Monday, January 16, 2017

Review: "Finding Kyle" by Sawyer Bennett

Main characters: Kyle Sommerville and Jane Cresson

I got an ARC of this book from the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review :) and I have to say that the more Sawyer's books I read, the more I become sure that I just adore her writing style... :) it's always so entertaining and engaging, pulling me in from the very first chapter... *sighs happily* even if I don't love all of her books equally, the quality of the writing style is a constant :) the rest usually depends on my personal preferences as a reader, and that's why I have sometimes problems with characters or the way the story goes... :) anyway, let's get back to the review of this particular book :) it's another standalone story from her that I really loved... I ultimately gave it 4,5 stars, only because there were a few small things that bothered me a little :) but I will get to them later ;) for now, let me tell you a bit more about our main couple :)

Kyle and Jane... well... the synopsis is pretty mysterious, so I won't tell you more about him, even though we learn the reason why he is in hiding in like the very first chapter of the book :) what I can say about Kyle, is that he's a very closed off and distant person... there are very good reasons for that, but again, they are connected to the reason he is now hiding in this little town, so I can't tell you more about them... what I loved about him, is that he was as honest as he could have been with Jane from the start... he didn't encouraged her to become friends, he purposefully kept his distance from her, and from everyone else in that town actually... and again, for very good reasons... Jane on the other hand... well, Jane was his total opposite :) open and talkative, she kept reaching out to him over and over again... ;) she was definitely persistent... ;) I adored that she had this very sweet and quirky side, and by that I mean that she kept quoting all sorts of different movie quotes in the most unexpected times and places... ;) along with the movie title and the year it came out ;) it always made me smile :)

Theirs is as you might have guessed, a slow building romance... ;) especially since he is sooo against any sort of contact between them at the start... but over time they become a weird friends and then, well... you can imagine the next step ;) it's definitely intense and a great read, but what bothered me a bit, and it's the thing I mentioned briefly at the beginning of my review, is that... well, her reactions to certain things she learns about him at some point... I know it's a very vague description, but I can't be more specific... because of all... the... spoilers ;) I mean, he warned her and kept telling her over and over again that they can't be together, that he is here for a limited time only, so her being angry at the outcome that he kept warning her about all... this...time... was a bit annoying to me... I know that the situation when she learned about it was... well, it was what it was, but still... but it was the only thing I did not really enjoy in the story :)

I can definitely recommend you guys to give this book a try... wether you are already a Sawyer Bennet's fan or you're completely new to her stories, this one is a pretty good start ;) it's written in 2 POVs which means we get chapters from both Kyle and Jane's points of view, and it's truly remarkable how was she able to capture all the differences in their attitudes towards everything... there were moments when I had to remind myself that one person wrote both those characters :) but again, I am starting to get used to the amazing quality of the writing style in Sawyer Bennett's books :) another great addition in her stories, are the secondary characters, and this time Miranda, Jane's weird and a bit larger than life best friend, was a total scene stealer ;) it was definitely such a quick read for me, I kept reading chapter after chapter, because I simply had to know how the story ends :) I hope I convinced you to give it a try, because we all need a little bit of Sawyer's awesomeness in our lives ;)



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