Monday, February 27, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #53

Awesome sequel
Brand new book haul
Book-ish turn-ons

Hello my lovely people :) I have a lot of stuff to talk to you about, so we're gonna skip the totally #RandomRamblings at the beginning and go straight to those headlines :) and this time we're gonna go with their order, soooo... ;)

I'm gonna start with a great movie recommendation ;) I went to see "John Wick chapter 2" in the movie theatre last week and absolutely loved it :) it definitely still had the vibe that I adored in that first film, but at the same time it gave us a bit more about the whole world and the rules in it :) I definitely recommend it to you guys if you are looking for an entertaining evening ;) and if you haven't seen it before, be sure to check out the trailer below ;)

Second thing I want to talk to you guys is another book haul :) yes, it's that time of the month again :) I definitely went with paranormal / fantasy theme this time, because all nine books I want to show you guys today have that sort of elements in it ;) I'm very happy I was actually able to buy so many of them and STILL stayed within my budget :) *pats myself on the back* good job A ;) so without further ado, let me jump straight into those books, in no particular order ;)

Ok, so the first four books I want to tell you about are actually a series :) Shatter me series by Tahereh Mafi is by far one of my all time favourite stories, mainly because of the truly amazing writing style... it's this sort of dystopian trilogy + two novellas written in one of the most beautiful writing style ever :) I fell in love with it from the very first chapter I read and even though it definitely have some flaws, I don't really care... ;) plus, those covers... *sighs happily* let's just say I'm very happy to have them on my shelf ;)

Another two books I was super excited to get were "Born of legend" and "Born of ice" both by Sherrilyn Kenyon ;) they are parts of The league series, one of my all time faves as well ;) and although the second one is one of the first few installments, that first one... I still can't believe I haven't read it yet... it originally came out all the way in june last year... and I waited and waited and then waited some more... by the time I decided to get into it, I figured I would just get the paperback version, since I prefer to read the books that way :) all the books in this series are always very emotional, full of action but also romance and sarcastic humor, so the perfect mix for me :)

"Moonglow" by Kristen Callihan is part of her Darkest London series... a paranormal / steampunk story that to be honest is not my favourite in that series, but it was on a crazy sale at the time I was buying books, and since I DO love this series very much I figured it was the perfect opportunity to expand my collection... plus, it's another gorgeous cover... *sighs* I have a very pretty haul this time :)

The last two books I want to tell you about was actually written by the same author: Nalini Singh :) "Visions of heat" is part of her Psy-changeling series and "Archangel's blade" of her Guild hunter one... and again, I got them because I am a huge fan in general of Nalini's writing style and I systematically buy all her stories in paperbacks, and since BookDepository still had a really good sale on them, well... the choice was easy ;) I'm not gonna go into details about what both of those series are about, because it would take a long time, but trust me, they are awesome, so you should totally check both of them... but read them in order, cause they are pretty connected :)

And look how pretty my shelf looks with all new books :) *sighs happily*

And last but not least, it's the sort of part two-ish to something I did in my last #RandomRamblings post :) so check out the previous one if you want to read all about my book-ish turn-offs, as in things that really annoy me in books ;) today however, I wan to ramble to you guys about some of the things I truly adore in books... :) again, like last week, I do not have any particular order, so let's just roll with that... ;) so the first thing I want to mention to you guys, might seem obvious, but still... great writing style :) say what you want, but it's definitely one of the first qualities I judge when I start a new book... especially if it's written by a completely new to me author :) because of our own, personal preferences, we can have very different opinions about certain stories and characters in books... and that's ok :) but when I fall in love with the writing style... I will always be curious about other books written by that person... you know, sometimes it just clicks for you, and I definitely have a few authors who I love unconditionally :) the next thing I want to say is actually connected to the first one, and that is 2 POVs :) I mean the situation when we have in the story chapters written from the perspectives of both our main characters ;) it's not that I don't enjoy other styles, but this one is definitely my favourite... and to be honest I realized that fact right after I started my blog ;) some time ago I read one of the first reviews I did here, when I sort of complain on that writing style because it was new to me at that time and since now I absolutely love it, remembering my initial feelings totally made me gasp in surprise... ;) because now I adore it :) next stop is not really a book-ish turn-on, but more like a necessity for me ;) and that is... HEA, as in happily ever after... ;) yes, I know it's not realistic and not everything in life ends happily, but I don't care ;) I read books to relax and because I love it... I love getting lost within the pages of a new story, or going back to a favourite one and re-live everything once more... and I need a happy ending to truly enjoy it ;) I won't apologize for that ;) another thing I absolutely adore in books is witty banter... mainly between our main couple, but I'll take it whenever I can :) I just love this smart and funny back-and-forth between characters, especially when it's done right... then it flows effortlessly and I usually either fall off my chair from laughing soooo hard, or I totally melt into a puddle from swooning... ;) #TrueStory :) one more thing that definitely puts a book very high on my favourite list is sarcastic humor... :) it's without a doubt my favourite kind, and every time I encounter that type of humor it always gets me to rate a book better ;) I have the same sense of humor in real life, so I always enjoy it even more in stories :) the one before last I have to tell you about is "Beauty and the beast" retellings... since it's my favourite fairy tale of all time, I am a huge sucker for all sorts of retellings of it... they can be fantasy, paranormal or contemporary and everything else you can think of... it can be a very loose retelling and just a story inspired by it, or the one when I can't help but see some very familiar events... it's one of two things that practically guarantees that I will read a book ;) I will talk about the second one in a moment ;) on the one hand it definitely draws my attention, but on the other, since I love that story soooo much, I have some high expectations about it... let me know if you guys would want to read in one of my #RandomRamblings post some "Beauty and the beast" themed recommendations... :) last but not least are... hockey players :) *sighs dreamily* rugby players are in a very close second place :) ok, so I love to read about athletes in general, but there's something about those hockey players... and please, don't ask what, because I can't explain it :) I have yet to watch a game, live or on TV and I still don't understand all the rules, but that doesn't stop me from absolutely loving to read about them... :) if there is a hockey player in the synopsis, it's the second thing that will definitely catch my attention ;) I could probably think of a few more, so let me know if you guys would be interested in reading another post like that in the future ;)

Ok, that's a wrap people ;) I hope you enjoyed my babbling this time ;) as always, I love connecting with you guys so be sure to leave a comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account cause I check those every day ;)



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