Thursday, January 26, 2017

Review: "To love and to cherish" by Lauren Layne

Author: Lauren Layne
Book 3 in series The wedding belles
Main characters: Logan Harris and Alexis Morgan

I got my hands on the ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley ;) I honestly have to say that I really enjoyed the conclusion to this lovely series ;) although if I’m being completely honest, each book in it, CAN be read as a standalone ;) but I highly recommend you to read them in order ;) that way you will get the most out of each story, because the core characters appear in all of them ;) and all the scenes with them will have that much more meaning if you know the history ;) I was going back and forth with my rating for this book, but ultimately decided on full 5 stars ;) because of soooo many reasons that I will now try my best to explain to you guys, without spoiling you anything ;)

Naturally, I have to start with our main couple… and by that, I mean I have to start with Logan… ;) *sighs dreamily* oh, he was definitely one of my main reasons to give this story five stars… ;) british, with glasses… every time he called her „darling” I just melted… ;) not to mention his personality… aside from the more physical side of him that certainly wasn’t lacking… ;) he had this calm facade, but he could be pretty confident and seductive, when he felt like it… ;) all in all, I was completely in love with him ;) we got glimpses of Logan in the previous books, but nothing that would prepare me for the full awesomeness of him ;) Alexis on the other hand… well, I had some issues with her… something that happened in her past, kept her solely focused on her business as the co-owner of The Wedding Belles… with Logan as her silent partner and accountant ;) and she purposefully refused to see what was pretty clear to everyone else… that Logan had some serious feelings for her for quite some time… but even though her blindness and refusal to acknowledge her own feelings for him, that she constantly ignored kept bugging me… I sort of understood where she was coming from… some of us do need a few tries to finally learn some lessons and move forward with our lives… so I couldn’t really stayed mad at her after my realization… and yes, I’m talking from personal experience ;)

Theirs is a relationship that’s pretty hard to describe ;) on the one hand, you can say it’s a really slow build romance, because they met about eight years ago, and there was definitely attraction between them… although certain someone *coughs* Alexis *coughs* pretended otherwise ;) but they became friends instead… ;) on the other hand, the final resolution and shift in their relationship happened in just a few weeks… after Logan got an offer to come back to London and take care of the family company, he had some tough choices to make, and decided to go for it and finally make his move with Alexis… which is easier said than done… ;) she is a complicated woman after all, and very stubborn… ;) I don’t want to say too much about his plan or what DOES exactly happen in this story, as well as what made Alexis the way she is now, because all those things are way too spoilerific, but what I can say, is that I would be seduced much more easily if Logan would go after me like that… ;) that is all… #NoShame ;)

When it comes to the secondary characters… ;) well, I feel the need to, again, recommend you to read the previous books ;) because there aren’t any new people introduced in this story… or to be exact, there are a few, but we are talking about Alexis’s family, so they give us a better understanding why she is the way she is… but all the other, well, couples at this point ;) are sooo much fun in this book ;) so if you DO know them, all those group scenes will have that much more meaning… ;) but if this will be your first dive into the series, I’m sure that they will make you even more curious about reading their stories, so why not start at the beginning? ;) I know I’m being totally vague and mysterius about those people, but I just want to make you curious enough to want to check them out without actually saying anything… ;) hopefully, it worked ;)

This is yet another book written by the lovely Lauren Layne that I had the pleasure of reading, and it’s just another proof, that I just love her writing style ;) it’s always engaging and entertaining, and even though I don’t always agree with the choices her characters make, it does not change the fact, that her stories are always really fun to read ;) and this one was no different ;) I adored that all the characters I grew to love over the course of their own books were still very much present in this one ;) it was absolutely wonderful to see them all happy and moving forward with their significant others ;) and Logan… *sighs happily* he was definitely my favourite reason for loving this book ;) if you guys are looking for a contemporary romance with a great writing style, characters that are real and flawed and a story that will melt your heart in certain places, then I hope you will definitely give this book, and this whole series a try ;) I can highly recommend it ;)



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