Monday, February 6, 2017

Review: "Desert rains" by Jana S. Brown

Author: Jana S. Brown
Book 1 in series Desert romance saga
Main characters: Richard Tyler and Charlene Petersmire

I got a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) and I absolutely loved it :) I categorized it as a contemporary / paranormal type of a story only because I have very few genres to choose from :) it's a conscious decision on my side, and since I have no sci-fi western shelf on Goodreads, those two were the closest on my list ;) but choosing the right genres aside, what is the most important thing you need to know about this book, is how lovely and fun it was ;) I will do my best to convince you to give it a try, without actually spoiling you stuff from it ;) so how about I start with the main couple and the world their story is set in ;)

When I said it's a sci-fi western I was not kidding people ;) the story takes place on another planet, on a ranch belonging to Charlene and her brother, Ted :) it has some serious western vibes, but with a modern twist, involving all sorts of cool equipment and such ;) it was a very original idea that I thoroughly enjoyed ;) I'm not gonna say anything more about it, just let you discover all the amazingness when you read the book ;) instead I will tell you a bit more about our main couple ;) oh how much I adored them... maybe it's because the book I read before this one really disappointed me, but I really appreciated that both Charlene and Richard acted like adults... it's not as common as I would like it to be in books ;) Charlene was absolutely amazing ;) struggling with her chronic illness every day, but despite that staying strong :) I loved that about her :) she has a lot of responsibilities, being the boss and working to keep money coming in... but having also a very fun side as well ;) and Richard... he accepted a job on her ranch to be closer to the woman he wants to court, and I am NOT talking about Charlene ;) yes, he has his eyes set on someone else ;) the fact that there's no insta-love or even lust between them was one of my favourite things about this book :) theirs is an absolutely slow building relationship... the more they get to know each other, the little things they happen to do together on the ranch... the closer they grow to one another ;) it starts with mutual respect and friendship that slowly blossoms into something more... *sighs happily* oh how I adored their journey ;) but my favourite secondary character award has to go to Ted ;) Charlene's brother was absolutely hilarious, stealing focus every time he showed up ;) I am very pleased to say, he will be the hero of the second book and I absolutely cannot wait to read his story ;) to get to know him even more and see what kind of a woman will win his heart ;)

I absolutely adored this book ;) like I mentioned before, it was based on a very original idea and I inhaled it very quickly ;) I needed to know how it ends ;) especially since besides the romance there were plenty of other things going on... the story takes place over a long amount of time actually :) it was full of adventure and definitely quite a few surprising turns of events I absolutely DID NOT see coming ;) I won't say anything else, but damn... ;) it was soooo good :) the writing style was very entertaining, pulling me in from the very first chapter and making me fall in love with the characters, not only our main couple, but also the secondary ones as well :) it had hilarious moments and a very vulnerable and emotional ones as well ;) I highly recommend you guys give this lovely gem a try ;)



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