Friday, January 6, 2017

Review: "Him" by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

Title: "Him"
Book 1 in series Him
Main characters: Jamie Canning and Ryan "Wes" Wesley

Long story short... I absolutely loved this book :) which really shouldn't come as a surprise, since I am a huge fan of both of these authors individually :) so when I FINALLY got around to reading this book... yes J, I know you have been telling me for MONTHS how great it is... J is my awesome sister by the way :) and she read it waaaaaaaaayyyyy back :) so know I kind of feel like I need to publically acknowledged how right she was to pester me to finally read about Wes and Jamie :) because damn, she was right :) but that is the only time I will say this in my review... let's not get carried away and give her even more ammunition to use against me in the future :) anyway... :) let's go back to me telling you how fantastic this book is so you will all read it if you haven't done it yet :)

*sighs happily* Wes and Jamie... I don't even even know where to start with them :) because there is no possible way for me to decide who I adored more :) sure, Jamie is easier to love, with his open-minded and out-going attitude :) Wes on the other hand... don't let his careless and daredevil attitude fool you... ;) yes, he's first to joke around and prank, but he has a side of himself he hid for very long from everyone... *sighs* I loved them both soooo much :) they've been best friends since they were teenagers, when they met at a hockey camp :) they've kept coming back for a few years, and spend part of their vacation together :) until that one faithful summer and that one very hot bet... ;) intrigued? you totally should be :) but I am not saying another word ;) after those events Wes pulls away and stops contacting or responding to Jamie's tries to reach him... they meet four years later, and that is when Wes finally decides to come clean about the reasons why he abandoned him and their friendship... because what you need to know is that Wes is gay, and he was in love with his best friend for years... a friend who he thought was a 100 % straight... yeah... Jamie thought he was straight as well... ;) when those feelings manifested, he immediately felt guilty and, well... things could have been handled better... I know I'm being vague, but I really wish for you to go into this book without too much informations... it's so much better if you get surprised along the way :)

What I CAN and totally WILL say is that I abso-freaking-lutely loved this story :) the characters were amazing... yes, I focused mainly on Jamie and Wes, but they were the center of the story sooo... ;) there were of course others, but much more secondary :) I loved how different Jamie and Wes were, but how great they were for each other... all their interactions, the hilarious ones... the sexy as sin ones... ;) *fans myself* seriously, do NOT read it in public... you might just burst into flames ;) as well as the vulnerable and emotional ones... all of them fantastically executed by the absolutely phenomenal writing style ;) and if I wouldn't know it, I would've never said that two separate people wrote this book :) it's truly astonishing how effortlessly the chapters just fly by, how you devour page after page until there are none left :) I can only look forward to any other work they will share with us, because those two create some magic ;) this story is written in 2 POVs, which means we get chapters from Jamie's perspective as well as ones from Wes's point of view :) and I still can't tell you which ones I liked the most :) and that is not a very common occurence, because usually I'm at least a little bit more in love with a certain person from the main couple... not this time :) I adored every minute of reading this book and I HIGHLY recommend you guys one click this gem right now if you haven't already :) because damn... sooo worth it :)



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