Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Review: "Us" by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

Title: "Us"
Book 2 in series Him
Main characters: Jamie Canning and Ryan "Wes" Wesley

As much as I adored the first book in this series, this one... *sighs* this one was even better... :) and no one is more surprised than me when I say this :) mainly because "Him" was just such a fun book, don't get me wrong, there were also more vulnerable and emotional moments... but this one... *sighs* this one almost killed me... my heart was breaking for our main couple... but I will get to that in a moment... for now, let me explain, that the first book in this duology, is about how Wes and Jamie got together :) and for those of you who haven't read it yet, first of all: do it, because it's awesome :) but for now all you need to know is that they were best friends, spending part of their vacations together at a hockey camp, until Wes realized he's in love with his very straight, or so they both thought, friend :) that first book tells us a story of how they get together during one very hot summer :) after this little explanation let us come back to the main topic of this review :)

"Us" picks up pretty soon after "Him", Jamie and Wes are now living together in Toronto, although the sad part is, they have to pretend to be just roommates... because Wes is a rookie in the hockey team, they both agreed it would be best to wait until his first year is over until the news about them is officially out... but they discussed it and agreed it's the best way of action... unfortunately, the fact that they both agreed doesn't make things any easier for them... not only that is hard, but there are also quite a few things more going in the wrong direction... and those few things over time snowball into a pretty bad situation... I know I'm being vague, but I soooo don't want to spoil you anything :) so stay with me :) my heart hurt for both of them throughout the story... I cried and got frustrated... *sighs* but worry not, it all got better in the end :) I loved how honest this book was, how real the problems Jamie and Wes faced... and even though it was hard to read sometimes about their struggles, it was all worth it in the end :) yes, they made mistakes, but they also learned from them, and got out stronger :)

Now let me jump into more pleasurable parts of the book :) mainly, the secondary characters :) because what you need to know about this story, is that it also serves as an introduction of sorts to WAGs, a brand new series co-written by these two lovely authors, that will revolve around Wes's teammates :) and the hero of the very first book is... Blake :) *squeels with excitement* :) there were of course quite a few more introduced in this story, and I am really looking forward to them getting their own books, but Blake... damn... :) he's like a puppy with ADHD :) annoying but adorable at the same time, you can't help but love this amazing scene stealer :) there is no way for me to truly describe how unique and fun he is, so you just have to read this book ;) and if those teammates would not be enough, Jamie's family is here again :) and I sooooo love this bunch :) they are just the best... loving and supportive... *sighs happily* I cherish each scene with them :)

It was a super quick read for me... mainly because I soooooo wanted to get to the part where things will get better for Wes and Jamie :) but don't get me wrong, the writing style is again, absolutely fantastic, there's no way to tell that this book was co-written by two different people :) the chapters just fly by, when you cry, laugh and fan yourself, because trust me... this book will make you feel all the feels... ALL OF THEM I tell ya ;) written in 2 POVs it once again gives us an opportunity to dive into both our main characters heads, and offers us unique perspectives into the challenges before them, and how each of them handles those situations... what more can I say? :) you all NEED to read this book, as well as the previous one if you haven't already :) it's just too good for you to miss out on the amazing writing style, emotional story and characters that will make you want to dive straight into the pages of the book, so you can join them at least for a day ;) pick out this beautiful gem as soon as you can :)



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