Monday, January 23, 2017

Review: "Wondering sight" by Melissa McShane

Book 2 in series The extraordinaries
Main character: Sophia Westlake

I got the ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review :) it was my second book ever from this author that I had the pleasure of reading... and the pleasure was definitely all mine ;) I adore her writing style and I'm definitely looking forward to checking out her other work... ;) but maybe for today, let us concentrate on the topic of this particular review, which is the sequel in her new series :) but don't worry, even if you haven't read the first book, this one works perfectly well as a standalone :) you get all the informations and explanations necessary to understand the world and to follow the story, so if this one interests you more, you can start here... although I highly recommend you to start at the beginning, because that first story was amazing as well ;) ok, now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about the world and our main character :)

This is an alternate version of our world... it's set in the past, around the time of war with Napoleon... but it's not your average historical story... oh no... it has some very cool paranormal elements :) how cool? oh I'll tell ya ;) some people have Talents :) and even fewer people have Extraordinary Talents, which means they are even better and more unique :) each book in this series, and there are going to be eight in total, will revolve around a different woman with an Extraordinary Talent :) I don't want to say too much, but I will give you a few glimpses / examples :) you can be a Scorcher, like Elinor, the heroine from the first story, which means you can start, and extinguish if you're an Extraordinary Scorcher like her, fire :) you can be a Seer, like Sophia, which gives you an ability to Dream about the past and the future, or have Visions connected to certain objects :) or you can be a Bounder, which long story short, means you are a teleporter :) these are just a few examples, and trust me, I am simplifying the hell out of every Talent, because I am not qualified to explain it as lovely and thoroughly as the wonderful Melissa does in her books :) so trust me, you'll understand everything while you read the books :) now that you know a bit more about the world, how about I will tell you something about Sophia, our heroine :) and a few other important people in this story :)

Sophia... it's really hard to describe her in just a few sentences, and we don't have a whole day for an in depth analysis ;) she's an Extraordinary Seer and, well... she can be very stubborn ;) she has an analytical mind and the whole book revolves around her wanting justice and revenge for someone who wronged her... I know it's a bit vague, and I know that there's a bit more about this whole situation in the synopsis, but I feel like that's all you need to know about that situation ;) she's a very complex character, and even though I didn't agree with some things she did or said, ultimately I couldn't help but like her... she's flawed and human in the best possible way... I don't know how and when exactly, but I grew to really adore her over the course of the book :) so again, I don't want to say too much about her, because I think it's better if you guys just go with an open mind into the story and make up your own mind about her :)

Before I go into my overall thoughts and feelings about this book, I want to mention to you guys a few people that I adored :) and I will leave my fave person for last ;) we have Cecy and her husband Lewis, Cecy is Sophia'a best friend and I adored how much they care for each other... they forgive the mistakes and support each other in hardships and it was just so nice to see a friendship like that :) there is also a certain gentleman, I won't share his name, but trust me... you'll know him when you see him ;) that warmed my heart... although the romance part of this story was waaaayyy in the background, I adored every little scene between him and Sophia... :) and of course Daphne, my favourite person in this story ;) she's an Extraordinary Bounder and such a fun character ;) you have no idea how happy I am that she will be the heroine of the next story... I cannot wait to learn more about her and see what awaits her in the future :)

I was thinking hard after finishing this book how exactly to rate it, but ultimately I decided on full 5 stars... even though I enjoyed the first book a bit more, I realized this one also deserves 5 stars :) I mean... the world building is absolutely amazing, I loved getting to know more details about different Talents... meeting new people, and absolutely falling in love with them ;) not to mention that Melissa's writing style is... just... *sighs* so beautiful :) people, descriptions and all dialogues... *sighs again because once is not enough* ;) her writing style pulls you in and let's you immerse into the book... and before you know it, you're reading the very last chapter ;) and don't even get me started on the story... don't even try to predict what will happen next, because there were quite a few surprising turns and twists that made me gasp so hard I almost hyperventilated ;) #NoJoke ;) I highly recommend you guys this book, and this whole series in general, because it's a fantastically written world with a unique and interesting premise and complex characters, that will pull you in immediately ;)



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