Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Review: "Roman" by Sawyer Bennett

Title: "Roman"
Book 7 in series Cold Fury hockey
Main characters: Roman Sykora and Lexi Robertson

I got an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) and it was another 5 stars addition to the series... ;) although if we're being totally honest, I would probably give this story 4,5 stars, but... there was another couple forming in it and that's why I bumped it to full 5 stars ;) more about that in a moment :) again, even though it's book #7 in this series it can totally be read as a standalone :) yes, the people from previous stories appear throughout it, but you don't necessarily have to know their whole stories to follow this one :) now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you more about this awesome book :)

I'm gonna start with our main couple... :) Lexi and Roman... and because Lexi was me favourite, I'll tell you more about Roman first ;) he's sort of the bad boy of the team... as he describes himself, he has two mode's: either he's standing still or going full speed ahead, nothing in between :) so while he's a great hockey player, giving his all on that ice all the time, he is also constantly late and generally don't give a... you know what I mean ;) about what people think about him... which is actually a quality I enjoy :) he keeps his distance from people and feels good in his own company ;) Lexi on the other hand... *sighs happily* Lexi is this totally happy-go-lucky and go-with-the-flow type of person :) she's open and talkative and just... full of life... :) she embraces everything that's happening to her and is one of the most wonderful characters I've read about recently :) she's like a lovely breath of fresh air :)

They meet during a very interesiting moment in Lexi's life... because what you need to know is that Lexi is actually Gray's half-sister... Gray is the heroine of book #4 in this series, but like I mentioned before, you don't need to read her story to follow this one :) and at the beginning of the book Lexi is at the Cold Fury headquarters to explain everything... :) so a huge part of this book is Lexi's attempts and struggles to connect with her new-found family... when it comes to the romance part... well, I have to say that I adored how drama free it was... :) well, at least the majority of it ;) and to be honest, the conflict is mainly because Roman and Gray are not really each others fans... but when it came to Roman and Lexi... :) I loved those two together ;) because she was so different from other women he met before, Roman was absolutely intrigued by her... which prompted him to change some of his behaviour... ;) and I think my favourite part was how reasonable Lexi was when it came to certain situations connected to the fact that Roman is a famous hockey player... oh how adored her surprisingly-drama-free reactions... have I mentioned she is one of my fave characters in this series in general? ;) they were just soooo cute together... :) I don't want to tell you too much about what exactly happened on the way to their happy ending, but it was a great journey ;)

When it comes to secondary characters, there was of course the main couple from that fourth book, Gray and her husband :) and of course, Brian, their father :) but the one I want to tell you about is the new one :) Georgia... she's the owner of the coffee shop where Lexi works and such a great and entertaining character :) I loved her in every scene she was in :) and about that second couple forming... it involves some secondary characters, but I'm not gonna say who... although I think you're gonna be able to figure it out pretty quickly... especially after the very first scene between *those* two ;) as always Sawyer Bennett was able to create a story that totally stands on its own, but have those little appearances that will mean so much to the people who follow her series from the start ;)

This book is in 3 POVs... which was a surprise for me :) we have the usual perspectives of our main couple, but there is an additional one in this installment... I'm not gonna say who, although I'm pretty sure that some of you can definitely figure it out... ;) what I can and will say, is that I absolutely adored being able to get inside *that* particular character's head :) I am still amazed that with book #7 Sawyer Bennett is still able to create stories and characters that totally capture my heart :) I was not expecting to fall in love with those people as much as I did :) because Lexi is a true gem that we all need in our lives... ;) don't get me wrong, Roman definitely had his moments... one near the very end that totally melted my heart... *sighs dreamily* but Lexi totally stole this book :) this was definitely mix of a romance and a story about a woman finding her family, and all the struggles and hardships that come with that happening when all parties are adults... it's not easy, but ultimately it's worth it... to work hard, or not so hard in case of some people ;) to forge those connections... :) I absolutely loved this book and can highly recommend it to you... as well as this whole series in general ;) it definitely has a very special place in my heart :)



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