Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review: "Willow" by Kat Brewer

Author: Kat Brewer
Title: "Willow"
Book 2 in series The chronicles of Erla
Main character: Willow, but... ;)

I got a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) originally I was leaning towards giving this bok a 4,5 stars rating, but after thinking some more about it, I decided on full 4 stars instead... :) because I definitely enjoyed it, but not as much as the first one... :) ok, so let me start my review, which is gonna be a bit shorter than what I usually write, not because the book is not very long, but because it's extremely hard to tell you guys stuff about it without spoiling you sooo many things... but I will try my best :) but back to the topic... ;) I will start by saying a little bit about the world and the characters in it in general and then just go straight into my thoughts and feelings about it :) so let's get started ;)

This book, and this whole series in general, is actually quite different than what I usually read... ;) the best way I can think of describing it, is fantasy guilty pleasure... :) each story in this series concentrates around a different woman who is transported through a trans-dimensional rift into the world of Erla... and that world is quite different than ours... or at least the part of it when the action was concentrated in the first two books... :) because where Cassie, the heroine of the first book, and now Willow lands, is a Queendom... which means, long story short, that women are the stronger, more powerful and dominant sex there... they are warriors... and men, well... they are slaves... I know, I know, but please, stay with me... the men of that part of Erla are... they seem different on like a genetic level... they don't crave independence and are happy with their lives... I know this part may be a big no-no for some of you and will influence you not to pick this book up, but it's really not as bad as it may sounds... but of course, we all have a right to our own opinion, and even though these particular roles of each sex did not bother me I understand why it may be a problem for you guys... both Cassie and Willow had to adjust to this whole new way of life, when they realized that there is no going back, and each book concentrates on that journey for each character... :) but don't worry, all the secondary ones we met before appear here as well :) so even though this particular story revolves around Willow, we see lots of people we met in that very first book :) a little bit of warning, although this story CAN be read as a standalone, because the explanations are there, I highly recommend to read them in order, because there are some major spoilers about the first book in this one... and I mean really huge ones about some very unexpected turns of events that surprised me when I read "Here she rules" :) so keep that in mind when deciding where you want to start reading ;) ok, now that you have some basic informations about the world and book, let me jump straight into my thoughts and feelings about :)

So first of all, I really wish there was more that I could tell you :) more details that could help me explain better why I enjoy these books... but everything else I can think of, is just too spoilerific :) so instead, let me just say that again, I really enjoyed reading this story :) not as much as I loved the first one, because in my opinion Cassie's story was much better :) it was full of surprising turns of events, action and adventures... I think I loved it more, because it took place over a longer amount of time... so not only I had plenty of chapters to get used to this completely new world, but then there was soooo much more happening :) and Willow's story... well... it was similar to the previous book, but... I don't know exactly why, maybe it's based on my personal preferences as a reader, but I just couldn't connect to Willow as much as I did with Cassie... so I still liked her, but let's just say I was very happy that there were plenty of scenes with Cassie and all other warriors I met in that previous book :) I am definitely interested in coming back to this series and to be honest, I am hoping that the next book... or the ones after that, because there are a few more available at the moment ;) will show us some different parts of that world... I would love to explore and get to know more about certain characters that I met so far... ;) overall I can definitely recommend you guys this series in general, but I would advice you to start with that first book so you'll know better what you are signing for... ;)



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