Thursday, March 30, 2017

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) april edition

Hello hello my awesome people :) can you believe we're at the end of yet another month? :) come on... you knew I had to say it... I say it every month :) but it's true each time... ;) that end of month always surprises me ;) but once again we are here and I have four really amazing books to share with you guys that I'm looking forward to get, so without further ado, let us jump into them ;) in no particular order, but we have to start somewhere sooooo... :)

Let's start with "The gravity of us" by Brittainy C. Cherry :) it's book #4 in her Elements series, but they are all actually standalones, so you can read them in whatever order ;) I only read the first book in this series, but she has one of the most enchanting and beautiful writing styles I've ever read... :) that first book made me laugh and cry and just... it hit me in all the feels... :) I already have all the rest of them on my shelf, and absolutely cannot wait for yet another amazing contemporary romance to add to it :)

The next one is another favourite of mine... as in I adore Kristen Callihan and her writing style :) so I was very eagerly awaiting the newest installment in her Game on series :) and "The hot shot" is almost here *squeels with joy* ;) #NoShame :) she writes one of the most hot and hilarious sports themed romances, and this one sounds like the perfect addition to my collection ;)

Speaking of great authors... ;) in this upcoming month we have the new installment in Light in the dark series by Micalea Smeltzer :) "When constellations form" is book #4 in that series, but at the same time, it's the second novel about a couple who already got their story :) and that is perfectly fine with me, cause I loved them and can't wait to check out what's in store for them... although looking at that cover... ;)

Last but definitely not least, we have "Twist" by Kylie Scott, the sequel in her Dive bar series :) all of her books I've read so far made me laugh out loud... as in it didn't matter where I was reading them, I could not control my reactions... ;) I heard some mixed reviews about this one, because ARCs went out a while ago, but I am keeping my mind open... so far I loved all of her stories, and to be honest, I don't predict a different result this time around... ;)



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