I want to see... fantasy, action or mix of both... those are the movies I loooove seeing on the big screen :) so I wanted to share with you guys some of them, along with their trailers, that I'm planning to see this month :) fingers crossed I will get to watch all of them :) first is a movie I actually saw last week, "XXX return of Xander Cage" :) it wasn't bad, but it wasn't phenomenal either... but it was an entertaining evening, so I don't regret watching it :)

Next one is "Logan" and I'm actually not sure if I will be able to catch it on the big screen... I hope I will go this friday, but it all depends on if I will feel better... :) I'm definitely curious to see this particular chapter of Wolverine's story, so... fingers crossed :)

Movie #3, and I am definitely going to see that one is "Kong: skull island" :) originally I didn't have it on my wishlist, but the trailer really intrigued me and now I'm curious... :) we shall see how I will feel about it after I actually watch it :)

One before last in march is actually my most anticipated release of the year :) me and my sister J already have our pre-ordered tickets for the night it premieres here :) *squeels with joy* I'm talking of course about "Beauty and the beast" :) although the closer to the movie, the more I'm starting to think, that maybe I have way too high expectations for it, and I'm afraid I will be disappointed... hopefully not :)

The last one I'm hoping to catch in march, although I'm not sure if I will be able to, is "Power rangers" :) again, it's not really a movie I was anticipating, but then I saw the trailer, and now I'm kind of curious about it :) so if I will have the time, I will definitely go check it out :)

Before I will finish this post, I wanted to share with you guys not one, not two, but actually three songs that are stuck in my head lately :) I absolutely adore all of them for different reasons, and hopefully you'll enjoy them too ;)

Ok, that is a wrap people :) as always, I love connecting with you guys, so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account, cause I check those every day :)



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