Thursday, February 9, 2017

Review: "All access" by Liberty Kontranowski

Title: "All access"
Book 1 in series Fangirl
Main characters: Niles Russell and Kallie Reagan

I got a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review :) and I definitely have some very mixed feelings about it... *sighs* it started off really good, but unfortunately the more I got into it, the more things kept bothering me... ultimately, after struggling back and forth a little bit with my thoughts, I gave this book 3 stars... it's the first book in a series, and the sequel, about the same couple, is already available, but don't worry, this book does not end on a cliffhanger of any sorts :) my review will be a bit shorter and less detailed than what I normally write, because I don't really like to focus on bad things in stories I read, it's much more pleasureable to write positive reviews ;)

The best way to describe this book is to say that it's a fangirl's fantasy dream come true ;) we have Kallie, a thirtysomething divorced woman with two kids, who wrote a book about an everyday woman who falls in love with her rock star idol ;) and she based said rock star on Niles Russell, her real life rock star crush :) after reading her book and seeing all the similarities he reaches out to her, and then... well... things start to change pretty quickly :) in fact, the book takes place over a span of a few weeks ;) was this story a realistic one? not one bit ;) did it bothered me? to be honest... not really ;) I don't need all my books to feel like they could happen in real life ;) sometimes it's actually nice to escape for a moment from reality ;) it's a contemporary romance and the whole book tells the story of them getting together ;) I don't really want to get into any more details about what exactly happens between them, instead I want to tell you guys all about my thoughts and feelings about the good and the bad of this book :) worry not, no spoilers and only respectful language ahead ;)

When I said the book started of really good, I meant it :) it was light and funny, and even though Kallie's reactions to first meeting Niles were... let's just call them awkward, I can't really blame her for that... mainly because I remember the first time I went to see my favourite band live ;) I acted like a total teenager, screaming and all around acting crazy, sooooo... no judgement about that ;) what I did have problems with, is the childish behaviour of both our main characters, but mostly Kallie... *sighs* when I read a book about people who are over thirty and actually went through some things in their lives, I expect that they will act like adults... not teenagers... there's a reason why I very rarely read YA books in general... I really don't like unnecessary angst and stupid misscommunications and conflicts that could have been resolved if two people just talked honestly with each other... so naturally I expected that Kallie and Niles would be acting like adults... unfortunately, I was dissapointed... mainly about Kallie... and don't get me wrong, I don't want people I read about to be perfect... it wouldn't feel real... people are flawed and I don't mind that at all... but when my main character acts like a hormonal teenager it starts to annoy me pretty quickly... there was also the fact that Kallie is a mother, and we barely see her kids throughout the whole book... I mean, I know that they are away for the summer with her ex-husband, but still... for being such a huge part of her life, they are way too absent... not to mention that there was one tiny scene, that really made me mad... when she missed talking to her daughters for a few days, because she didn't answer a call from an unknown number... I'm sorry, but if you're a parent, and your kids are away, you take EVERY call... you don't know what might've happened and what message you'll miss if you keep ignoring unknown numbers... maybe it was a small thing, but it really upset me... the more I read about her relationship with Niles, the more I felt like it was too much too fast... that's why Sara, her friend, was my absolute favourite character in the book :) she was honest and every time she talked with Kallie I was like *YES!!! you're right!!! why they don't listen to you?!?* ;) because of that immature behaviour I mentioned, I had troubles truly connecting to either main character... and because of that, the closer I was to the end of the book, the more eye-rolling and sighing was happening... all in all, I think the writing style wasn't bad, especially for a debut novel, but there's definitely room for improvement... if you already read, and loved the book, I'm happy that you enjoyed it more than me ;) but if you're wondering about picking it up, definitely don't let me completely discourage you from it :) read a few more reviews, because there were others who thoroughly enjoyed this story :) and that's amazing :) it just wasn't for me, but I hope that my opinion will help you make up your own decision about it ;)



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