Monday, February 20, 2017

Random ramblings of a bookworm ;) #52

Book-ish turn-offs
Another win for Disney
One more reason why I love Bruno Mars

Hello my awesome people :) I have for you guys yet another #RandomRamblings post :) I am definitely full of energy, mainly cause I took a couple of extra days off from work, to recharge my batteries... it's been crazy, I'll tell you that much :) but now that I am well rested, I feel ready to tackle on everything... ;) I hope you guys had a lovely weekend as well, so how about we'll dive straight into all the things I want to babble to you about today ;) and we are gonna totally embrace the chaos ;)

I will start with the very end of those headlines... ;) I'm sure that by now everyone and their mother heard about Carpool Karaoke segment in James Corden's show, but as usually, I was late to that particular party... ;) and it wasn't until recently that my lovely sister J showed me this one ;) to all of you who might be late as me, Carpool Karaoke is when James Corden invites a celebrity and they ride around town, talking and singing to the *radio* ;) it's always hilarious and after watching the one with Bruno Mars it makes me that much more excited to see his concert in may... yes, I am totally counting down the days ;) #NoShame ;) if you haven't seen it yet, be sure to reserve 15 minutes of your time and then enjoy the link I have for you below ;)

Another thing I did recently, is that I finally watched "Moana" :) and the newest Disney animated movie was just as beautiful and emotional as I hoped it would be... *sighs happily* I loved it... and I think I was moved even more by it, because one of my #BookBesties is from New Zealand (hi M), and those stories are very close to her heart and her culture... so they meant that much more to me as well, when I saw it... I highly recommend you guys to watch it :) I have a trailer for it for you right here ;)

And last, but definitely not least, let's talk about book-ish turn-offs ;) by that I mean all the things I really don't like... or even hate in some cases... in books ;) and be sure to come back next week, when I'm gonna be talking all about the things I love in books ;) but today, I have a few things to share with you, that makes it very hard for me to enjoy a story... and usually those are the reasons that make me lower my rating and overall enjoyment of the story... and just remember, don't feel offended, because I'm sharing with you guys only my own opinions ;) there is no particular order of these, so how about I'll start with love triangles... *sighs* I am really not a fan of those... I mean, there are very rarely done in a way that doesn't annoy me... I have yet to read a book when I liked the love triangle, but some of them have soooo many other great qualities, or the love triangle is just one of many plots in the story, that I am able to read and mostly enjoy said book :) another problem with love triangles in general, is that the whole situation is usually dragged over a couple of books in the series and by the time someone makes *the choice* I am just tired of that whole situation... another thing that really pisses me off are whiny / silly / weak heroines... it actually can apply to both main characters, but I'm gonna focus on women, since it's more common with them... I hate... and I'm not afraid to use that word... I hate heroines who change their whole life after meeting a guy... I'm talking about women who suddenly think it's ok for a guy to make decisions about them, and to dictate what they will do, and they just agree to everything without having their own opinions... it's like becuase now there's a guy in her life, her own job, interests, friends are not important anymore... *sighs heavily* if were being brutally honest here, I think that I feel so strong about this, because of my personal experiences and mistakes I made when I was younger... now that I learned my lesson, it's that much more annoying... next thing I want to mention are dark / abusive themes... first of all, I'm a woman who needs a HEA in her books.... you know, I need a happy ending and I have no shame in admitting that :) but that's a whole different discussion for another time ;) and as much as I don't mind certain obstacles on the way to that HEA, there are things I don't like to read about... and I know that dark / abusive is a pretty vague description, but I put it on the list after reading one story, where the hero hit a woman he was dating... it wasn't the heroine, and said woman was, well... she had troubles of her own, and she did provoke him and their whole relationship was toxic as hell... but once I read that he hit her... I was like *nope, not gonna read more* cause I knew I just couldn't get behind that kind of a person... another thing that truly annoys me are adults acting like teenagers... man oh man how that irritates me... it's strongly connected to another thing I hate: unnecessary drama / angst... let me try to explain... when I read a story when both main characters are adults... and they both have been adults for some time, I expect them to act like said adults and not hormonal teenagers... *sighs* I don't expect them to be perfect, not at all... after all, we are all human and we all have flaws and make mistakes, but when you make the same mistake over and over and over again... it's not really a mistake anymore, but your own decision... those are the main reasons why I don't usually read YA... those stories are filled with unnecessary drama that could've been avoided if people just TALKED to each other... you know, communicated with words and everything... *sighs heavily* I think I'm getting to old for that sort of drama and I just can't really relate to those kind of situations anymore... ;) the last thing I want to tell you about today is the secret baby trope... I am talking about a situation where the main couple spent one night together... they may have known each other before or just met, but after that one night she discovers she's pregnant and keeps it a secret... for different amounts of time, depending on the book... sometimes it's just months, sometimes years... I hate it every time... as much as I can sort of understand that in certain situations it might have been the best decision she was able to make in that particular moment in her life, but I still don't like it... and the longer in book it takes for her to admit the truth, the more annoyed I get... when that sort of situation is mentioned in the synopsis, I tend not to pick up that book, because I know I will not enjoy it as much as I would want to... I think it annoys me, because I don't like secrets in general... dishonesty is not a quality I look for in my characters... and I don't mean the situation where two people just met, and they start to date, because it's natural that you don't tell your whole story to someone new... but once you're past the I-love-you-and-want-to-be-with-you, keeping stupid secrets is a big no-no... ;)

That is a wrap for today people... wow, I kind of got a litte bit carried away towards the end, but to be honest, I feel like I could probably think about some other things I don't like in books... ;) maybe in the future there will be part 2 or something ;) for now, I'm just gonna go, but be sure to reach out to me and comment here, on my Facebook page or Goodreads account cause I'm there every day and I love hearing from you guys :)



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