Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Review: "Hooked" by Brenda Rothert

Title: "Hooked"
Main characters: Jake Birch and Miranda Carr

I got an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) and I can't believe I've let this book wait on my kindle for sooooo long... ;) because it was absolutely amazing... AMAZING I tell ya!!! ;) why haven't I read it sooner?!? :) so you should definitely learn from my mistakes and pick it up ASAP :) yes... it's that good :) it's a standalone contemporary sports themed romance about a hockey player :) and you guys should know by now that those guys are my absolutely favourite athletes to read about... ;) especially if a book is as good as this one was... *sighs happily* ok, I will now try and get into some actual details why I loved it so much... ;) worry not, no spoilers :)

So let me start with our main couple... becuase I loved them both soooo much... ;) and that does not happen very often :) usually I like one of the main characters more than the other, but this time... *sighs* they both were so fun to read about :) please, don't mistake my love for them with me seeing them as perfect... because both of them had their flaws... :) but none that would irritate or annoy me, which is just another compliment for the author's writing style... the ability to create flawed characters that we still can't help but love :) ok, so let me tell you a bit more about them :) Miranda is working two jobs and getting her degree at the same time... she's smart, dedicated and I absolutely loved her :) one of her jobs in being a made at the hotel, where she meets Jake... Jake is, like I mentioned before, a hockey player, captain of his team... please don't ask me what position he plays, because as much as I love to read about them, I have no knowledge about any rules and such about hockey ;) #TrueStory :) he's staying there for almost two months when his apartment is being renovated... he's confident... arrogant, really, if were being honest ;) but I kind of like his no-nonsense attitude... :) there's definitely more to his story that this cocky facade we see at the beginning, so be sure to keep an open mind and wait till you know more about him... let's just say, I totally teared up...

Theirs is definitely a slow burn romance... ;) mainly because Miranda can't stand him at the beginning :) she thinks he's just another rich-I-don't-care-about-anyone-else-but-me kind of guys... he on the other hand is absolutely intrigued by her, especially after she totally doesn't realize who he is, and don't act star-struck around him :) her witty / sarcastic comments were definitely one of my favourite parts of the book :) he is definitely up for a challenge to show her that she judged him a little bit too quickly... ;) I don't really want to say too much about what exactly happens between them, but let me say this... I absolutely loved their interactions... all that sarcastic banter... and the fact that he respected her independence... :) also, I adored that she didn't just magically changed everything about her life just because she met him... it's one of the reasons why the book takes place over a few months... :) everything about them was... just... *sighs dreamily* I loved it :)

Seriously people, you need to read this book RIGHT NOW :) because it was absolute perfection :) written in 2 POVs, which is only like my favourite writing style :) when we get chapters from both of our main characters points of view :) after inhaling this story in record time, I am definitely gonna check out other books written by this lovely author, because this one was my first time reading one of her novels :) there were a few secondary characters, but the main focus was on Miranda and Jake ;) but one important person I want to mention is Paige, Miranda's sister :) I am hoping we will get at some point a spin-off book or something, because I would totally love to read her story :) this book had everything I love in it :) sarcastic banter, hilarious scenes as well as sexy ones in it ;) not to mention the totally emotional and vulnerable ones that made me cry... *sighs happily* I was truly shocked you guys, by how absolutely amazing this story was :) I'm always hesitant when I try out a totally new author to me, because I never know what I will find... but this time... oh this time I discovered a beautiful gem and now I'm gonna highly recommend it for you guys to try out as well :) because we all need this amazing book in our lives :) so pick it up, you won't regret it :)



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