Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Review: "The last true hero" by Bec McMaster

Author: Bec McMaster
Book 2 in series Burned lands
Main characters: Adam McClain and Mia Grey

I got the ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) you guys... I thought I knew what I should prepare for, after reading and loving the first book in this series, but boy was I wrong... :) in the best possible way of course :) that first story was full of action and surprising turns of events that I did not see coming... like, at all... ;) so I thought that maybe this time I would be better at predicting some stuff... nope, not even close :) but oh how entertaining it was :) even though it's a sequel, this story works as a standalone as well, but I do feel the need to warn you, that you will be spoiled about certain things that we discovered in book #1, particularly when it comes to the main character in this one... but when it comes to the world and rules, everything is explained :) now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about our main couple and the world they live in :)

First of all, this whole series gives me the biggest "Mad Max Fury Road" vibes :) and I am mentioning only this one movie, instead of the whole franchise, because it's the only movie I saw so far ;) save the gasps, I will see the rest at some point ;) but back to the topic of this review, which is this amazing book :) it's set in this postapocalyptic world where a lot of people live in Wastelands... or Badlands... or other appropriately named places ;) there are of course other areas, but so far we haven't really explored them :) and the way Bec McMaster describes this world... oh how truly talented she is... :) you feel like you're in the middle of an action movie, packed with surprising turns of events and visually stunning images... don't get me wrong, this world is bleak and harsh, but the way Bec describes it... I honestly felt like I was watching a movie this whole time :) this story takes place about a year after the end of the previous one, when Adam, who we met before, is staying for a bit longer in one place... mainly because Mia is there... ;) he is a bounty hunter with a very dark secret... and yes, that secret is one of the major and surprising spoilers from that first book you will encounter if you skip the previous story... and she is a bar owner in one of the little settlements... both of them had some events in their pasts, some darker and harder than others... but I love how strong each of them are... you have to be, to survive in that world... they flirt a little bit, but nothing more comes out of it... until, that is, when her sister, among some other people, is kidnapped... and he joins Mia and others to help them rescue those people... I know I'm being vague, but I cannot possibly spoil you anything... I want you to be as shcoked as I was at certain things when I read this book :) theirs is definitely a fast paced relationship, that evolves a bit in the background of all the action that they are involved with... but I loved it just the same :) it really worked with the world and stories that Bec creates for this series :) I already can't wait to read another one... and speaking of it... ;)

When it comes to secondary characters, I really loved that we met a whole bunch of new ones... :) as much as I adored people from that first story, I was very excited to expand my knowledge of both this world and people in it :) especially since all of them were complex and not easy to put into just one category... none of them were perfect, each and everyone of them flawed and with mistakes in their lives... but that's what made them human... I appreciate how Bec always writes complicated characters that you can't help but sympathise with or to root for them, even though they are not always considered to be *the good guys* :) now I am dying to get my hands on book #3... and no, I won't tell you guys who will be the main couple, although we get to know those informations at the end of this story, but it's definitely too spoilerific to put in my review ;) #SorryNotSorry :) what I definitely hope for, is actually that this series won't end as a trilogy... mainly because there is one person in particular that we met in this book... I'm not gonna even say if it's a man or a woman, that I absolutely NEED TO read about :) fingers crossed I will get my way... and trust me, you'll know who I'm talking about when you read the book and then we can hope for that story together :) not to mention the fact that it's such a vast and complex world, that there could be many... many stories ahead for us :)

I adored every part of this book... I could not put it down... I kept reading it whenever I had free time... which was not a lot... stupid adulting ;) but I read it whenever I could... and like one time when I really shouldn't... ;) but it was sooo good... #NoRegrets ;) I inhaled it surprisingly quickly... ;) mainly because there were tons of surprises along the way that kept me glued to my kindle, reading chapter after chapter, because I simply had to know what's gonna happen next :) but like I mentioned before, I was completely unprepared for those surprises along the way ;) yet again I was gasping like a lunatic in the middle of the bus on my way to work... but I was so engrossed in the story that I didn't really care about anything else besides reading the next chapter ;) this story was full of action... we are thrown right into the middle of it from the very start, and the tempo does not slow down... but worry not, there's plenty of character development as well :) so even if the book itself does not take place over a very long amount of time, you get to see our characters grow and change :) this book and this series in general, is definitely one of those drop-everything-and-read-it-NOW types of stories :) I would love to tell you more about the characters and events in it, but it's gonna be sooooo much better if you guys just trust me how amazing it is and see for yourselves... and then we can fangirl about it together ;) you can thank me later... now when that third book is coming out...? ;)



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