Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Review: "Hard hitter" by Sarina Bowen

Author: Sarina Bowen
Book 2 in series Brooklyn Bruisers
Main characters: Patrick O'Doul and Ariana "Ari" Bettini

I got an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) and as much as I liked the first book in this series, this one was sooooo much better :) and worry not, if you are new to this series or even to this author, this story works perfectly well as a standalone, so feel free to pick this one up whenever you'll feel like it :) ok, now that we have this little explanation out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about this awesome book :)

I'm gonna start with out main couple :) Patrick is the team captain of Brooklyn Bruisers, a hockey team :) and hockey players are only like my favourite type of athletes to read about... don't ask why, because there is no logical reason for my love... :) I have never watched a hockey game, nor do I understand all the rules, but there is just something about those guys that... *sighs dreamily* :) anyway... :) about Patrick :) as I said before, he's the team captain and a... well, pretty closed off guy :) normally, that's not really my type :) I like the more talkative, charming guys but there was just something about him... :) even though he was a bit distant at first, there was just something about him that intrigued me and man oh man... there was sooo much more about him than what's on the surface... :) and the more I read about him, the more I fell in love with him... I don't want to say too much as to not spoil you and keep as many things as I can as a surprise, but to see this guy who keeps his distance even from his teammates and hates to be touched... to see him change, and grow as a person... *sighs happily* and Ari definitely was one of the reasons behind that change :) she is the teams massage therapist, along with a yoga instructor :) she just got out from a pretty long relationship that did not end well... so she's pretty apprehensive about starting a new one straight away... she's definitely more open and talkative, doing her best to build her life again now that she's single :) she's definitely apprehensive about starting a new thing with someone else so fast after the break up, even though the chemistry is definitely there ;) and I can't blame her... :) but once Patrick realizes just how much he cares about her... well... he's very determined to change her mind :) in fact there is one particular scene that I loved, but I will tell you a bit more about it in a minute :) I adored how their relationship started off in this place of mutual attraction and then it grew into something more in time... :) how they helped each other, she showing him that maybe letting some people closer to yourself is not such a bad thing, and him showing her that it's ok to let other people help you :) their interactions were absolutely adorable and definitely gave me a bit of a Beauty and the beast vibes... which is only like my favourite kind of trope in books soooo... :) it was subtle, but it was definitey there :)

Besides the main couple, there were of course a whole bunch of secondary characters :) mainly, the other players :) I am not gonna name all of them, and don't worry if you have troubles remembering them as well, just go with the flow of the book and keep in mind, that with each story, you always get enough informations to follow the plot or get to know the people crucial to the story :) the same was here :) we got a little bit of a background informations about Leo (one of the players) and Georgia (the team's publicist / PR specialist), the couple from the first book :) as well as Nate, the owner of the team and a bit of a mysterious billionaire :) and of course my favourite scene stealer Becca, Nate's assistant :) as for the rest of the team, again... you don't have to know all of their names to appreciate all the connections between them :) and this is the moment when I tell you about one of the best scenes in the book :) don't worry, spoiler free :) it involves Patrick and the majority of the team :) there is a scene in the book when he asks them for advice, on how to convince a woman to give him a chance and agree to date him :) I don't want to say anything more, because it's seriously better not to know beforehand where the scene will go, but it was hilarious :) the more I read about those guys, the more I am in love with this team :)

I absolutely adored this book :) it's just another proof, that Sarina's writing style just gets better and better... :) or maybe I'm just falling more and more in love with it :) whatever the reason, it was soooo good in this book :) the characters, all different interactions and connections between them... and I am not talking only about the romance... although that part was spectacular :) but also about the friendships that Ari starts with other women, or the bonds between teammates :) all of them only enriched the book :) don't get me wrong, they were not perfect, but I like flawed characters :) especially if they act like adults after making mistakes... because let's not kid ourselves, we've all done and / or said some stuff in the heat of the moment that may have not been the smartest thing to do / say, but it's how we handle those situations afterwards that says the most about what kind of a person are we... are we a sulking teenager that will stomp their foot and be stubborn and refuse to acknowledge the problem or admit they were wrong...? and I just HATE those characters... or are we gonna have an actual conversation to explain everything? :) fortunately for my mental health, Sarina's characters are always adults :) trust me, you have to appreciate those kinds of authors, because you'd be surprised how many of them have the first type of "adults" in their books :) so anyway... to sum up :) this book is phenomenal and you should all read it :) and like I mentioned before, it can totally be your first book ever written by this amazing author, since it works perfectly well as a standalone, so you don't have any excuses... ;) go one click this gem right now, you will not regret it :)



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