Thursday, February 2, 2017

Review: "Rae of sunshine" by Micalea Smeltzer

Book 1 in series Light in the dark
Main characters: Cade Montgomery and Rachael "Rae" Wilder

I actually read the two books available as of now in this series out of order... ;) and by now I mean the moment when I'm actually writing this review, because the third one will be out in a few days ;) so by the time you'll be reading this, there will be three in total ;) so even though they work perfectly well as standalones, I would actually recommend you guys reading them in order... that way, because the core characters appear in both of them, you'll get something a little more extra special, seeing them change over time... of course you can do whatever you want, but I wanted to put it out there, so you'll have all the details, to make an informed decision... ;) now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me jump straight into telling you all about how amazing this book was :)

I will start with our main couple... Rae is in a very dark place at the beginning of this book... which was quite a shock to me, cause I knew her (from that second book I read before this one) as a totally different person... but I will get to that in a second ;) it's been a little bit over a year since something very horrible happened... unfortunately for you guys, I cannot tell you anything specific about that event, because it's not known from the start, we discover all of the details along the way... but what I can say is that Rae is being crushed by guilt... she's withdrawn, distant and closed off... we meet her on her first day on campus, when she moves into her dorm... my heart was really breaking for her... the whole situation is much too complicated to explain to you guys in just a few sentences, especially since I have to keep it spoilers-free, but Micalea Smeltzer did an amazing job in portraying her... all the emotions running around in her head, influencing her behaviour... it was done just amazingly... :) and Cade... *swoons* I just... I don't have words good enough to describe how much I loved him... :) he definitely wasn't your typical football-college-star-player... oh definitely not... ;) yes, he was confident, but because he hated all the attention and the kind of people it kept bringing to him, there were actually very few people with whom he could act naturally and feel comfortable... and since Rae didn't care about any sports related stuff, she caught his attention from the start... and who says that crashing into someone is a bad way to meet...? ;) and I do mean it in a literal sense, since he literally knocked her to the ground :) I really adored about him the fact, that even though not many people knew that about him, but he had a much more vulnerable side and he also had to deal with some hard stuff... but since we get to know about that waaaaayyyy into the book, no spoilers from me :)

Theirs is a very slow building romance... and I LOVED it :) they actually start as friends :) well, if were being completely honest, Rae is not interested in starting any kind of a relationship, romantic or even a freindship with anyone, but it's hard to really say no to someone named Montgomery... ;) I will explain that in a second :) but he is very persistent, and patient, and with time she realizes that somehow, he got under her skin :) so they begin a friendship... that slowly evolves into something more... and even though I would have not been able to resist Cade for as long as she did, I loved that it took them that much time to get together... I felt it was an honest describtion of someone who really needs to work through stuff on her own, before opening up to another person... they helped each other come to terms with certain stuff in their lives, and what I love the most, is that they confessed to each other about those dark moments before there was more between them... *sighs happily* this book was just sooooo wonderful :) I was rooting for both of them from the start, and it was extremely rewarding to see them change over the course of the months this book takes place... to observe how good they are for each other... and how diferent they both are at the end of this story... :)

When it comes to secondary characters, well... there are definitely some subtle, and then not so subtle suggestions about some future couples... ;) but I don't want to get into that too much, instead I will let you discover all those little things by yourselves... who I want to concentrate on, is Thea... :) this is the moment when I explain that whole it-is-hard-to-say-no-to-someone-named-Montgomery ;) because Thea is not only Rae's roommate in the dorm, she is also Cade's younger sister :) and oh how I adored her :) she's this bubble, open and talkative person :) she and Rae are nothing alike... but somehow, and by that I mean that she kept reaching out to her, Thea and Rae became friends...and she was another person who helped Rae become a person she is at the end of this story ;) I won't say more, only how happy I am that I already had the pleasure of reading her book.. :)

I loved every minute of reading this story... even more so because I actually read the paper edition :) a quick explanation, why that got me all excited... ;) the majority of the books I read are e-books... because I get stories in that format from PR companies, publishers and authors... don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining :) I love reading in general, but I just adore the feel of an actual book in my hands :) so ever since I got a steady income, I am slowly building my library of books, and this one was very high on my wishlist... ever since I read and loved Thea's story, I knew I would have to go back and read this one as well... so why not buy it in paperback? :) now it's on my shelf and I can pet it any time I want ;) but make no mistakes... I would adore this story as much as I did even if I would read it on my kindle ;) the amazing writing style that made me care soooo much about the characters, an emotional and honest story... slow building romance, and all sorts of friendships along the way... *sighs dreamily* this book has no flaws :) I highly recommend it to you guys... go and one clik this perfection right now if you haven't already... and if you already bought it, but it's been waiting on your shelf / e-reader... what are you waiting for?!? go read it NOW ;) especially since it's currently FREE on Amazon :)



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