Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Review: "Stay the night" by Cora Cade

Author: Cora Cade
Book 3 in series A day of pleasure
Main characters: Chris Harper and Lainey Eversman

I got a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review ;) to be completely honest, I actually got it TWICE from the lovely Cora ;) first, she send me an e-book version, but a few weeks later, she actually reached out to me, asking if I would be interested in getting a paper version… and I was all like *HELL YEAH* ;) ok, that was full of excitement… but you guys need to understand, that because I don’t live in the US, I almost never get an opportunity to get my hands on a paper edition of ARCs or free books from authors / publishers… and what you need to know about me, is that if I could, I would read mostly paper books, because I just love to be able to snuggle in my reading corner with a good book, and be able to actually turn page after page… ;) so I was ecstatic when she send me this book, with a dedication and everything ;) this made my experiance of reading this lovely novella that much more special, although absolutely did not change my feelings about the story… I would love it just as much as I did this time, if I would read an e-book version ;) so how about I will tell you a bit more about this story, and then all about my thoughts and feelings ;)

Ok, so because this is a novella, it’s hard to tell you details, because most of them can be counted as spoilers ;) but I will do my best to actually say something ;) so Chris and Lainey… ;) this is a good place to mention, that even though all the novellas can totally be read as standalones, as a person who read all of them ;) I highly recommend you guys to read them in order ;) because the majority of the main characters have all sorts of connections to each other… family, friends… it’s sooo much better if you know all about them, because then those stories are even better ;) but back to this particular book ;) Lainey moved to this little town, following in the footsteps of her twin brother, because she needed a fresh start after her previous relationship ended badly… as in „in the hospital” badly… Chris is the architect that helps her with the coffee shop she intends to open ;) but since it’s a really small town, everyone knows everyone and ultimately, a lot of them become friends… ;) but with Chris and Lainey there was defnitely something more, even from that very start… an attraction that kept growing bigger and bigger with time… ;) so when she spraines her ankle and accepts his offer to help, things are finally starting to move in the right direction… ;) that’s all… I can’t tell you anything else, because then I would be spoiling you guys on all sorts of delicious details… ;) what I can do, is to rave all about the awesomeness of this book ;)

It is official, I am completely in love with Cora Cade and her writing style… ;) which is a bit surprising to me, because I usually am a fan of bigger books… as in full lenght stories, and it’s really hard for me to love novellas just as much ;) not a lot of authors have the ability to create real people and engaging stories in a shorter version… ;) but this one, as well as all others she wrote ;) just proves that there are still authors who can do that ;) I will be forever grateful for finding her work, totally by accident by the way, because to think I might never read her stories… *gasps* it’s too horrible to think about… ;) actually, it’s a bit sad to think that I read all her available books, and now I will have to wait, very impatiently I have to add, for anything else she will give her readers… I will take a novella, short story, full lenght novel, a letter even… ;) anything and everything she wants to write ;) all of her stories are just the perfect blend of sexy and sweet, entertaining and fun, with definitely some unexpected twists and turns along the way… ;) I highly recommend you guys her work… all of her stories are unique gems, that will bring the biggest smile on your face ;) all the interactions between all sorts of characters, witty dialogues, vulnerable moments… those stories have it all… so just pick one up already, so you can admit that I was right later on… don’t worry, I won’t gloat… too much ;)



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