Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Review: "The truth about love" by Anna Bloom

Author: Anna Bloom
Book 1 in series The truth about love
Main characters: Cameron and Eve

I got an ARC of this novella in exchange for an honest review ;) so first of all I feel the need to warn you people that this is not a fully standalone story… ;) it’s more of a first chapter of the relationship between Eve and Cameron ;) a really great chapter, but definitely not a HEA if you’re expecting it ;) but make no mistakes, I still highly recommend you guys to read it, since I absolutely loved it and gave it 5 stars ;) so with that little explanation out of the way, how about I will tell you a bit more about what this story is about ;)

Like I mentioned before, it’s only the first part of the relationship between our main characters ;) both Eve and Cameron are finishing their college educations, when they meet in the library… or to be more precise when he hits on her and she shoots him down ;) that of course only sparks his interest more and besides, the fact that she was basically rude to him, does not change the fact that she was intrigued by him ;) so she’s not really mad when she bumps into him again ;) that’s pretty much all the details I can share with you guys without spoiling you each and every little detail of this novella ;) what I can say, is that I absolutely loved the main couple ;) both of them were such vivid, complex and entertaining characters ;) which is definitely impressive especially when you look at the lenght of the story ;) after finishing it I am more curious than ever to learn more about both of them, because there were definitely some things and events mentioned about them that I simply need to know more about ;)

The whole novella is told from Eve’s perspective and as much as I enjoyed it, I am curious if we will get to see at least some scenes from Cameron’s perspective in the future ;) just putting this idea out there ;) the writing style was absolutely phenomenal ;) and the fact that I was able to fall so much in love with a completely new to me author over just a novella is really saying something about how talented she is ;) the way she created not only our main couple, but secondary characters as well, all the interactions between them… *sighs happily* I inhaled this story in like an hour and now I want more ;) my review is definitely shorter than usual, but it’s the way it has to be with novellas, otherwise I would have to spoil you all the fun little things that happened throughout this entertaining story ;) if you are in the mood to read something fun, short and fantastically written I hope you will give this novella a try ;) and then we can wait for the next chapter of Eve and Cameron’s story together ;)



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